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JOE MEEK GALLERY - Tony Brown's site
JOHN LEYTON - official site
THE JOE MEEK SOCIETY - Well worth joining!
PALM DOOR - Look out for their movie on Joe Meek - sneak preview on their site
PIPELINE MAGAZINE - Long time supporters of Meek's instrumental artists
THE RAPIERS - They back Mike Berry & John Leyton plus Jet Harris on tours
THE SCORPIONS - Their own site built by guitarist Ted Barber
HOUSTON WELLS - The Legendary Houston Wells official website
UGLY THINGS - The ultimate rock'n'roll read, bringing you wild sounds from past dimensions, from times when rock'n'roll was young, daring, dangerous and vital.
THE BOLD RECORDING TECHNIQUES OF JOE MEEK - A link to author Barry Cleveland's site
TOM SIMONS' JOE MEEK PAGE  - a brief profile of Joe and his career - the rest of Tom's site contains brief
profiles of many others associated with rock and roll in the 50's and 60's
VINTAGE SIXTIES LIVE - Site featuring the North East UK Groups of the Sixties
RUSSELLl C. WRITER's site about behind the scenes info about famous recording 
including recording sessions with Glenda Collins and the Honeycombs