The full detailed autobiography of Robb Huxley.

Robb remembers the way it was....

Joe Meek Recording Artist:
Robb Gayle & The Whirlwinds / The Saxons / The Tornados

Pioneer of Israeli music scene:  
Purple Ass Baboon / The Churchills / Jericho Jones / Jericho

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Robb wishes to thank: 
Pete Holder, Dave Watts, John Davies, Roger Holder, Mick Holder, Sonia Watts and Sandra Holder ( Diamond Twins),
Rob Humphreys, Mandy Rogers, Stan Solomon, Moshe Denburg, Ronnie Wolfson, Bill Gozansky,  Richard Wasley, Matt Gee, Haim Romano, Miki Gavrielov,  Ami Trebich R.I.P Ave Orchover, Alan Stockman and Efrat Vahab Huxley for their assistance in helping to remember the way it was........also David Peters for his unique colour photos of Joe Meek in 1966. 
Robb also acknowledges the help and encouragement of his late sister Georgina Huxley Taylor-Spicer.
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