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Photo Gallery

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Robb Huxley Age 14.jpg (39145 bytes)

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Robb aged 14 Robb Huxley & Dave Nash Robb Huxley first appearance 1963 Robb Gayle & Whirlwinds  Newent Memorial Hall The Whirlwinds  with change of drummer: Pete Awford (vocals and rhythm guitar), Brian Peachey (drums), Roger Holder (bass), Robb Huxley (vocals and guitar) and Pete Holder circa 1964 Saxons - Midland & Royal Gig
Joe Meek plaque Newent Eng.jpg (63384 bytes)
Joe Meek Plaque at Newent, Glos.
Saxons.High.St.Easter.jpg (43337 bytes)

Saxons - High Street, Easter
Robb Gayle Saxons 1965..jpg (34749 bytes)

Robb - Saxons 1965
Robb Gayle Saxons.jpg (56024 bytes)

Robb - Saxons

Robb Gayle Lydbrook fete.jpg (44256 bytes)
Robb Gayle Lydbook Fete
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Roger, Pete, Robb & John
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The Saxons. Left: Robb Huxley. Back: Roger Holder. Front: John Davies. Right: Pete Holder.
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 The Tornados at South Pier, Blackpool, Lancashire in summer of 1966. Left to right: Dave Watts, Pete Holder, John Davies, Robb Huxley and Roger Holde
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The Tornados. Left to right: Pete Holder, Dave Watts, John Davies, Robb Huxley and Roger Holder circa 1966.
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The Tornados at Blackpool in 1966. Photos taken on beach to publicise new record "Is that a ship I hear". Left to right: John Davies,Dave Watts, Pete Holder, Robb Huxley (front) and Roger Holder.
New Tornados 1966.jpg (37001 bytes)
New Tornados 1966
jm8.jpg (63281 bytes)
Photo from Birthday Show in Coventry in October 1966. Left to right: Dave Watts, John Davies, Pete Holder, Bert Weedon (famous British guitarist), Mike Winters, Bernie Winters (famous British double act), Stan Stennet (one of the organisers of the Aberfan disaster Gala in Cardiff), Robb Huxley, Johnny Hackett (comedian), Roger Holder and Kris Keo (vocalist).
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The Tornados on stage at the Windmill Theatre in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk during the summer of 1967. Left to right: Pete Holder (playing Gibson 335 guitar right-handed. Pete plays left-handed), Dave Watts (organist playing rhythm guitar), Roger Holder (bass guitarist playing drums), John Davies ( drummer playing bass guitar), Robb Huxley (vocal / guitarist playing keyboard). Plus the Fox-Miller boys and girl
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The Tornados on stage at the Windmill Theatre in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk during the summer of 1967. Left to right playing correct instruments: Pete Holder, John Davies (drums), Robb Huxley, Roger Holder and Dave Watts.
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Finale at summer show at Windmill Theatre in Great Yarmouth in 1967. Left to right
: Roger Holder, Robb Huxley, Dev Shawn (comedian) Ruby Murray (famous Irish singer from the 50's and early 60's), Joe Baker (comedian) Toni Dalli (opera singer), Dave Watts, Pete Holder and John Davies.

jm5.jpg (70415 bytes)
Poster for summer show in Great Yarmouth in summer of 1967 with Freddie and the Dreamers.

These are full sized photos:

At the Bat Yam Club. My girlfriend Efrat Vahab
(Later to become my wife) seated on the left with a friend.
Robb Huxley displays the Paul Butterfield LP. Hotel Peters 1969.

In Hotel Peters (L - R) Miki Gavrielov, Stan Solomon, Ami Trebich, Robb Huxley. Christmas 1968.
In Hotel Peters (L -R) Haim Romano, Miki Gavrielov, Ami Trebich, Stan Solomon and Robb Huxley. Christmas 1968

Aarhus Denmark 1968. (L-R) Unknown girl, Stan Solomon (In background) Robb Huxley, unknown girl, Miki Gavrielov, Ami Trebich.