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Robb's album now available to listen free on-line right here!

On Lost Songs Of The Sixties Robb Huxley has recreated some of the music that was partially recorded at Joe Meek's studio (R.G.M. Sound) at 304 Holloway Road from 1964-1967 while he was a member of The Whirlwinds, The Saxons and The New Tornados.

Robb has provided commentaries between the tracks which all Joe Meek fans will find fascinating.

This CD recaptures some of the music and ambience that was associated with the Meek recordings of that era. and includes Robb's very own tribute to Joe Meek entitled 'Robert George.

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To listen to any song click on it - to stop and move on to next selected song simply press the stop button which is the square white button (the second button in from the right).