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The Saxons “Click-Ete-Clack” written by Joe Meek & Pete Holder.
The colour footage recently unearthed shows the group on the road and also playing live in High Street, Tredworth, Gloucester on Easter Monday 1965
The Saxons – “Saxon War Cry” – written by Pete Holder & Robb Huxley
The Saxons “How Will I Know”
Written by Pete Holder and Joe Meek.
Never released at the time and first released as a B side by the Honeycombs.
The recording features twin drummers – Mick Collins and Bobby Graham.
 Robb Huxley (ex Robb Gayle & Whirlwinds/The Saxons/The New Tornados)
remembers the Joe Meek Years – footage set against Robb’s tribute song Robert George.