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History of Rock Instrumental in Argentina



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Los Iracundos were a rock band from Uruguay formed in 1960 in Paysandú City. Their former name was Die Blaven Konige and then Los Blue Kings. They were six talented young musicians (16 – 18 years old). The group was composed of the following musicians: Eduardo Franco (leader and singer), Leonardo Franco (lead guitar), Juan Bosco (rhythm guitar), Jesús Maria Febrero (keyboards), Hugo Maria Burgueño (bass) and Juan Carlos Velásquez (drums). Their initial repertoire was basically Shadows and Ventures covers and some Teen Tops (from Mexico) songs.

In 1963 at the recommendation of Palito Ortega (a famous Argentinian rock singer) they were invited to join RCA Victor Argentina, and moved to Buenos Aires, changing their name from Los Blue Kings to Los Iracundos. That is the reason why most of the instrumental collectors still think that Los Iracundos were an Argentinean band. The band was created in Uruguay, but they built their musical career in Argentina. So, we can consider Los Iracundos as a rock instrumental band from Argentina, but originating from Uruguay.

They recorded over 40 albums, many singles and EPs. In their early career (1964-66) they usually recorded a vocal and an instrumental album, alternately. Overall, they recorded 6 all instrumental LPs. Their early sound was highly Shadows influenced but they created their own musical style, with a peculiar drumbeat and rhythm. Technically, they were very talented musicians, with a good musical background, which can be noticed through their guitar solos and licks. When Rita Pavone toured in Buenos Aires, Los Iracundos backed her in the Mau Mau club. In 1966 they toured in Europe (Spain, Italy and France) and in 1970 in US (New York).

Musically they were highly influenced by the local Latin America musical scene, having recorded tunes such as Vaya Con Dios, Tico Tico No Fubá, La Virgen De La Macarena, Pepitas de Oro, Praderas, Alma Llanera, Brazil, Mate Cocido, e! tc. But they used to listen to a lot of Blues, Jazz and Spirituals, which can be noticed through their LPs. Their covers were very creative with original arrangements. They were never simple copyists.

In spite of being an excellent instrumental band, they performed many vocals with their leader and singer Eduardo Franco, who passed away in February 1989. According to an interview on the Los Iracundos site, they didn’t like to record instrumentals. But were convinced to by RCA Victor’s Argentinean executives in view of the local success of The Ventures and The Shadows records. In 1992 Juan Bosco (rhythm guitarist) passed away.

In the 1970’s Los Iracundos changed their musical style towards a more romantic repertoire. At that time they had a national hit, with the song "Puerto Mont".

They received a golden record for each album recorded in Argentina and some of their LPs were issued in most Latin American countries and in the USA too. Their biggest hit was a famous TV theme in Brazil ("40 Degrees") which, ironically, was never issued in Brazil.

They used to tour in Bolivia, Peru and Chile where they had one of their biggest hits, "Puerto Mont" - a small harbour town in the Chilean coast where even now the local radio plays Iracundos’ tunes.

The Iracundos discography is very large (over 40 LPs) but only some albums were totally instrumentals. At present BMG Argentina is reissuing Los Iracundos original recordings (vocal and instrumental albums with bonus tracks), pairing two LPs on one CD with bonus tracks. To date three all instrumental CDs were issued. The first CD ("Discografia Completa Volume 2", BMG 74321 52150, Argentina, 1997) paired two Los Iracundos LPs: "Sin Palabras" (their 1st all instro. album, issued on April 19th, 1965) and "El Sonido De Los Iracundos" (2nd all instro. album, issued on March 3rd, 1966) plus 6 bonus tracks from some singles and EPs.

The second CD issued by BMG Argentina was "Discografia Completa Volume 4", 7432 61209-2, Argentina, 1998 and paired the following Iracundos instrumental albums: "En Estereofonia" (their 3rd album, issued on November 24th 1966) and "La Musica De Los Iracundos" (4th album, issued on October 10th, 1967 ) plus 5 bonus tracks. The third CD issued by BMG Argentina was “Discografia Completa Volume 9”, 74321 97751-2, Argentina, 2003 and paired the albums “Instrumental” and “Tango Joven”.

Today there are some radio programs in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru totally dedicated to making listeners aware of the Iracundos music, with good audiences. The group continues playing their old hits (vocal and instrumentals) but with new musicians, but their current repertoire reflects the demands of the new record market.

Discography (only instrumental records):

LP “Sin Palabras”, RCA Vik LZ 1117, Stereo.
LP “El Sonido de los Iracundos”, RCA AVS 3645, Mono.

LP “In Stereo”, RCA AVS 3710, Stereo.
LP “La musica de los Iracundos”, RCA AVS 3756, Stereo.
LP “Instrumental”, RCA 4018, Stereo ( recorded live at the  Madison Square Garden). LP “Tango Joven”, (1 vocal only), RCA AVS 4212, Stereo.

CD “Discografia Completa Volume 2”, BMG 74321 52150, 1997 (two LPs in one CD).

CD “Discografia Completa Volume 4”, BMG 7432 61209-2, 1998 (two LPs in one CD).

CD “Discografia Completa Volume 9”, BMG 74321 97751-2, 2003 (two LPs in one CD).

EPs RCA Camdem 3AE-3546, Camdem 3AE-3601 and VIK3ZE (3303, 3329, 3431, 3546, 3601, 3728).

Singles 45s (six).

Two cassette tapes.


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They were a very respected and Ventures influenced instrumental band from Mendoza state. The band was Roberto Sánchez (bass) , Luis Alejandro Romano (drums), Freddy Antero Alvarez (lead guitar) and Carlos Roney ( Juan Carlos Cardozo Camisay) (rhythm guitar).

They started playing in the program “Sabados Circulares de Mancera”. The drummer Luis Alejandro was replaced by Gregorio Visiglio and the group started to play on the TV Channel 11 of Buenos Aires (program “Ritmo y Juventud”).  In 1964 they played in the famous Opera Theater of Buenos Aires during the Rita Pavone tour in Argentina. The lead guitarist was then replaced by a new guitar player, Juan Carlos Mate Luna, whose nickname was Freddy Solo.

The band recorded six all instrumental albums on the Microfon label and two of them were issued abroad in Chile (“Bailando En El Espacio, LPE-78) and Peru (“Planetomania”, ISS-101) both with different covers. Also, they shared albums with the famous Argentinean guitar player Horacio Malvicino. They used to cover some Ventures tunes and Latin songs with nice creative arrangements. Their lead guitarist was a skilled musician, and the band’sound was highly professional. They were one of the best instrumental groups from Latin America. To date no album of Los 4 Planetas was reissued on compact discs.


Lp “Guitarras En El Cielo”, Microfon IP-61, Mono.
Lp “Bailando En El Espacio”, Microfon IP-78, Mono (also issued in Chile as LPE-7815).
LP “Planetomania”, Microfon IP-101, Mono (also issued in Peru but in Stereo, as MS-101)
LP “Vacaciones Con Los 4 Planetas”, Microfon IP-124, Mono.
LP “Volando Con Los 4 Planetas”, Microfon IP-149, Mono.
LP “De Viaje Con Los 4 Planetas”, Microfon IP-199, Mono.
LP “Guitarras Electricas”, Microfon ahora 105,  Mono (compilation of others LPs by 4 Planetas).
LP “Es La Guitarra Electrica”, Microfon ASI- 12 (only two tracks by Los 4 Planetas).

LP “Electrizante”, Microfon ASI – 34 Mono (only seven tracks by Los 4 Planetas).

Singles (eleven 45s):  Microfon Nºs 3365, 3387, 3391, 3400, 3423, 3442, 3457, 3494, 3525, 3611 and 3628.

EPs (just two): 6355, 6343.

PS: All EPs and singles tracks were taken from the LPs 



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They were a teen age group with a good lead guitarist Juan Carlos Yborra (15), rhythm guitarist Jose Valenti (14), bassist Alfredo Lopez (15), and 16 year old Danny Fioravanti on the drums. Their first album was a 10” LP with just eight instrumental tracks recorded on Erato label. They recorded four all instrumental LP plus some EPs (Erato 33006, CBS 21.773 and CBS 21.980). Their last album was issued in 1967 (“Esta Es La formula”, CBS 8845). The sound of Los Bambis was influenced by Argentinean folk songs and Latin America tunes (El Cumbanchero, Siboney, La Cancion de Josecito, Negra Consentida, etc.) all of them very well played and arranged as rock instros.


LP “Para Majores”, Erato 12.000, Mono (10 inches LP, 8 tracks).
LP “El Super Sonido”, Erato 9000, Mono.
LP “El Ritmo Juvenil de Los Bambis”, CBS 8795, Mono, 1966.
LP “Esta Es La Formula”, CBS 8845, Mono, 1967.

LP “Los Bambis y La Presentación de Los Tuercas”, Erato 19000.

LP “Los Bambis Tambien Cantan”, CBS 8938 (7 instro tracks by Los Bambis)

Singles 45s (Erato 33006, 33014, 33038 and 33045) and CBS (21.773 , 21.980 and 22065).

EPs “Los Bambis” (Erato 6605, Mono) and CBS (EP 33524,6601).


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They were a young group with Romy (lead guitar), Quito (bass), Cesar (accordion) and Horacio (drums). Cezar was born in Italy before a move to Argentina and he was an ex-musician of the group Jackie y los Ciclones. They used to play on the Argentinian TV shows (Escala Musical on channel 13 and Sabados Continuados on channel 9). They recorded on different labels (Alanicky, Magenta and Music Hall).  Unfortunately the Argentinean albums back covers were not very informative and as a consequence, additional details on the band were very difficult to get. As far as we know, there were only two instrumental albums recorded on the BMG, Magenta and Music Hall labels.


LP “Les Eiffel - Limited Edition”, BMG Magenta 13.014, mono.
LP “Happening In Madrid”, Music Hall 698, mono.

LP Alanicky 4008 10” with 8 instros (no LP title available).

Singles Alanicky (2026 and 2036) and Music Hall (30714, 30770 and 30861). 





No band line up or any other detail is known about this instro band. They recorded four excellent all instro albums, two at least with Horacio Malvicino. Their first LP was highly Ventures influenced with tunes like 2,000 Pound Bee, Diamond Head, The Twomp, Instant Mashed, etc. Their second album, with backing by Malvicino, is a collector’s item and includes tunes in Ventures style. These two LPs were reissued with different titles, covers and serial numbers.


LP “Malvicino Con The Strangers”, Microfon 79, Stereo (with Horacio Malvicino on lead guitar).  

LP “Ritmo Tension Guitars”, Festival LP-508, Mono (same LP Microfon 79).

LP “Con Guitarra y Con Enchuffe”, ASI Vol.15, Mono.

LP “Golden Hits”, Microfon 104, Stereo (same LP ASI Vol.15).          



Argentinean collectors report that Los Trotamundos were a young instrumental group from mid 1960’s. According to local collectors, the group recorded just one album with nice guitar work. They used to include organ solos on their tunes. Unfortunately there is no information on the band line up on their only album.


LP “Los Trotamundos”, VIK L2-1143, Mono (two tracks were also on a 45).


Unknown Argentinean group who recorded 2 excellent instrumental tracks (Veneno / Una Calle Dorada) on a vocal/instro album issued on H&R Records. The track “Veneno” was issued also on a 45 (H&R 6100).


Los Seims were created in 1967 by Pedro Rino Surdo who came from the instro band Los Teen Agers. The band was Pedro Rin
o (Singer and guitar), Lalo Ordaz (lead guitar), Carlos Longo (bass) and Jimmy Arce (drums). They started playing in Cordoba but were known too in Buenos Aires, playing on TV and radio shows and in the ballroom circuits. Their first recordings were done on the Disc Jockey label (a single TS 635 with  “Todos” and “El tema de los Sames”).  They moved to Microfon Records and recorded the album “Guitarras En Swing” with Spanish and Italian songs. The group disbanded in 1969.                                                


LP “Guitarras En Swing”, Los Seims, Microfon IP-139, Mono (Six instros only).

Single 45 (Microfon 3539)




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They were a vocal / instrumental teen age group with Alberto Comte (lead guitar), Horacio Ascheri (rhythm guitar and singer), Basilio Uhryniuk (bass), Manuel Antonio López (keyboards) and Nestor Luis Trozzi (drums). In early sixties the group recorded in Music Hall label. In 1964 Horacio Ascheri replaced Juan Manuel Gonzales as lead guitar player (former lead guitar player of Los Wonderful’s) and Tony Armentano replaced the bass player Basilio Uhryniuk. With this new line up, the group recorded their last album in 1964 (LP "Al Abordaje").

 Their greatest hits were reissued in a compilation CD by Discos Fuentes (Colombia) and issued in Argentina in 2000 as "Horacio Ascheri y los Pick-Up's".


LP “Es La Locura”, Music Hall 12268, mono (one instro track).

LP “Con Todo”, Music Hall 12289, mono (two instro tracks).

LP “Buscados”, Music Hall 12353, mono ((two instro tracks).

LP “Al Abordaje”, Music Hall 12394, mono (two instro tracks).




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Known in Argentina as The Guitar Giant, Bingo Reyna was an excellent guitar player. He came from the group “Jackie y Los Ciclones” and in 1964 he created his own band “Beto and Los Huracanes”. The group used to play all Saturdays on channel 9, TV (Buenos Aires). Soon they signed with local RCA Victor where they recorded lots of instrumental records. Bingo Reyna  recorded at least six all instrumental albums (in spite of some of them have duplicated tracks and several were reissued with different titles). Les Paul and his multitrack recording techniques, which Bingo has imitated, influenced his sound. As usual, with Argentinean instrumental records from 1960’s, Bingo’s albums back covers usually did not show details of the Bingo Reyna biography or discography. From his albums front covers we can see a young musician in his twenties holding a nice hollowed body guitar. His albums were usually a mix of rock and roll and easy listening tunes (ballads, Bossa Nova, American songs, etc.). However, even the easy listening songs were very well played with clever arrangements. As far as we know, to date, no Bingo Reyna album or compilation was issued on CD.

In 1970 he moved to Spain having recorded with his (ex) wife. He went to Mexico and married again. At present Bingo Reyna lives in Texas, USA where he runs a light and illumination company for shows.


LP “Bingo Reyna Y Su Guitarra”, Disc Jockey EST-10.009, mono.

LP “El Mejor De Bingo Reyna”, Disc Jockey LDP-10.024, mono.

LP “Ritmo Bingo”, Disc Jockey LDP-30.002, mono, 1966.

LP “Increible”, Disc Jockey LDP-30.030, mono.

LP “Bingo Reyna y Su Guitarra de Fuego”, Disc Jockey F77.010, mono,(reissue of DJ 10.024).

LP “Los Exitos de Bingo Reyna”, Disck Jockey 88015, Mono, 1976 (reissue of DJ 10.009).

LP “La Guitarra de Oro”, CBS LP-8884, mono, 1968.
LP “Mi Corazon Es Una Guitarra”, CBS LP-8918, mono, 1969.


Singles 45s (ten, at least): issued in Argentina (Disc Jockey TS 513, 544, 586, 607, 665, 688, 709, 724, 770) issued in Spain (Disc Jockey TS665).

EPs (CBS 21.985, 22.040, 33.528).   


Malvicino was a professional guitar player, who used to work as a session musician backing many Argentinean artists. He decided to study the guitar after listening to the records of Benny Goodmann sextet with the great guitarist Charlie Christian. He was know in Argentina as their first “bebop” guitar player. He has recorded many solo albums and performed (as lead guitarist) on some excellent instrumental albums with Los 4 Planetas and The Strangers. In the early 70’s, under the nickmane of Alain Debray, he recorded 24 LPs for RCA with different musical styles. For 40 years he played along with the famous Tango accordionist Astor Piazzola.  Latest news on Malvicino's music career is that he was playing acoustic guitar along with the Argentina National Symphonic Orchestra in Buenos Aires city. Malvicino has recorded many albums and singles. However, we decided to list only the rock instrumental related records. He also recorded as The Americans (Microfon 96): 

(Selected) Discography:

LP “Con Guitarra y Con Enchuffe”, Microfon ASI-15, mono (reissued as “Golden Hits”, by Jimmy Fergusson, Microfon 104).
LP “Latin Touch”, Microfon IP-128, mono.
LP “Guitars At Night”, Opus OL-7001, mono.
LP “Electric Guitar”, Microfon ASI-12, mono, (seven tracks by Los 4 Planetas).
LP “Electrics”, Microfon ASI-34, mono, (seven tracks by Los 4 Planetas).

According to a UK collector three LP set by Malvicino was issued in Mexico and Portugal.




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His real name was Juan Carlos Mate Luna. Before starting his solo career as Freddy Solo, he played and recorded some albums with Los 4 Planetas. He was a virtuoso and after to leave Los 4 Planetas he recorded two all instrumental album in the late sixties/early seventies, which are now  collectors items. His first album has excellent guitar tunes, some of them composed by Freddy Solo (Rock Del Avion, Hay Hippies En La Luna, etc.). Rock del Avion is one of the best instrumentals recorded in Argentina. Freddy’s guitar sound was very aggressive, with a powerful fuzz sound obviously influenced by Davie Allan. No further details are shown on his albums back covers - just a track listing, which is a pity. Unfortunately Freddy Solo passed away in U.S (where he lived) in 2002.


LP “Mil Guitarras”, Disc Jockey 30.006, mono.

LP “Internacional”, Disc Jockey 10112, Stereo.

Cassete tape “Los Grandes Exitos”, Disc Jockey 77520, Stereo.

Singles: Disc Jockey (TS 437, 464, 1325, 1370, 3083, 3089 and 1251/1).  

2.4 – Sr. BIFE

mrbife.jpg (9636 bytes)

In spite of his strange name (Sr. Bife means Mr. Steak) this guitar player was an excellent musician. As far as we know, he  recorded just one all instrumental album on EMI label, with rock and easy listening tunes, all of them with nice guitar work. As usual in Argentinean LPs, there is no information about Mr. Bife on the album back cover. Even his real name is not mentioned. However, this great album recorded in seventies, shows a young man with his Les Paul guitar. This LP was not reissued on CD and it is now a collector’s item. A single (45) with a non LP track was issued in Canada in 1976, on Capitol Records.


LP “Sr.Bife”, EMI Odeon 6491, Stereo, 1977.


Excellent guitar player whose real name is Cacho Tirao. As Sonny Boy he recorded an all instrumental album in the 70’s. Soon, he changed his electric guitar for a Spanish acoustic and recorded several jazz, tango, and classical music albums in Argentina.  Unfortunately he is very ill at present, using a wheel chair due to a stroke.


LP “Doble Sonido de Sonny Boy”, Erato 9.001, Mono.

There were in Argentina many other rock bands (Los Bull Dogs, Los Dragons, Los Mabbers, Los Tuercas, Los Panthers, etc.). Most of them recorded just one or two instrumental singles or one or two instro tracks in their albums. Unfortunately, their exact discographies remains unknown.

This report was written with information and album photos provided by the following collectors:

Argentina – Dr. Atilio Marino and Mr. Hector Bernardi.
Brazil – Mr. Laércio P. Martins
UK – Mr. Alan Smith
Uruguay – Mr. Gerardo Rodriguez

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