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Visitors Book Archive

Tony Hoffman |   <mailto:legacyguitarman@hotmail.com>Excellent site Robb, enjoyed reading about your spell as a Tornado. Whilst I'm here please note my 'Instro World' website has closed (see links). A new site will follow later this year. 23 May 2006 - York, North Yorkshire, UK 

Amanda Webster | <mailto:leanwaters@yahoo.co.uk>It was so nice to read about other people that worked with my dad and see the show posters from the '60's. (He was Al Paige)I wish I had more of them to keep but he lost most of them when his 3rd wife threw them away after he left her. Sadly, he's no longer with us - he died in 1999, aged 70 - but I'm glad to see there's still someone else keeping his memory alive out there. Thanks, once again. 16 May 2006 - Lytham St Annes, Lancashire 

David Hird | Just a quick message to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the Robb Huxley story in 'Thunderbolt' No. 46. I presume he wrote it himself and it is such a riveting read, taking me back to those halcyon days of the early sixties and providing quite an atmospheric 'feel'. Congratulations and thanks to Robb and all involved. Looking forward to the next instalment. 16 March 2006

Joseph |   <mailto:parkplace@frotiernet.net>Long time has passed, I wonder if you hold the same memories as I do my friend. send me your e-mail address , I would love to let you know what has happend with my life..... I hope you and Efrat are doing well.... PS I love your site and music....I still play the videos i have once in a while.... with much respect.... your lost friend Joseph 24 February 2006 - lost in the woods of NY 

Grimey (aka Graeme and Graham) | <mailto:grime@btinternet.com>Hi Rob, John's sister Jane sent me the link to the site. Can't wait to read the rest. Squeaky voices for weeks on end?! Must rush - a bowl of mushroom soup awaits............... 8 February 2006 - Gloucestershire

Brian Butler |  <mailto:briandbutler@hotmail.com>So, it was a couple of weeks ago on Elvis' birthday and I naturally thought about where I was and what I was doing on the Day the King kicked-it. Then I remembered; I was getting blitzed with Robb Huxley.Where were you? 26 January 2006 

Betsie Elwood |   <mailto:betsie@bht.sdcoxmail.com>Hey Robb and Efrat, I am so very impressed. It certainly is fun to read all about your life before I met you. Good for you for having the courage to tackle the dream to revitalize your past. And after all these years that I have known you I am just discovering that you have 2 b's in Robb! Oh my! Best of luck in your endeavor. Betsie 28 December 2005 - San Diego, California 

Ofer Shafir |  <<mailto:ofer@pcpower.co.il>Fascinating site! Best of luck with the new CD PS. Great Pics 27 December 2005 - IL

dorit bar wow, wellcome to the new world..hope you will find it interesting and exciting. all our love to you and Efrat. love you all. Dorit Alona Noa and all the Vhahb's 22 December 2005 - Israel 

 MATT |   <mailto:Saint6568@aol.com>Great site, cant wait for you to continue your story. I am planning a Joe Meek radio show for Cleveland Ohio area, would you be interested to get some of your memories on tape? let me know 14 December 2005 - Cleveland, ohio 

Georgina Taylor Hey Robb what a wonderful website ,good luck with your cd's,hope you have a lot of success. 11 December 2005 - Gloucester UK 

Justin Huxley | <mailto:justinandnova@hotmail.com>Takes me back to the sixties before I was born. Hey Dad its great to know all those things you were doing before I was born. Love, Justin and Melissa 27 November 2005 - United States (Florida) 

Rob Humphreys |   <mailto:rob@rhis.co.uk>Best wishes with your Lost Songs cd Robb. 18 November 2005 - UK