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They are a surf instrumental band located in Londrina, Paraná  500 Km (312 miles) from the Atlantic Ocean. In spite of this distance, this group knows how to surf and how to play surf music! The band started in 1997. In their beginning, their sound was influenced by punk bands such as The Vibrators, The Buzzcocks and The Clash. However, after one year playing together, the Londrina’s surf band moved to surf instros. They invited a saxophone player to join the group and recorded their first album on CD titled “Ocean”, a mix of surf music and punk rock. After recording their first CD, the Búfalos D’Água sound has changed influenced by the music of The Ventures, Dick Dale and The Astronauts. Their second album on CD shows this change. Issued in late 2001, the CD titled “Pacific Hell” shows a tighter band, with a more pure surf music sound, well rehearsed, with nice guitar riffs. The current group line up is Eduardo Victor (lead guitar), Lucas Ricardo (drums), Fábio da Cunha (sax) and Marcelo Leite (bass).


1) CD “Ocean”, 11 instro tracks, GH001, 2000.
2) CD “Pacific Hell”, 14 instro tracks

CDs available through the band.

Web site: http://www.bufalosdagua.hpg.com.br

e-mail: bufalosdagua@hotmail.com

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This band was created in 1997, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (located 400 km from the sea) with the purpose to play surf instros and old rock and roll tunes. They started their career playing in local bars and nightclubs. During the Man or Astroman? Brazilian tour (on 1998), they opened the show of this famous US surf band, in Belo Horizonte, with a packed audience. On 1999 they did a nice presentation during the “Psycho Attack Over BH”, a local battle of bands festival of surf and punk bands. In 1999, the group recorded their first CD titled "Estrume'n'tal Encontra o ET de Varginha" recorded live with some classic surf instrumentals plus some songs composed by the group's musicians. Their current sound is influenced by bands like Ramones, Buzzcocks, The Cramps, Bo Diddley, Billy Childish, Link Wray, Ventures, Jet Blacks, Man or Astro-Man?, etc. Their line up is Fred Maia (bass), Lino Rodrigues (Guitar), Guilherme Mendes (Guitar), and Claudio Rocha (drums).


1) CD "Estrume'n'tal Encontra o ET de Varginha", 1999 (available through the band)

Web site: www.aobra.com.br/estrume

e-mail: estrume@aobra.com.br

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The band started their activities in 1993 as a trio (guitar, drums and bass) playing rockabilly, surf instrumentals and rock and roll from 50s. After some line up changes, they recorded their first demo album on 1996 (“Wild & Primitive”) with a very limited pressing. The band added some percussion, to get a little bit of a Latin flavour in their sound. Since then their repertoire is composed only of surf and rock instrumentals with Latin and Brazilian musical influences. Their second CD, titled “Sonido de la Frontera”(Sound of The Frontier) issued on 1998 shows the band's new sound directions. Their third CD titled “La Shereefa”, was issued on 2000 and shows a more rehearsed band, with great guitar riffs and some excellent instros composed by the group musicians. On their last (3rd) album on CD, the band included some Spanish songs ("Gaspacho", "Hotel Loneliness" and "Malagenã"), with clever arrangements, mixing the surf music with the sound of the traditional Flamenco guitar sound. The Gasolines used to tour in São Paulo and other near cities and their current line is Alexandre Kanashiro (guitar), Fábio Barbosa (drums), Cesar Vaz (bass) and Gustavo Barreto (drums, percussion).


1) CD “Sonido de la Frontera”, 14 all instrumental tracks, issued on 2000, with some self penned compositions plus some known instrumentals as Jack The Ripper, Baja, Take Five, The Victor, Rumble. Nice playing, clever arrangements, pure surf music with a strong latin music influence.

2) CD “La Shereefa”, 14 all instrumental tracks, issued on 2001, with strong influence of the Spanish music, mainly from Andalusia region. The group mixed a reverberant surf music sound with the Flamenco acoustic guitars to make a unique instrumental sound.

Both CDs are available only through the band.

Web site: http://gasolines.hypermart.net

e-mail: gasolines@zipmail.com.br

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Composed of four musicians who were born in the 1970s, well after the surf music boom in the early 60s, the Netunos sound is influenced by the old (and good!) surf instros played by Dick Dale, The Centurions, The Surfaris, The Beach Boys, etc., as well as by some more modern surf and groups/artists as Man or Astroman?, Brian Setzer, Dead Kennedy, Stray Cats, etc. The Netunos was created on June 1999, but the current line up is from 2000, when the band participated in the First Surf Battle of Bands of Minas Gerais, in the city of Belo Horizonte and in the 6th Noise Festival of Goiania city (the most famous local independent rock band festival) on November 2000. Their current line up is Carlão (rhythm guitar), João Paulo (lead guitar) and Tito (bass).


1) demo cassette “1961”(recorded in 2000) and available only through the group.

Web site: http://netunos.cjb.net

e-mail: info@netunos.cjb.net


Os Ostras (The Oysters) is a vocal/instrumental surf band created in 1994 by 3 musicians from São Paulo (Marcio Garcia, Jabá and Clayton Martins). The trio has a good musical background, acquired through classical guitar courses. In 1996, they recorded their first vocal/instrumental CD titled “Os Ostras” which was well accepted by the media. This CD included their first hit “1,2 and 3” well played on many FM radio stations. They recorded a video clip which was #1 in the contest Top 20 Video Clips , held by local MTV. The Ostras were elected (by local press) as the best new musical group of 1996. In 1998, with a new band line up, they recorded their second album on CD titled “Operação Submarina” with 5 instrumentals. Also in 1998, the group opened some shows for Dick Dale, during his Brazilian tour.


1) CD “Os Ostras”
2) CD “Operação Submarino”

Both CDs are sold out.

Web site:

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Frank Simata hail from Belo Horizonte, hundreds of miles away from the closest beach but have clearly been soaking up some of the best surf instrumental sounds. A four piece with dynamic guitar licks the band sound is highly influenced by the music of Dick Dale. Ventures, Los Straitjackets and Man or Astroman? The group was created on 1998 and since then they have had some different line ups. At present the band musicians are: Mocotó (bass), Greg and Arroz on guitars and Alex Turbina on drums (all nicknames). They participated in the First Battle of the Surf Bands, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state as well as in the VII Psychofest a musical Festival with psychobilly, rockabilly and surf bands, held in Curitiba, Paraná state.

Web site: http://www.franksimata.hpg.ig.com.br/index.html

e-mail: franksimata@hotmail.com

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This is a highly professional surf instro band. Created in Rio de Janeiro in mid 2,000, The Silvas is a surf instrumental group composed by some well-known pro-musicians on the Brazilian musical scene. They are Liminha (lead guitar), João Barone (drums), Dé (bass), Daniel Farias (rhythm guitar) and Henrique Band (sax). Liminha is probably the most famous Brazilian Record producer and a good bass and guitar player. He is a Ventures fan since mid 60s when he started to play instrumentals with The Lunatics (São Paulo). João Barone is a professional drummer. He plays along with “Paralamas do Sucesso”, one of the most famous Brazilian rock vocal band with many albums issued on the local market. The other three members are also highly skilled musicians.

The Silvas used to tour in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Their repertoire is a mix of traditional surf instrumentals (Misirlou, Wipe Out, Batman, Impossible Mission, etc.) plus some excellent instro tunes composed by the band musicians. In September 2,001 they played live for one hour, on the local MTV during the “ Rock and Roll International Day”. There are rumors that they will record an all instrumental CD very soon. While their first album it is not issued, the group continues touring on some famous local night clubs such as O Canecão (in Rio), Tom Brasil (São Paulo), etc.
No The Silvas web site or e-mail for contacts are known. However it is possible to find some references (in Portuguese language) on The Silvas in the Internet.

8) GO!
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This group was created in Rio de Janeiro in early 2,000 and are influenced by old surf/instro bands like The Ventures, The Lively Ones, Dick Dale & Del-Tones, etc. as well as some modern bands (Tiki Tones, The Boss Martians). They usually include in their repertoire some surf classics from 60s as well as some own compositions. The group used to tour in Rio de Janeiro, Sâo Paulo and Belo Horizonte and have just finished  recording their 1st album on CD titled “ Aventuras no Céu” (Adventures In The Sky), with 16 tracks to be issued on mid 2,002 by Navena Muzik (http://www.navenamuzik.com.brt.) Their current line ups is DiMonstro (guitar), Voodoo (Bass) and Kid Cane (Drums).


1) E.P. (vinyl) ''VII Encontro Anual-Luz de Naves Intergaláticas'', 6 demo tracks

2) CD “ Aventura no Céu” (to be issued on 2002), 16 tracks.

Web site: http://gosurfgo.gnutella.com.br


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In spite of their Spanish name (Los Cochabambas) they are a Brazilian surf instrumental group from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina state. They started playing as a trio in the mid 90's. In 1995, they recorded a demo tape as Los Chick Magnets with instro covers by Dick Dale and Trashmen. In May 1999 they recorded their first demo tape (titled “Máquinas Quentes”) as Los Cochabambas with 10 instrumentals (eight songs composed by the group musicians and only two covers). On 2001, the Migué Records, issued a vinyl EP with 4 instros taken from their cassette “Máquinas Quentes”. The Cochabambas sound is influenced by the raw guitar sound of Link Wray. The group line up has changed recently and is now composed by Rodrigo Daniel Kothe (lead guitar), Eduardo Henrique Fogaça Vicar (rhythm guitar), Leonardo Kothe (bass) Manolo (drums).At present, they are one the best instrumental surf bands of Brazil.


1) cassette tape “Máquinas Quentes”, 10 instros.
2) EP “Máquinas Quentes”, 4 instros (taken from their demo cassete of the same name)

All recordings available only through the group.

Web site: http://www.cochabambas.com

e-mail: cochabambas@uol.com.br


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They are a surf instrumental band from Campinas, 120 Km (80 miles) from São Paulo. The group started playing in 1998 and since then their sound is highly influenced by Dick Dale, The Ventures, Ramones and Cramps. In 1999, their lead guitar player left the band and they become more known after opening the Man or Astroman? show in Americana city. At the end of 1999, they recorded their first album on CD-R. The Orestes Prezza sound  is unusual. They use a Trombone player, which is a not usual instrument for any surf music band. Their current line up is Carlão (bass), Melinha (rhythm guitar), Reginaldo (lead guitar) and Stenio (drums) and Pereira (Trombone). Orestes Prezza continue touring in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Campinas and other main Brazilian cities and on April 2002 they participated in the II Battle Of The Surf Bands, in Belo Horizonte, Brasil. Their second all instro album on CD-R was issued on April 2002, and can be ordered via the band's e-mail.


1) CD-R “Orestes Prezza”, out of catalog, 1999

2) CD-R “Trombones, Maracas e Duas Guitarras Fumegantes”, Ordinary Records, 2002

Web site: www.orestesprezza.hpg.com.br

e-mail : orestesprezza@ieg.com.br


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They are a group of veterans musicians from the 60s who decided to play together after 35 years. On 1962 Benny Silva (lead guitar) and João Rinaldo (rhythm guitar) founded the instrumental band The Leaders, who used to play the ball room circuit. The group disbanded in mid sixties because the young musicians went to College, and followed non musical careers. However, the founders kept their guitars and thirty years after, in their spare time, started to playing together in the week ends, just for fun. After rehearsing a good instrumental surf repertoire they invited a young drums player to join the group and started to play again in some bars and colleges of São Paulo city. In 2000, a bass player joined The Tightrope and their sound became more tight. Their current line up is Benny Silva (lead guitar), João Rinaldi (rhythm guitar) . They have just issued their first all instro album, with nice covers of The Cruel Sea, Gandy Dancer, I Can See Clearly Now, Pipeline, Appalaches, Cry for A Shadow, Surfer Girl, Atlantis, Go Go Slow, Mr.Moto, Shinding, Lies and Exodus. The band continues touring in São Paulo.


1) CD-R “Surf Music – Big Wave” (issued in March 2002 and available through the band's e-mail)

Web site: www.tightrope.hpg.com.br

E-mail: tightrope@ieg.com.br

12) XEVI 50
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The group Xevi 50 has a repertoire based on surf music with minor influences of rock and roll and psychobilly plus movie and TV themes and some self penned compositions. The band started in 1999 in Florianópolis city and attracted the media attention due to the way they perform, on a Chevy 1950 car which at the same time is the band’s transport and stage for their presentations. Current line up is Sil (on guitar), Célio (on drums) and Sid (on acoustic bass), the trio have toured in many Brazilian cities such as Porto Alegre, São Paulo, and Curitiba, and have good media exposure (local MTV and surf magazines).


1) CD-R “Xevi 50”, available through the band.

Web site: http://www.xevi50.hpg.com.br

e-mail: xevi50@zipmail.com

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