A short film of The Triumphs celebrating the life and work of 1960s Independent Record Producer Joe Meek and his studio at 304 Holloway Road North London filmed produced and edited by Ray Liffen. The words and music of the song (Meeksville) Down the Holloway Road were written by Ray Liffen and are Copyright Ray Liffen 2011  April 2011 The Triumphs played at the George Hotel in Newent Glos.
Mike Read guested with the group.
What a moment…the great Clem Cattini drummer on Telstar (a record that was No.1 on both sides of the Atlantic and written and recorded by Joe Meek) playing that very tune with The Triumphs at the Metro Bar Holloway Road North London on Thursday 4th October 2012. We were all there to celebrate the 50 years since the release of Telstar. The communications satellite that bore the name Telstar was launched on 10 July 1962 on top of a Thor-Delta rocket. Many thanks to the unknown cameraman for this recording of the performance. The Triumphs played at the Welcome To Meeksville gig to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ‘Telstar’ reaching no. 1 in the Charts.
Clem Cattini and Roger LaVern who played on the original record attended.It was hot, it was crowded and we were very cramped with no room for monitors and suchlike but we enjoyed ourselves and here we are backing the fantastic Davy Kaye on All Shook Up. What a star he still is! Many thanks to the unknown cameraman who filmed this…