'Shivers down the Backbone....'

Rockin' Rollin' Diaries 
October  '55 - '62
The charts in UK and USA, the releases and other 
important events

Skeets McDonald - 1 October, 1915 (Greenway, AK)
   Died 31 March, 1968
Willie Egan - 1 October, 1933 (near Minden, La.)
Johnny Vincent (Ace Records) - 3 October, 1927 (Laurel, MS)
   Died 4 February, 2000
James Darren - 3 October, 1936 (Philadelphia, PA)
Eddie Cochran - 3 October, 1938 (Albert Lea, MN)
   Died 17 April, 1960, Bath, England
Chubby Checker - 3 October, 1941 (Philadelphia, PA)
Leroy VanDyke - 4 October, 1929 (Spring Fork, MO)
Larry Collins - 4 October, 1944 (Tulsa, OK)
Billy Lee Riley - 5 October, 1933 (Pocahontas, AK)
Arlene Smith (Chantels) - 5 October, 1941 (Bronx, NYC)
Buzz Clifford - 8 October, 1942), Berwyn, IL
John Lennon - 9 October, 1940 (Liverpool, England)
   Died 8 December, 1980, Manhattan, NYC
Ivory Joe Hunter - 10 October, 1914 (Kirbyville, TX)
   Died 8 November, 1974, Memphis, TN
Harmonica Frank (Frank Floyd) - 11 October, 1908 (Toccopola, MS)
  Died 1984
Jimmy Murphy - 11 October, 1925 (Republic, near Birmingham, AL)
Nappy Brown - 12 October, 1929 (Charlotte, NC)
James "Sugar Boy" Crawford - 12 October, 1934 (New Orleans, La.)
Sam Moore (Sam & Dave) - 12 October, 1935 (Miami, FL)
Jimmy Liggins - 14 October, 1922 (Newby, OK)
Bill Justis - 14 October, 1926 (Memphis, TN)
   Died 15 July, 1982, Nashville, TN
Cliff Richard - 14 October, 1940 (Lucknow, India)
Mickey Baker - 15 October, 1925 (Louisville, KY)
Sid King - 15 October, 1936 (Denton, TX)
Marv Johnson - 15 October, 1938 (Detroit, MI)
Cozy Cole - 17 October, 1909 (East Orange, NJ)
   Died 29 January, 1981, Columbus, OH
Lattie Moore - 17 October, 1924 (Scotsville, KY)
Jimmy Seals (Champs) - 17 October, 1941 (Sidney, TX)
Chuck Berry - 18 October, 1926 (St. Louis, MO)
Piano Red (Willie Perryman) - 19 October, 1911 (Hampton, GA)
   Died 25 July, 1985, Atlanta, GA
Jerry Jaye - 19 October, 1937 (Manila, AK)
Grandpa Jones - 20 October, 1913 (Niagra, KY)
   Died 19 February, 1998
Wanda Jackson - 20 October, 1937 (Maud, OK)
Owen Bradley - 21 October, 1915 (Westmoreland, TN)
   Died 7 January, 1998, Nashville, TN
Andy Starr - 21 October, 1932 (Mill Creek, AK)
Jimmy Beaumont (Skyliners) - 21 October, 1940 (Pittsburgh, PA)
Steve Cropper - 21 October, 1941 (Willow Springs, MO)
Bobby Fuller - 22 October, 1942 (Baytown, TX)
   Died 18 July, 1966, Los Angeles, CA
Speckled Red (Rufus Perryman) - 23 October, 1892 (Monroe, La.)
   Died 2 January, 1973, St. Louis, MO
Johnny Carroll - 23 October, 1937 (Cleburne, TX)
   Died 18 February, 1995, Dallas, TX
The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson) - 24 October, 1930 (Sabine Pass, TX)
   Died 3 February, 1959, near Clear Lake, IA
Glen Glenn - 24 October, 1934 (Joplin, MO)
Earl Palmer - 25 October, 1924 (New Orleans, La.)
Mahalia Jackson - 26 October, 1911 (New Orleans, La.)
   Died 27 January, 1972, Chicago, IL
Floyd Cramer - 27 October, 1933 (Samti, La.)
   Died 31 December, 1997, Nashville, TN
Dallas Frazier - 27 October, 1939 (Spiro, OK)
Harold Battiste - 28 October, 1931 (New Orleans, La.)
Curtis Lee - 28 October, 1941 (Yuma, AZ)
Hank Marvin - 28 October, 1941 (Newcastle, England)
Julia Lee - 31 October 1902 (Boonville, MO)
   Died 8 December, 1958, Kansas City, KS
Ray Smith - 31 October, 1934 (Melbar, KY)
   Died 29 November, 1979, Burlington, Ontario
(AK = Arkansas, MO = Missouri, MS = Mississippi)

October 1955

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Cool Water - Frankie Laine

2. Rose Marie - Slim Whitman

3. The Man From Laramie - Jimmy Young

4. Learnin' The Blues - Frank Sinatra

5. Ev'rywhere - David Whitfield

6. Indian Love Call - Slim Whitman

7. The Breeze And I - Caterina Valente

8. Blue Star - Cyril Stapleton

9. Strange Lady In Town - Frankie Laine

10. Ev'ry Day Of My Life - Malcolm Vaughan

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Yellow Rose Of Texas - Mitch Miller

2. Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing - Four Aces

3. Autumn Leaves - Roger Williams

4. Ain't That A Shame - Pat Boone

5. Moments To Remember - Four Lads

6. Yellow Rose Of Texas - Johnny Desmond

7. Tina Marie - Perry Como

8. Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley & His Comets

9. Maybelline - Chuck Berry

10. Seventeen - Fontane Sisters

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Maybelline - Chuck Berry & His Combo

Only You - Platters

All By Myself - Fats Domino

US Country chart toppers this month:

I Don't Care - Webb Pierce

The Cattle Call - Eddy Arnold

Love, Love, Love - Webb Pierce

That Do Make It Nice - Eddy Arnold

Some UK single releases:

Ten Little Indians/Rocking Chair On The Moon - Bill Haley & His Comets

Do Dee Oodle De Do I'm In Love - Alvadean Coker

Pompton Turnpike - Tiny Bradshaw Orchestra

C'mon Back - Bert Convy & The Thunderbirds

Forgive This Fool - Roy Hamilton

Rag-A-Tag - Floyd Cramer

Harbour Lights - Mulcays

Hummingbird - Les Paul & Mary Ford

Song Of The Dreamer - Johnnie Ray

Seventeen - Frankie Vaughan

Rockin' The Cha-Cha - Alan Dale

Get A Load Of That Crazy Walk - Phil Gordon

No Arms Can Ever Hold You/At My Front Door - Pat Boone

No Arms Can Ever Hold You - Georgie Shaw

Pete Kelly's Blues - June Christy

Pete Kelly's Blues - Ray Anthony Orchestra

He's A Tramp/The Siamese Cat Song - Peggy Lee

Bella Notte/La La Lu - Peggy Lee

Bella Notte/La La Lu - Kay Armen

Underway - Myrna Lorrie

Bring Your Smile Along - Frankie Laine

Song Of The Wild - Slim Whitman

The Man From Laramie - Al Martino

Cloudburst - Ray Ellington Quartet

Dancin' In My Socks - Robbin Hood

If I Ever Fall In Love - De Castro Sisters

Pickin' A Chicken - Eve Boswell

Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/Weeping Willow Blues - Ottilie

Patterson & Chris Barber's Jazz Band

Let's Have A Ding Dong Medley - Winifred Atwell

An Occasional Man - Jeri Southern

Christmas Alphabet - Dickie Valentine

Hernando's Hideaway - Billy May Orchestra

Hernando's Hideaway - Ray Anthony Orchestra

He - Al Hibbler

He - McGuire Sisters

He - Robert Earl

Suddenly There's A Valley - Jo Stafford

Suddenly There's A Valley - Mills Brothers

Suddenly There's A Valley - Gogi Grant

Suddenly There's A Valley - Julius LaRosa

Suddenly There's A Valley - Lee Lawrence

Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing - Four Aces

Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing - Don Cornell

Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing - Don Costa Orchestra

Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing - David Rose Orchestra

Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing - David Hughes

Twenty Tiny Fingers - Art Mooney Orchestra

Twenty Tiny Fingers - Marie Benson

Twenty Tiny Fingers - Stargazers

Twenty Tiny Fingers - Coronets

Fifty Million Salty Kisses - Don Cherry

Important Events:

This month's most unusual US chart entry is 'Black Denim Trousers And Motor

Cycle Boots', recorded by Capitol Records group The Cheers. The idea came

from Marlon Brando's 'The Wild One' - banned in Britain after the censors

described it as 'a screen essay in violence and brutality'. Since it was

recorded, the song's youthful authors, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, have

signed a pact with the Atlantic label to become independent record

producers. Their first offering will be 'Smokey Joe's Cafe' by Los Angeles

vocal group, The Robins. Meanwhile, we learn of the death of James Dean,

who had been widely tipped as 'the new Brando'. Dean (24) whose first

major film 'East Of Eden' opens in London this month, died at the wheel of

his Porsche sports car on September 30. It is a gruesome coincidence that,

like the motorcycle hero of The Cheers' record (cut weeks earlier), he was

killed on Highway 101 in California. Two more Dean movies are in the can,

awaiting release: 'Rebel Without A Cause' and 'Giant'. The role of Rocky

Grazziano in 'Somebody Up There Likes Me', which Dean was to play, has now

been assigned to screen newcomer Paul Newman.

October 14 - the Lubbock, Texas-based duo of Buddy Holly and Bob Montgomery

open for Billy Haley and the Comets in Lubbock.

'Blackboard Jungle' has opened in London. One leading film critic said the

movie was: 'one for those with strong stomachs'

EMI are introducing new colours for their labels. HMV will now be blue,

Columbia green and Parlophone red. Printing will be in silver.

American Dick Lester is the new producer of the commercial television jazz

programme 'Downbeat'.

'Frankly, our market is the teenagers. They are the ones we constantly try

to please. We keep very close to them, listening for their new expressions

and asking what they want in the way of music'. - Bill Haley

James Petrillo, President of the American Federation of Musicians, has

authorized the first transatlantic exchange of musicians. The ban on

American bands playing in this country, and on British bands playing in the

States, has existed since 1935 - since when only vocalists have been

allowed exchange facilities. The first parties to take advantage of this

new freedom will be the orchestras of Ted Heath (UK) and Stan Kenton (US).

Though rock'n'roll has made little impact in the British best sellers, Bill

Haley, Boyd Bennett, The Crew Cuts, The Fontane Sisters and Chuck Berry

have all made chart inroads in America. So too has Pat Boone, who scored a

million seller with 'Ain't That A Shame'. For eleven weeks this summer,

the original version by Fats Domino, a singing piano-thumper from New

Orleans, was number one on the R&B chart, but it was Boone's cover which

garnered most pop sales. A college graduate from Nashville, Tennessee

21-year-old Pat is a descendant of the legendary frontiersman Daniel Boone.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Undemonstrative Tyneside Goes Wild at Johnnie Ray. Review at Empire,


Tommy Whittle's New Group is a Hit.

Ivy Benson Puts on a Top-Flight Variety Show. Reviews girls at Chiswick.

Winifred Atwell. Fabulous New Zealand Welcome. Pianist writes about her


Lena Horne. Thanks For Having Me Again! Singer writes about her return to


These Pajamas Are TOPS! Reviews "The Pajama Game".

BBC Finds a Rival for 'Off the Record'. New TV series "Hit Parade".

Chet Is A Singer To Be Reckoned With. Reviews Chet Baker.

The Singing Coconut. Reviews Art Baxter, Ronnie Scott's vocalist.

Parnell's Gimmick Rocks The Jamboree. Reviews annual Jazz Jamboree.

Other events:

October 2: City of London becomes a "smokeless zone"

October 12: British and Soviet warships exchange courtesy visits

October 20: Syria and Egypt sign a mutual defence treaty

October 23: Referendum on Saar European Statute gave victory to

pro-German parties

October 20: Ealing Studios have been bought by the B.B.C. for £350,000.

The studios will be used by the Corporation as a permanent home for its

television service's film department and other developments. Built in the

1930's, they cover about four acres, and have a total area of 100,000

square feet. They include five stages and three projection theatres.

October 19: Randolph Turpin fought his last fight last night at Harringay.

It ended in the fourteen round knock-out of the former world middleweight

champion by Gordon Wallace, a former holder of the Canadian

light-heavyweight title. Turpin had been nominated to fight Archie Moore

for the world title at Earls Court in January. Now all those ambitious

plans have been swept away.

October 12: Miss Florence Chadwick, a 35-year-old Californian, today beat

her own women's Channel swimming record by completing the crossing to

France in 14 hours 9 minutes. She came within three minutes of the men's

record held by Bill Pickering of Britain.

October 10: Ribot, unbeaten Italian three-year-old, won the £39,000 Prix de

l'Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp yesterday, the second time since the war

that an Italian-bred colt has taken the race. The other was Nuccio in


October 3: A batsman was killed by lightning and the umpires and fieldsmen

were struck to the ground in a thunderstorm during a cricket match at

Frankstown, a suburb of Melbourne, yesterday. Four players were taken to

hospital with burns and shock.

October 1956

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Lay Down Your Arms - Anne Shelton

2. A Woman In Love - Frankie Laine

3. Whatever Will Be Will Be - Doris Day

4. Hound Dog - Elvis Presley

5. Giddy Up A Ding-Dong - Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys

6. Rockin' Through The Rye - Bill Haley

7. Ying Tong Song - Goons

8. The Great Pretender - Platters

9. Only You - Platters

10. Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley

2. My Prayer/Heaven On Earth - Platters

3. Canadian Sunset - Hugo Winterhalter

4. Whatever Will Be Will Be - Doris Day

5. Honky Tonk - Bill Doggett

6. Tonight You Belong To Me - Patience & Prudence

7. The Fool - Sanford Clark

8. Just Walking In The Rain - Johnnie Ray

9. Allegheny Moon - Patti Page

10. Canadian Sunset - Andy Williams

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley

US Country chart toppers this month:

Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley

Some UK single 45 releases:

Bluejean Bop/Who Slapped John? - Gene Vincent

Crazy, Crazy Lovin'/Hot Rock - Johnny Carroll & His Hot Rocks

Blueberry Hill/I Can't Go On - Fats Domino

Boogie Woogie Country Girl/The Chicken and The Hawk - Joe Turner

Honky Tonk - Bill Doggett

Dance The Bop - Jodimars

Stranded In The Jungle - Cadets

Stranded In The Jungle - Jayhawks

Stranded In The Jungle - Ray Ellington Quartet

The Fool - Sanford Clark

My Prayer/Heaven On Earth - Platters

From The Bottom Of My Heart - Clovers

That's Right - Five Keys

Why Did You Have To Go And Leave Me - Marvin Rainwater

Honky Tonk Rock - Betty Johnson

The Green Door - Jim Lowe

The Green Door - Frankie Vaughan

Rock With The Caveman - Tommy Steele

Teach You To Rock - Tony Crombie & His Rockets

The Cat Came Back - Sonny James

Delores Diane - Lonnie Coleman & Jesse Robertson

Out Of This World With Flying Saucers - Dave Barry & Sara Berner

False Alarm - Tabby Calvin & The Rounders

The Legend Of Wyatt Earp - Bill Hayes

The Legend Of Wyatt Earp - Ralph Young

High Steel - Lonnie Sattin

Give Me A Sign - Brook Benton

Solitude - Billy Eckstine

Long Range Love - Mack Sisters

You're Mine - Dream Weavers

So Tired - Hilltoppers

Dear Mary - Slim Whitman

I'd Like To Say A Few Words About Texas - Guy Mitchell

Tonight You Belong To Me - Patience And Prudence

Endless - McGuire Sisters

Lay Down Your Arms - Chordettes

Lay Down Your Arms - Russ Morgan Orchestra

Lay Down Your Arms - Terry-Thomas

Lay Down Your Arms - Three Kaye Sisters

Ninety Eight Cents - Mills Brothers

That's Right - Mills Brothers

Dreamer - Four Aces

Just Walking In The Rain - Judy Kileen

Voices - Fontane Sisters (narration by Pat Boone)

A Heart Without A Sweetheart - Gale Storm

Lullaby Of Birdland - Mel Torme

All Of You - Mel Torme

All Of You - Don Cornell

Two Different Worlds - Dick Kallman

Two Different Worlds - Steve Clayton

St Therese Of The Roses - Malcolm Vaughan

When The Lilacs Bloom Again - Billy Vaughn Orchestra

If You Don't Love Me - Yana

Yankee Doodle Boogie - Liberace

When Liberace Winked At Me - Libby Morris

Important events:

Britain's current obsession with rock'n'roll has led to a spate of new

bands performing in that style. Among those now attracting attention are

Dave Shand & His Rockin' Rhythm, Bobby Breen & His Rockin' Rock'n'Rollers,

and Art Baxter & His Rocking Sinners. Journalist Benny Green was

dispatched to witness a show by Baxter, with whom he formerly shared the

spotlight in Ronnie Scott's jazz band. 'After years of tawdry revues,

music hall has stumbled on a crock of gold,' he writes. 'A small crock

admittedly, for in a year or two rock'nroll will be as passe as Clara Bow.

To ask a grown-up musician to discuss such music is like asking an epicure

to compose a sonnet about bread and water. The new musical rash is so

devoid of aesthetic content that there is nothing left to say except that

it is a silly noise, and leave it at that.' However, Green was moved to

admit that he was in a distinct minority: 'If audience reaction is the

criterion, then Baxter is one of variety's all time greats!'

Interviewed on Radio WNEW in New York, psychologist Dr Ben Walstein

expressed the view that 'there is nothing particularly harmful about

rock'n'roll'. He went on to explain that 'in every generation, adolescents

find a style of music that expresses some of the yearning, the

frustrations, and the frantic searching quality that young people have -

and I don't see why we should try to ban it or interfere with their

enjoyment of it.'

The cinematic launching pad for the current rock'n'roll craze, 'Rock Around

the Clock' with Bill Haley and His Comets has been causing movie theatre

mayhem world-wide, with a line-up of musical cameos that also includes The

Platters, and Freddie Bell and the Bell Boys. In relation to its cost -

450,000 dollars - 'Rock Around The Clock' is certain to become one of

Columbia's biggest money-makers. The studio are so happy with the outcome

that producer Sam Katzman has already begun lining up talent for a

follow-up probably titled 'Don't Knock The Rock'. On a budget of 600,000

dollars, the film will be shot in fourteen days and rushed into general


Elvis Presley has made recording history. When he appeared on Ed

Sullivan's television show, he introduced the title song from his

forthcoming film, 'Love Me Tender'. At the time, this composition had not

been recorded, but from every part of America, RCA were besieged with

fantastic orders which reached the phenomenal figure of one million!

Accordingly, for the first time ever, an artist has attained a Golden

Record before the disc is on sale.

October 4: Johnny Cash is jailed for one night for possession of pills.

American fans can buy a glow-in-the-dark picture of Elvis, whose image

lasts for two hours after the lights have been turned off!

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Frank Sinatra Named Entertainer of the Era

As an All-round Entertainer, Liberace is Fabulous

Lita Roza's First LP Goes Down Well in the States

Carmen McRae - The Singer Tipped for Stardom.

Mario Lanza is Still at the Top.

London - the Label that Put British Artists on the American Map.

Billy Daniels Casts his 'Black Magic' Spell.

It's Time Patti Page had a Big Hit Here.

Art Baxter has Them Dancing in the Aisles.

Elvis Presley's First LP is 'a Treasure'.

Joe Daniels has Been a Record Name for 21 Years - and He's Still


Throat Operation Threatens Al Martino's Career.

Dickie Valentine is More Than Just a Singer These Days.

Meet our New Record Reviewer - Keith Fordyce

Talent, Good Taste in Dickie Valentine's Excellent Act.

Johnnie Ray's Return Here Next Month Sends His Fans Wild!

Other events:

October 2: Bolshoi Ballet dance at Covent Garden

October 15: Duke of Edinburgh leaves for world tour

October 16: Prime Minister Anthony Eden leaves with Foreign Secretary for

meeting in Paris

October 17: Opening by the Queen of Calder Hall: the world's first nuclear

power station intended for commercial use

October 19-21: Polish United Workers Party adopted a liberalisation of

policy; Gomulka elected as Secretary of the Party

October 23: Insurrection breaks out in Budapest - and spreads throughout


October 27: Russian T-34 tanks and 'loyal' Hungarian troops fight in the

streets of Budapest to crush the great uprising

October 28: President Dwight D. Eisenhower calls upon Israel to "not

endanger the peace."

October 29: Israel invades Egypt: controls the Sinai Peninsula after 5

days' fighting

October 30: Both Britain and France issue 12-hour ultimatums to Israel and

Egypt to cease fighting; and veto a US motion in the UN Security Council

for Israel to withdraw her forces to behind an armistice line

October 31: Anglo-French offensive is launched against Egyptian military


October 24: In the week beginning Sunday, December 9, about 1,600

gramophone records will be played to B.B.C. Light Programme listeners by an

assortment of 'Disc Jockeys' More than fifteen hours will be devoted to

them against the seven hours of a normal week. Giving details of 'The

Record Week Of 1956'. Mr R. Pelletier, controller, Light Programme,

defended Disc Jockeys. Records, he said, were not 'just slapped on'.

Programmes ranging from advanced jazz, including 'rock'n'roll', Caruso,

Elizabeth Schumann and Lotte Lehmann will be presented by such

personalities as Eamonn Andrews, Sam Costa and that pioneer of the

broadcast turntable, Christopher Stone. There are no new names. During

the week, a number of jockeys will also talk to their public.

October 3: A capacity crowd stood up and booed for five minutes at

Harringey Arena last night after Ezzard Charles, former world heavyweight

champion, had been disqualified for holding in the second round of his

fight with Dick Richardson of Newport.

October 1957

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Diana - Paul Anka

2. Love Letters In The Sand - Pat Boone

3. Last Train To San Fernando - Johnny Duncan

4. Wanderin ' Eyes - Charlie Gracie

5. Island In The Sun - Harry Belafonte

6. Tammy - Debbie Reynolds

7. Water, Water/Handful Of Songs - Tommy Steele

8. With All My Heart - Petula Clark

9. All Shook Up - Elvis Presley

10. That'll Be The Day - Crickets

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. That'll Be The Day - Crickets

2. Tammy - Debbie Reynolds

3. Diana - Paul Anka

4. Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers

5. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Jerry Lee Lewis

6. Teddy Bear/Loving You - Elvis Presley

7. Mr Lee - Bobbettes

8. Rainbow - Russ Hamilton

9. In The Middle Of An Island/I Am - Tony Bennett

10. Remember You're Mine/There's A Goldmine In The Sky - Pat Boone

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Mr Lee - Bobbettes

Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers

Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley

Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Brothers

US Country chart toppers this month:

My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You - Ray Price

Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Brothers

Some UK single 45 releases:

Party/Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do - Elvis Presley

Wake Up Little Susie/Maybe Tomorrow - Everly Brothers

Wake Up Little Susie - King Brothers

Reet Petite - Jackie Wilson

Hula Love - Buddy Knox

Be-Bop Baby/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? - Ricky Nelson

Miss You/The Dipsy Doodle - Bill Haley & His Comets

To The Aisle - Five Satins

To The Aisle - Peter Elliott

Over Somebody Else's Shoulder - Jimmy Breedlove

That Train Has Gone - Chuck Willis

Ain't That Love - Brenda Lee

The Twelfth Of Never - Johnny Mathis

Sunburned Lips - Jerry Diamond

Please Don't Blame Me - Marty Robbins

The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine - Jimmy Donley

My Special Angel - Bobby Helms

Let Me Be Loved - Tommy Sands

Two Words - Mitchell Torok

Plaything - Nick Todd

Johnny Klingeringding - Lincoln Chase

Easy Goin' Heart - Al Morgan

Love Conquered (Love Came, Love Saw) - Sonny James

Deep Blue Sea - Jimmy Dean

Deep Blue Sea - Jimmy Young

Make Me Live Again - Ferlin Husky

Honeycomb - Marty Wilde

A Russian Love Song - The Goons

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Laurie London

Ding Dong Rockabilly Wedding - Lorrae Desmond

Hey You! - Tommy Steele

Zip Zip - John Barry Seven

Don't Burn Me Up - Ray Ellington

Like A Baby - Chordettes

You Tattletale - Patience And Prudence

All Grown Up - Debbie Reynolds

Almost Eighteen - Robert Wagner

Stardust - Nat King Cole

All Of My Life - Billy Eckstine

Call Rosie On The Phone - Guy Mitchell

Lips Of Wine - Andy Williams

I Love You Baby - Paul Anka

I Sit In My Window - Crew Cuts

Alone - Southlanders

Melodie d'Amour - Ames Brothers

Half Of My Heart - Four Aces

Fool Around - Fontaine Sisters

Shake Me I Rattle - Lennon Sisters

Shake Me I Rattle - Dave King

Got-ta Have Something In The Bank, Frank - Bob Jaxon

Got-ta Have Something In The Bank, Frank - Frankie Vaughan with The Kaye


Near You - Marlene Dietrich

A Gnu - Michael Flanders & Donald Swann

Closing Time - Alfi And Harry

Important events:

Within the short space of six weeks, Jerry Lee Lewis, a fair-haired,

blue-eyed youngster from Ferriday, Louisiana, has developed into the latest

rock sensation in the States - largely on the strength of one record. Now

booming out of loudspeakers in America and Britain, 'Whole Lotta Shakin'

Goin' On' is acknowledged to be one of the hottest rock'n'roll records ever

heard on the airwaves. Not only a wild vocalist, Jerry Lee plays piano too

- using the instrument in much the same thumping, pounding way that Presley

uses his guitar. And, speaking of Presley, Jerry Lee was discovered by the

same man, Sam Phillips, owner of the Memphis-based Sun label. As if Jerry

Lee isn't enough, Phillips is also expecting big things for 21-year old

Texan singer-guitarist Roy Orbison, whose first two Sun singles have just

been issued in the UK on the EP, 'Hillbilly Rock'.

The BBC has banned Jimmie Rodgers' US chart-topper, 'Honeycomb', because of

references to God - but Marty Wilde's modified cover version has been


Looks like Pat Boone is one young performer who won't he playing Las Vegas:

he refuses to sing anywhere hard liquor is sold.

Next craze may be for Rock-a-Hula! First US chart entry in this idiom is

'Hula Love' by Buddy Knox.

Alan Freed may be doing well with his new film, 'Mr Rock'n'Roll', but his

ABC-TV show has been axed because, it has been suggested, no sponsor was

willing to take a chance on a programme featuring so many black artists.

Meanwhile, Patti Page's new CBS-TV series, 'The Big Record', has been

panned by the New York Times critic, who felt that the show 'helps to

illustrate how sterile so much of today's popular recorded music really


In the annual NME readers poll, Pat Boone has been voted The World's

Outstanding Popular Singer and Favourite US Male Singer - beating Elvis

Presley and Frank Sinatra to second and third positions in both categories.

Doris Day was top American Female Singer, while Dickie Valentine and Alma

Cogan headed the British Singer sections. Tommy Steele was elected the

year's British Musical Personality and Lonnie Donegan outdistanced all

competition in the Skiffle Group list.

The new Elvis film, 'Jailhouse Rock', has had its world premiere at Loew's

State Cinema in Memphis - where the singer once worked as an usher.

Wasting no time, Presley is about to start work on another movie.

Paramount's Hal Wallis will produce him in an adaptation of the Harold

Robbins novel, 'A Stone For Danny Fisher' the vigorous tale of an ambitious

boy from the slums. In between times, he managed to squeeze in a five-date

tour of the American North-West, netting 200,000 dollars. One reason for

this non-stop activity is that Elvis is expected to be drafted into the

military very soon.

October14: Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" is released in the U.S.

Ocober 16: Sam Cooke's biggest hit, "You Send Me," is released in the U.S.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Two Famous American Singers are Saying Their Fond Farewells to Britain This

Week. Mel Torme, Charlie Gracie

Elvis Presley Writes a Personal and Intimate Message to You

Pat Boone Wants to be Independent of Show Business

'Miss Show Business' Herself Comes Back To Britain - And How Welcome She

Is! Judy Garland

Russ Hamilton. It Was One Big Whirl!

Paul Anka. There Is A Diana - Diana Ayoub

Extra Four-Page Supplement To Celebrate Tommy Steele's Golden Year

Jim (Be My Girl) Dale is the Fans' Boy

After Jerry Lewis, Now Comes Jerry Lee Lewis

Billy Eckstine Admits - I'm as At Home in Britain as in the States

Focus on Newcomers to Discland. Larry Page, Laurie London, Marty Wilde,

Terry Wayne, Colin Hicks

Frankie Vaughan Tells Why I like Boys' Clubs.

Look and Listen for Diahann Carroll


Other events:

October 4: First Russian satellite "Sputnik" is launched. It weighs 180lb

(82kg) and is 23 inches (58cm) in diameter

October 4: Police and students clash on the streets of Warsaw around the

headquarters of the ruling United Workers (Communist) Party.

October 5: 'Bridge Over The River Kwai' has its premiere in London

October 10: Visitors to the US who intend staying less than a year are not

now required to be fingerprinted

October 11: Manchester University's radio telescope at Jodrell Bank (the

largest in the world) begins operation

October 13: Both piles at the Windscale Atomic explosives factory near

Sellafield, on the Cumberland coast, have been closed because it was

discovered that some of the uranium cartridges in Pile no. 1 had become red

hot and were oxidising. This reactor may not be working again for several


October 14: The Canadian Parliament is opened by the Queen in Ottawa.

October 14: New road-rail bridge over the Yangtze River is opened for


October 24: In Italy, the death is announced of Christian Dior, the French

fashion designer.

October 31: Princess Margaret paid an unexpected visit to the House of

Lords today. She heard the peers give general approval to the Government's

proposals for the creation of life peers and for the admission of women to

the Upper House.

October 1958

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Stupid Cupid/ Carolina Moon - Connie Francis

2. When - Kalin Twins

3. Volare - Dean Martin

4. Bird Dog - Everly Brothers

5. Return To Me - Dean Martin

6. Mad Passionate Love - Bernard Bresslaw

7. Poor Little Fool - Ricky Nelson

8. Splish Splash/Hello My Darlings - Charlie Drake

9. Endless Sleep - Marty Wilde

10. Fever - Peggy Lee

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards

2. Volare - Domenico Modugno

3. Bird Dog/Devoted To You - Everly Brothers

4. Rockin' Robin/Over And Over - Bobby Day

5. Little Star - Elegants

6. Patricia - Perez Prado

7. Tears On My Pillow - Little Anthony & The Imperials

8. Susie Darlin' - Robin Luke

9. Tea For Two Cha-Cha - Tommy Dorsey

10. Just A Dream - Jimmy Clanton

US R&B chart toppers this month:

It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards

Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day

Topsy II - Cozy Cole

US Country chart toppers this month:

Bird Dog - Everly Brothers

City Lights - Ray Price

Some UK single 45 releases:

King Creole/Dixieland Rock - Elvis Presley

Carol - Chuck Berry

Git It - Gene Vincent

I Got A Feeling/Someday - Ricky Nelson

Queen Of The Hop - Bobby Darin

Queen Of The Hop - Don Lang

Young School Girl - Fats Domino

It's Only Make Believe - Conway Twitty

Ramrod - Duane Eddy

Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day

Rockin' Robin - Eddie Silver

The Ways Of A Woman In Love - Johnny Cash

Rockin' The Joint - Esquerita

Real Wild Child - Ivan

Crazy Country Hop - Johnny Otis

The Shadow Knows - Coasters

I Wish - Platters

Chantilly Lace - Big Bopper

Better Believe It - Kingsmen

Ten Commandments Of Love - Harvey & The Moonglows

I Can't Go On (Rosalie) - Dion & The Belmonts

Chapel Bells - Fascinators

The Secret - Gainors

One Summer Night - Danleers

Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes - Bobby Freeman

Itchy Twitchy Feeling - Bobby Hendricks

Itchy Twitchy Feeling - Deep River Boys

Itchy Twitchy Feeling - Charlie Drake

La-Do-Dada - Dale Hawkins

Nothin' Shakin' - Eddie Fontaine

To Know Him Is To Love Him - Teddy Bears

I'll Get By - Connie Francis

Sunglasses - The Shades featuring The Knott Sisters

In The Good Old Summertime - Clovers

It's Only Make Believe - Jimmy Starr

Good Good - Rondells

Chariot Rock - Champs

Margaret - Royal Holidays

Bunky - Rebs

The Green Mosquito - Tune Rockers

Enchildas! - Chiefs

I Hate Myself - Faron Young

The History Song - Tex Ritter

When Will I Know - George Hamilton IV

Hi Yo Silver - Bob Carroll

Gathering Flowers - Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys

Legend Of Wyatt Earp - Hugh O'Brian

Summertime Blues - Vipers

Rock-Cha-Cha - Tony Crombie Men

Come On, Let's Go - Tommy Steele

Five Days, Five Days - Vince Eager

Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me - Shirley Bassey

My Big Best Shoes - Bertice Reading

Hoopa Hoola - Betty Johnson

With This Ring - Jerry Wallace

Hot Cha-Cha - Johnny Desmond

Just Young - Paul Anka

The End - Earl Grant

The End - Glen Mason

The Hula Hoop Song - Teresa Brewer

The Hula Hoop Song - Georgia Gibbs

There Goes My Heart - Joni James

Fibbin' - Patti Page

The Guy In The Foreign Sports Car - King Sisters

A Foggy Day - Dakota Staton

Man I'm Gonna Be - Trojans

More Than Ever (Come Prima) - Malcolm Vaughan

More Than Ever (Come Prima) - Eve Boswell

More Than Ever (Come Prima) - Ted Heath Music

More Than Ever (Come Prima) - Tony Dalli

More Than Ever (Come Prima) - Jackie Dennis

Non Dimenticar - Nat King Cole

Promise Me, Love - Andy Williams

Am I Wasting My Time On You? - Frankie Vaughan

Are You Really Mine? - Craig Douglas

There's Never Been A Night - Mudlarks

Little Brass Band - David Seville

Important events:

Much to the surprise of his record company, Cliff Richard has reached the

UK Top 20 . . . with the flip side of his debut disc! Entitled 'Move It',

the song was written by Ian 'Sammy' Samwell, lead guitarist with Cliff's

backing group, The Drifters - and it was apparently recorded only as an

afterthought. Boosted by appearances on 'Oh Boy!', Cliff has not only

rocketed up the chart, but also to the top of the 'Favourite New Singer'

section of this year's NME readers' poll. A factory clerk until a few

weeks ago, he must truly understand the term 'overnight star'! Born in

Lucknow, India, on October 14 1940, Cliff moved to England with his family

and, like so many teenagers, became fascinated by rock'n'roll and skiffle.

A promising athlete at Cheshunt Secondary Modern, he spent his evenings

playing football or strumming a guitar - and the guitar won. Soon he had

his own group and was performing in London's 2-ls coffee bar and Shepherds

Bush Gaumont, where he was spotted by an agent, who alerted Norrie Paramor

at Columbia Records. The rest is history. This month, Cliff celebrates

his eighteenth birthday by joining The Kalin Twins, The Vipers and The Most

Brothers on a tour of Britain.

His Memphis sweetheart Anita Wood saw Elvis off when he departed for

Germany; as he left, he was carrying a book - 'Poems that Touch the Heart'.

Making a surprise appearance on Perry Como's TV show was kilted Edinburgh

teenager Jackie Dennis, who scaled the NME chart with 'La-Dee-Dah'; said

Como: 'You're a kind of Scottish Ricky Nelson.'

Pop impressario Larry Parnes has signed an unknown singer from Liverpool -

Billy Fury.

Elvis Presley has won three categories in this year's NME readers' poll:

'World's Outstanding Popular Singe'r, 'World's Outstanding Musical

Personality' and 'Favourite US Male Singer'. Chart-topping Connie Francis

was voted Favourite US Female Singer, and The Everly Brothers are the

World's Outstanding Vocal Group. Winners in the British section were

Frankie Vaughan, Alma Cogan, and The Mudlarks - with Cliff Richard beating

Marty Wilde and Laurie London in the Newcomers list.

Released way back in May, Jack Scott's recording of 'My True Love' has

finally found its way into the NME chart. In the meantime, it has managed

to sell a million copies in the States which must be very gratifying to

Scott, who also composed both sides of this, his debut disc for the Carlton

label. A resident of Detroit, Michigan, he was actually born in Windsor,

Canada, some 22 years ago and graduated to rock-slanted material after

making the rounds of local country and western haunts, leading The Southern

Drifters. While 'My True Love' is a dramatic ballad, the B-side is a

fast-moving rockabilly item called 'Leroy' - about a buddy who spends a lot

of time in jail.

October 2: Pte. Elvis Presley, 23, who has arrived in Germany to complete

the last sixteen months of his two years' military service, was today

incorporated into the Third Armoured Division for general duties in a tank

company. He was asked: 'Are you afraid that people will forget you while

you are in the Army?". He replied: 'It makes you wonder, but, if people

forget me, I can't complain. I had it once.'

October 21 - in New York, Buddy Holly records "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"

at what turns out to be his last studio recording session.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Connie Francis is fourth songstress to score double top; she joins the

ranks of Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney, and Kay Starr.

Elvis seems caged in on his latest disc

Presley project to record in Britain

Welcome back the singer who has conquered the world's television

viewers.Perry Como

Cliff Richard has 'a terrific personality'; Richard's rise to fame, his

personality, and his guitar playing.

Another Italian song gets the multi-cover treatment; "Come Prima,"

Cliff Richard gets major film offer; "Serious Charge."

NME Poll concert stars every winner, plus vocal runners-up; 7th annual poll

concert to include Frankie Vaughan, Marty Wilde, Lonnie Donegan, Ted Heath.

Elvis Presley may be granted Army leave to receive his award in person.

Tommy Steele plans to film next year; Steele to film on location in Spain

and Italy.

Fling for youth at Royal Show; Presley and Boone to star at 'Youth gets a

chance' show, attended by the Queen.

Frankie Vaughan deserves to win the poll; Dickie Valentine concedes that

Vaughan deserved the honour.

Plans for Andy Williams, Hugh O'Brian to visit; London Palladium concert


'Oh Boy!' series extended: and captures Tommy Steele; series to continue

until next March.

Alma Broadcast 25 times in 14 days; Alma Cogan returns from South Africa

after intense touring and performing.

Life was pretty tough on the Everly Brothers; their parents, job hunting,

and composing songs.

Tommy Steele's second year; Steele is subject of "This Is Your Life."

Cliff Richard variety hour brought forward; because of rise to fame,

Richard's show will premiere in November rather than January.

Dorsey cha-cha style captivates; Dorsey's style is retrospect to Goodman

and Glen Miller style of yesteryear.

Eartha Kitt will prove cynics wrong; Kitt called one of the most

distinctive, exotic entertainers.

Other events:

October 1: India begins the change from Imperial measure to the metric


October 2: The Republic of Guinea is proclaimed in the former French

Guinea, after a French referendum voted overwhelmingly in favour of


October 3: The death is announced of Dr Marie Stopes, aged 78, who aroused

a storm of protest in 1918 and succeeding years by her books on birth


October 4: Peter Collins, who has died aged 27, after a motor race

accident, was regarded as second to Stirling Moss as a Grand Prix driver.

Before the race at Nurburgring in which he was killed, he was lying third

in the world championships.

October 4: Ballymoss, with the conditions all against him, stormed home in

the Longchamp mud to win the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe clearly on merit


October 8: Martial law is proclaimed in Pakistan

October 9: The death of Eugenio Pacelli (Pope Pius XII (1876-1958) is

announced. The wartime Catholic pontiff reigned 1939-1958.

October 11: The merger is announced of two London weeklies: "Illustrated"

and "John Bull."

October 11: The launch occurred today of the US rocket "Pioneer." Its

mission to the moon was, alas, unsuccessful

October 14: In the first half of this year, Britain earned a surplus of

£334 million in its current transactions with the rest of the world. This

is a record figure, which compares with a surplus of £118 million in the

first half of 1957.

October 15: Henry Cooper, the Bellingham heavyweight we all once thought

was on the way out, is this morning within reach of a world title fight

with Floyd Patterson. At Wembley last night Cooper fought his best and

bravest fight to outpoint Zora Folley of New Orleans, rated the No. 2

contender, over 10 rounds.

October 17: Eight Israeli Border Police were today sentenced to prison

terms ranging from 17 years to seven years for their part in killing 43

Arabs near the village of Kafr Kassem on October 29, 1956. They were found

guilty of murder last Sunday.

October 20: Stirling Moss today won the Morocco Grand Prix in a British

Vanwall at a record speed of 116.2 m.p.h. His close rival for many years,

Mike Hawthorn, finished second in a Ferrari, but won the 1958 Championship

by one point from Moss. Hawthorn is the first British driver to win the

title since it was instituted in 1950. Fangio, the previous champion,

retired this year.

October 21: For the first time in its 1,000-year history, a woman's foot

trod the floor of the House of Lords during a sitting today. Two new life

Peeresses were introduced - Lady Swanborough, better known as Stella,

Marchioness of Reading and Lady Wootton of Abinger, who, as Miss Barbara

Wootton, is widely known as a television personality

October 28: The State Opening of Parliament (and the Queen's speech) are

televised for the first time

October 28: The Cardinal Archbishop of Venice, Giuseppe Roncalli (b. 1881),

is elected the 263rd Pontiff: and takes the name John XXIII. He is not,

however, the first Pope to take this name and ordinal number.

October 30: The Swedish Academy announced yesterday that it had received a

telegram from the Russian author Boris Pasternak refusing the Nobel Prize

for literature awarded him last week. He gave as his reason the manner in

which the award had been interpreted 'in the society to which I belong'.

October 31: A conference between Britain, the US, and the USSR is held in

Geneva to discuss the suspension of nuclear testing.

October 1959

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Only Sixteen- Craig Douglas

2. Here Comes Summer - Jerry Keller

3. Living Doll - Cliff Richard

4. 'Til I Kissed You - Everly Brothers

5. China Tea - Russ Conway

6. Forty Miles Of Bad Road - Duane Eddy

7. Mona Lisa - Conway Twitty

8. Lonely Boy - Paul Anka

9. Just A Little Too Much - Ricky Nelson

10. Three Bells - Browns

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Sleep Walk - Santo & Johnny

2. Mack The Knife - Bobby Darin

3. The Three Bells - The Browns

4. 'Til I Kissed You - Everly Brothers

5. I'm Gonna Get Married - Lloyd Price

6. Sea Of Love - Phil Phillips & The Twilights

7. Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Paul Anka

8. Red River Rock - Johnny & The Hurricanes

9. Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson

10. Broken-Hearted Melody - Sarah Vaughan

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Poison Ivy - Coasters

Sea Of Love - Phil Phillips with The Twilights

You Better Know It - Jackie Wilson

US Country chart toppers this month:

The Three Bells - Browns

Some UK single 45 releases:

You Tell Me - Johnny Cash 

Shout Part1/Part 2 - Isley Brothers

Say Man - Bo Diddley

Save It - Mel Robbins

There Comes A Time - Jack Scott

Tall Cool One - Wailers

Woo-Hoo - Rock-A-Teens

Much Too Much - Hollywood Flames

Run, Boy, Run - Sanford Clark

I Like You (Like This) - Rusty & Doug

One More Chance - Rod Bernard

Honey Baby - Wes Bryan

Don't Tell Me Your Troubles - Don Gibson

You're Learning - Louvin Brothers

I'm Movin' In - Wes Voight

You Better Know It - Jackie Wilson

My Blue Heaven - Platters

Travellin' Light/Dynamite - Cliff Richard

Always - Sammy Turner

Hey, Little Girl - Dee Clark

Love Is A One Time Affair - Bobby Day

Poco-Loco - Gene & Eunice

Wonderful Girl - Five Satins

The Angels Listened In - Crests

Ring A Rockin' - Neil Sedaka

Joey's Song - Bill Haley & His Comets

Mr Blue - Fleetwoods

Mr Blue - Mike Preston

Mr Blue - Rikki Price

That's Right - Bell Notes

Ronnie Is My Lover - Delicates

Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson

Love Walked In - Flamingos

It Happened Today - Skyliners

Okefenokee - Freddy Cannon

If You Don't Want My Lovin' - Carl Dobkins Jr

That's The Way I Am - Tommy Sands

You Were Mine - Fireflies

Mama's Little Baby - Kenny Loran

Red Mud - Sonny James

Love Me Now - Jules Farmer

Bonsoir Dame - Bud & Travis

Little June - Tommy Collins

Slow Motion - Wade Flemons

I Guess I'm Getting Over You - Hank Thompson

I Fell Out Of Love With Love - Simon Crum (Ferlin Husky)

Hippy Hippy Shake - Little Tony & His Brothers

What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? - Emile Ford

The Rough And The Smooth - Dean Webb

Red River Rock - Gene Redd & The Globetrotters

The Best Of Everything - Johnny Mathis

Misty - Johnny Mathis

So Many Ways - Brook Benton

49 State Rock - Nikki Papas

The Slow Look - Lady Jane & Verity

I'll Be Seeing You - Poni-Tails

Kabalo - Atmospheres

Un Jarro - Addrisi Brothers

Growin' Prettier - Johnny October

Amore Mio - Tony Lovello

Hush-A-Bye - Dene Four

Don't Tell Me your Troubles - Wally Whyton

I'll Stay Single - Jerry Lordan

Waltz Me Around - Julie Rayne

Little Cutie - Sally Kelly

Lonely Street - Chris Martin

San Miguel - Kingston Trio

The Three Bells - Les Compagnons De La Chanson

Deck Of Cards - Wink Martindale

Lonely Street - Andy Williams

Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat - Paul Evans & The Curls

Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat - Avons

Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat - Gary Mills

Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Paul Anka

Just Ask Your Heart - Frankie Avalon

A Fool's Hall Of Fame - Pat Boone

Tucumcari - Jimmie Rodgers

Come On And Get Me - Fabian

Wish It Were Me - Craig Douglas

Red River Valley - McGuire Sisters

The Enchanted Sea - Martin Denny

Are You Sorry? - Joni James

Unforgettable - Dinah Washington

Love Is A Gamble - Eartha Kitt

La Shabla - Henri Rene Orchestra

La Shabla - Danny Roma

Little Donkey - Gracie Fields

Little Donkey - Beverley Sisters

Pinky And Perky's Party Sing-Song Medley - Pinky & Perky

Important events:

Since wreaking havoc with 'Rebel Rouser' last year, 'twangy guitar' king

Duane Eddy has rarely been out of the NME Top 30. 'Cannonball', 'Peter

Gunn', 'Yep', and now 'Forty Miles Of Bad Road' have all contributed to his

high placing in this year's Readers' Poll - runner up to Elvis Presley as

The World's Outstanding Musical Personality. He owes it all to the Gretsch

guitar he purchased two years ago. 'I had no idea how I was going to make

the payments on it,' says Duane. 'But I needn't have worried! It turned

out to be real lucky. I've recorded nine hit singles with it, three hit

EPs, and two hit albums - so believe me, I really love that guitar!'

With winter approaching, the optimistic Jerry Keller has rocketed to the

very summit of the charts with 'Here Comes Summer' Also the author of the

song, the 20-year-old from Oklahoma will soon be visiting Britain for

television appearances. After singing with a local quartet and working as

a disc jockey in Tulsa, Jerry drew out his savings and caught a bus to New

York, where he made the rounds of record companies. No one was interested,

and he was forced to make ends meet by working as a clerk. It was through

another member of his church, the Church of Christ, that Jerry made his

first valuable connection. None other than Pat Boone gave him a list of

contacts and soon he found himself on the roster of Kapp Records - cutting

'Here Comes Summer', a song he'd written 18 months earlier ... and now he's

in great demand.

'Teen Beat' is a US smash for Sandy Nelson, the Los Angeles drummer who

played on The Teddy Bears' hit, 'To Know Him Is To Love Him'.

Elvis Presley, Connie Francis and The Everly Brothers swept to victory in

the World sections of this year's NME Readers' Poll - just as they did in

1958. However, there were changes in the British categories. Cliff

Richard was voted top Male Singer, Shirley Bassey was top Female Singer,

and Russ Conway was top Instrumental Personality. Craig Douglas headed the

New Singer list, closely followed by Anthony Newley and Billy Fury.

Three Leiber & Stoller compositions grace the American chart: 'Poison Ivy'

by The Coasters, 'Dance With Me' by The Drifters, and 'Love Potion Number

Nine' by The Clovers.

Billy Fury's sexy stage antics have been drawing much press criticism.

'As I'm tone-deaf, I didn't think he'd like it much but I sang for him. It

sounded like a jackass. You could have bowled me over when he said I had

possibilities.' Fabian, on his audition for Bob Marcucci

Other events:

October 7: Mario Lanza dies in Rome, aged 38

October 8: The Conservative Party wins the British General Election; with a

majority of 100 seats

October 8: The skull of what is claimed to be the earliest known type of

man, who lived between 600,000 and a million years ago, was shown to a

scientific audience for the first time in London last evening.

October 10: Today marked the breaking of one of the longest droughts in

British history

October 16: Errol Flynn dies in Vancouver, aged 50

October 24: The new International Airport at Rongotai, Wellington (New

Zealand) is opened today

October 27: The Russians last night issued the first pictures of the far

side of the moon, which is never seen from the earth. They were taken from

Lunik III, the rocket which circled the moon, developed automatically

aboard the rocket and transmitted by radio to the earth 300,000 miles away.

They show that the far side of the moon has fewer landmarks than the

visible side. But it contains a large 'sea' about 185 miles in diameter,

which the Russians have named the Sea of Moscow.

October 29: After having been destroyed by fire in 1951, it has been

decided that the Abbey Theatre in Dublin be rebuilt

October 1960

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Tell Laura I Love her - Ricky Valance

2. Nine Times Out Of Ten - Cliff Richard

3. Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison

4. How About That - Adam Faith

5. Apache - Shadows

6. The Girl Of My Best Friend/A Mess Of Blues - Elvis Presley

7. So Sad/Lucille - Everly Brothers

8. Because They're Young - Duane Eddy

9. Walk Don't Run - Ventures

10. Please Help Me I'm Falling - Hank Locklin

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own - Connie Francis

2. Chain Gang - Sam Cooke

3. Mr Custer - Larry Verne

4. The Twist - Chubby Checker

5. A Million To One - Jimmy Charles

6. Save The Last Dance For Me - Drifters

7. It's Now Or Never - Elvis Presley

8. Walk Don't Run - Ventures

9. So Sad - Everly Brothers

10. Theme From 'The Apartment' - Ferrante & Teicher

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Kiddio - Brook Benton

Save The Last Dance For Me - Drifters

US Country chart toppers this month:

Alabam - Cowboy Copas

Some UK single 45 releases:

It's Now Or Never/Make Me Know It - Elvis Presley

John Henry/Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes - Jerry Lee Lewis

Learning The Game/That Makes It Tough - Buddy Holly

Three Nights A Week - Fats Domino

Let The Good Times Roll - Shirley & Lee

Shoppin' For Clothes - Coasters

Blue Angel - Roy Orbison

Save The Last Dance For Me - Drifters

Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles

Somebody To Love - Bobby Darin

Cheat On Me, Baby - Rockin' Saints

Charming Billy - Johnny Preston

Sleep - Little Willie John

Don't Be Cruel - Bill Black's Combo

I Want To Be Wanted - Brenda Lee

Restless - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

Don't You Just Know It - Fendermen

Loading Coal - Johnny Cash

Bouncy - Sandy Nelson Combo

Just Call Me - Lloyd Price

Back To School - Ritchie Adams

A Million To One - Jimmy Charles

Beachcomber - Bobby Darin

Is It Me - Tracy Pendarvis

What A Dream - Conway Twitty

Mio Amore - Flamingos

Diamonds And Pearls - Paradons

Humdinger - Freddy Cannon

Shortnin' Bread - Paul Chaplain & His Emeralds

Do I Worry (Yes I Do) - Jesse Lee Turner

Wings Of A Dove - Ferlin Husky

North To Alaska - Johnny Horton

Ballad Of The Alamo - Marty Robbins

Ballad Of The Alamo - Bud & Travis

Ballad Of The Alamo - Bob Cort

Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache) - Buck Owens

Drifting Texas Sand - Webb Pierce

I'm Gonna Find You - Stonewall Jackson

I'm A Lover Not A Fighter - Dwayne Hickman

My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own - Connie Francis

Young In Love - Easy Riders

Pretty Little Dancin' Doll - Dick Caruso

My Love For You - Johnny Mathis

Lipstick On Your Lips - Benny Atkins

Boogie Woogie - Danny Welton

The Big Triangle - Galaxies

Sunday Date - Flee-Rekkers

Choir Girl - Russ Hamilton

Four Little Heels - Brian Hyland

Four Little Heels - Avons

The Girl On The Floor Above - John Leyton

Unkind - Jimmy Crawford

How Many Times - Ronnie Mitchell

In The Heart Of A Fool - Johnnie Ray

Waitin' For Fall - Tab Hunter

Summer's Gone - Paul Anka

Blue Heartaches - Tommy Edwards

Togetherness - Frankie Avalon

Teardrops Are Falling - Al Kasha

I'll Save The Last Dance For You - Damita Jo

Only Once - Janice Harper

Be My Love - Joanie Sommers

Lord And Master - Jane Morgan

One Of The Lucky Ones - Anita Bryant

One Thousand Nine Hundred And When - Robb Storme

Hoolee Jump - Jim Gunner

Happy-Go-Lucky Blues - Tommy Steele

The Maigret Theme - Ron Grainer

Goodness Gracious Me - Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren

The Boy With Eyes Of Blue - Carol Jones

Sorry Robbie - Bert Weedon

M1 - Ted Taylor Four

Where's The Girl (I Never Met) - Craig Douglas

Kickin' Up The Leaves - Mark Wynter

After My Laughter Came Tears - Johnny Gentle

Mr Custer - Charlie Drake

Mr Custer - Ted Lune

Important events:

With thousands of votes cast, the NME Annual Reader's Poll shows that Elvis

Presley's hold on fans' hearts has not diminished nor has age dimmed Frank

Sinatra's appeal! On the distaff side, Connie Francis continues to reign

supreme, although given a good run by Brenda Lee and Shirley Bassey. The

results in full:

World Section

Male Section

1 Elvis Presley; 2 Cliff Richard; 3 Frank Sinatra

Female Singer

1 Connie Francis; 2 Brenda Lee; 3 Shirley Bassey

Vocal Group

1 The Everly Brothers

Musical Personality

1 Duane Eddy

British Section

Male Singer

1 Cliff Richard; 2 Adam Faith; 3 Anthony Newley

Female Singer

1 Shirley Bassey; 2 Alma Cogan; 3 Petula Clark

Vocal Group

1 The King Brothers

Vocal Personality

1 Lonnie Donegan

Large Band/Orchestra

1 Ted Heath

Small Group

1 The Shadows

New Disc or TV Singer

1 Emile Ford

Instrumental Personality

1 Russ Conway


1 David Jacobs

British Disc of the Year

1 The Shadows -'Apache'

Artist For Poll Concert

1 Adam Faith

Africa is the first stop for the US State Department's newly-inaugurated

Jazz Ambassador - Louis Armstrong.

Dion & The Belmonts have split.

With Frank Sinatra as best man, Sammy Davis Jr. defied racist death threats

and has married Swedish blonde actress, Mai Britt.

Youth exploitation flick, 'Beat Girl', starring Adam Faith and featuring a

John Barry soundtrack, has opened in London.

Connie Francis, Cliff Richard and Lonnie Donegan have spoken candidly about

fan-power. Connie Francis: 'I estimate that I receive 7,000 fan letters

every week from all over the world. I have three offices dealing with them.

Of these, I get to read about 250. I always make certain I see any special

letters, or correspondence from servicemen.' Cliff Richard: 'I must

confess that I don't enjoy being mobbed, and it's rather a pity the fans

don't realise that it's to their disadvantage. You see, if they weren't so

fanatical, it would then be possible to stand among them and sign

autographs.' Lonnie Donegan: 'I don't like the idea of being looked up to

as an idol - I'd much rather that my supporters were genuinely interested

in the music!'

Words of wisdom from Sam Cooke: 'Show business seems to be inhabited by

two types of people those who merely "show" and those who combine "show"

with "business". During the past three years, I have devoted as much time

as I could to the practical business side of the "show" end. Unemployment

offices are full of "one-shot" artists - performers who suddenly got "hot"

with one recording, then completely faded from the scene. Why? Possibly

because they had no real talent, and because they did not understand show

business is a business.'

October 11: Aretha Franklin makes her New York debut as a pop singer,

appearing at the Village Vanguard in Greenwich Village.

October 15: Loretta Lynn makes her debut at the Grand Ole Opry in

Nashville. She is warmly received and invited to return.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Are the Public Tired of Singers?; instrumental recordings, Johnny and the

Hurricanes, Duane Eddy, The Ventures

No Home Should Be Without this Album By Cliff. Cliff Richard, "Me And My


Anonymous Piltdown Men Sound Familiar. Piltdown Men, "Macdonald's Cave"

Johnny Burnette Loves Riverboats. Johnny Burnette, "Dreamin'"

Sinatra - Always a Hit-Maker! Frank Sinatra, "Nice 'n' Easy"

It'll Be a Gala Birthday! Bing Crosby, Mel Tormé, Gala Records

British Disc Stars Who Have won world fame. Anne Shelton, Ted Heath, Laurie

London, Vera Lynn, Lonnie Donegan, David Whitfield

Five Singles in the Charts This Year. Johnny and the Hurricanes,


Brook Benton has nine hits in a row in America - but not here. Brook

Benton, "Kiddio"

Mantovani Boosts Anglo-American Understanding. Mantovani, United Nations,

British/American relations

In Memory of Mario Lanza. Mario Lanza, anniversary of death

The Viscounts bake some 'Shortnin' Bread'

Vera Lynn sings only for TV and discs today

Keeps Moving all the time he's on stage. Jimmy Jones, stage performance

Bing's First Session in Britain. Bing Crosby, "C'est Si Bon"

Lonnie Donegan, Australian tour

They all need Lionel Bart now. Lionel Bart, Shirley Bassey, Georgia Brown,

"As Long As He Needs Me"

Bernie wants to 'Twist' you; Bernie Lowe, Chubby Checker, "The Twist"

Connie Emerges as an all-rounder. Connie Francis, film, music, stage


Frankie Avalon makes the grade in films. Frankie Avalon, "Guns of the


Annette Talks about her Hollywood dates: Fabian, Duane Eddy, Bobby Rydell,

Frankie Avalon, Dion, Ricky Nelson, Paul Anka

Johnny Ray cuts his first disc for new label. Johnny Ray, "Let's Forget It


Tough Going for Carmen; Carmen McRae, British audiences

Their Names Live On. Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, biographical

Cliff Richard - Highest Briton Ever in World Class. Cliff Richard, NME

Popularity poll, international fame

Connie Francis tells you about her first film. Connie Francis, "Where The

Boys Are", autobiographical

'It's Great To Be Young' reveals many secrets. Cliff Richard, book review,


And now the unassuming Mr. Mathis strikes back. Johnny Mathis, "My Love For


Other events:

October 1: The Federation of Nigeria joins the British Commonwealth and

becomes an independent state.

October 5: The British Labour Party votes down its official defence policy

at the Party Conference.

October 12: Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev removes one of his shoes and

pounds it on his desk during a speech before the United Nations.

October 14: The trials of members of Turkey's former leader Menderes'

government begin (after an army coup on May 25)

October 21: HMS "Dreadnought", the Royal Navy's first nuclear submarine, is

launched by the Queen today at Barrow-in-Furness

October 1961

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Michael - Highwaymen

2. Wild In The Country/Feel So Bad - Elvis Presley

3. Walkin' Back To Happiness - Helen Shapiro

4. Kon Tiki - Shadows

5. Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton

6. Jealousy - Billy Fury

7. You'll Answer To Me - Cleo Laine

8. Wild Wind - John Leyton

9. Sucu Sucu - Laurie Johnson

10. You Don't Know - Helen Shapiro

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee

2. The Mountain's High - Dick & Deedee

3. Cryin' - Roy Orbison

4. Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles

5. Little Sister - Elvis Presley

6. Michael - Highwaymen

7. Mexico - Bob Moore

8. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby - Bobby Darin

9. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour? - Lonnie Donegan

10 . Bristol Stomp - Dovells

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles

US Country chart toppers this month:

Walk On By - Leroy Van Dyke

Some UK single 45 releases:

His Latest Flame/Little Sister - Elvis Presley

As Long As I Live - Jerry Lee Lewis

Runaround Sue - Dion

Runaround Sue - Doug Sheldon

Muskrat - Everly Brothers

Foot Stomping - Flares

Bristol Stomp - Dovells

Everlovin' - Rick Nelson

This Time - Troy Shondell

Boo Hoo - Marvin Rainwater

Boo Hoo - Lloyd Price

Under The Moon Of Love - Curtis Lee

Ready For Your Love - Shep & The Limelites

Caravan - Duane Eddy

Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles

Movin' - Bill Black's Combo

One Track Mind - Bobby Lewis

Back To The Hop - Danny & The Juniors

Fool No. 1 - Brenda Lee

Right Or Wrong - Wanda Jackson

I Wonder Who - Ray Charles

(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons - Cleftones

Heartaches - Marcels

Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

September In The Rain - Dinah Washington

Private Eye - Bob Luman

Let The Sunshine In - Teddy Randazzo

The Savage - Shadows

When I Get Paid - Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers

Farmer John - Carl & The Commanders

Bush Fire - Cannons

Hop-Scotch - Santo & Johnny

Laugh - Velvets

I Love How You Love Me - Paris Sisters

I Love How You Love Me - Jimmy Crawford

I Understand - G-Clefs

The Way You Look Tonight - Lettermen

Every Breath I Take - Gene Pitney

Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee

The Astronaut - Jose Jimenez

The Bridge Of Love - Joe Dowell

Guilty Of Loving You - Jerry Fuller

Dream - Etta James

Back Street - Thelma Carpenter

The Hunch - Jags

Valley Of The Sioux - Outlaws

I'm A Moody Guy - Shane Fenton & The Fentones

When The Girl In Your Arms - Cliff Richard

The Time Has Come - Adam Faith

Mexicali Rose - Karl Denver

Midnight In Moscow - Kenny Ball

I Never Had A Chance - Ricky Valance

Every Breath I Take - Jess Conrad

Mommy Out De Light - Chas McDevitt & Shirley Douglas

Topaz - Staccatos

Moon River - Henry Mancini Orchestra

Moon River - Danny Williams

Moon River - Fuller Brothers

Moon River - Carmen Cavallaro

You're Only Young Once - Fabian

Tammy, Tell Me True - Sandra Dee

Brigitte Bardot - Joel Gray Orchestra

Hey! Look Me Over - Peggy Lee

Let True Love Begin - Nat King Cole

I Do, I Do, I Do - McGuire Sisters

'The Pursuers' TV Theme - Malcom Lockyer Orchestra

Wooden Heart - Elaine & Derek

Let's Get Together - Hayley Mills

Important events:

Back in the charts with the rocked-up oldie 'You Must Have Been A Beautiful

Baby', Bobby Darin gives his personal opinion of the current music scene.

'Nowadays, it's extremely difficult for a fan to stay loyal to any one

artist for more than a couple of months. I blame the record companies for

much of the trouble. The problem is that they try so hard to interest

teenagers in new sounds all the time, that many good artists don't have an

opportunity to develop their own style,' he says forcefully. 'Immediately

after I had a hit with "Mack The Knife", people started to say that I never

liked rock'n'roll at all, and that I only sang it to make money. That's

not true. I like any sort of music as long as it's good - rock included.

'Of course I wanted the money - well it isn't only a case of wanting - I

needed the money. But that isn't the only reason I sang rock. Three years

ago, I was glad to play club dates for $200 a week, and I could only get

work for six or seven weeks a year. That's when I wrote "Splish Splash" -

that one song put me on the musical map. And, there was also another rock

number, "Queen Of The Hop". A year later, "Dream Lover" became a big hit.

Without those records to pave the way, I'm certain that "Mack The Knife"

would never have been the hit it was,' he adds.

Impresario Larry Parnes's latest value-for-money package show, 'Star

Spangled Nights', commenced 26 twice-nightly British theatre dates at the

Essoldo, Cannock on October 17. The bill featured such crowd-pullers as

Billy Fury, Eden Kane, Joe Brown, Tommy Bruce, The Allisons, The Viscounts,

The Karl Denver Trio, Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers, and Terry Hale. The cast

also included a most promising newcomer who, in the best Parnes tradition

of renaming his discoveries, is transformed from Clive Powell into Georgie


Booker Little Jr, one of the most promising trumpet stars on the US scene

has died, of uraemia, aged 22.

Top Liverpool groups The Beatles and Gerry & The Pacemakers merged to

become 'The Beat Makers' for a one-off performance at the Litherland Town

Hall on 19 October. The line-up comprised: Gerry Marsden (vocal/lead

guitar), George Harrison (lead guitar), Paul McCartney (rhythm guitar),

John Lennon (vocal/ piano), Les Chadwick (bass guitar), Les Maguire

(saxophone), Pete Best and Freddy Marsden (drums) plus vocalist Kari Terry

from The Cruisers.

Big Joe Williams and new prodigy Bob Dylan have appeared as guests on

legendary blues artist Victoria Spivey's new album.

Former UK dance band vocalist Dick James has launched his self-named music

publishing house.

John Barry has visited Hollywood to discuss possibilities of composing for


October 2: Record producer Phil Spector releases the first single on his

own label, Philles. "There's No Other (Like My Baby)" is the debut single

of the Crystals.

October 21: Bob Dylan records his first album - the self-titled "Bob Dylan"

- in one day. The production cost: $400.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Connie Francis wants Cliff or Adam for Film

Shadows' Shock as Tony Meehan leaves suddenly

Pop, Jazz, or opera - Cleo sings the Lot. Cleo Laine

Controversial Holly tribute takes Mike Berry into Charts

Michael Carr's Convert to Rock. Songwriting, style

Have films hurt Avalon's recording career? Frankie Avalon, career, film,


Arrogant? Yes I am! Admits Bobby Darin. Bobby Darin, success, media

Founder Freshman Killed. Don Barbour, Four Freshman

Adam Faith tours the TV companies. Adam Faith, career, tour

Cliff Richard 21 Today. Cliff Richard, fans. Cliff's Birthday Message to


Tony Meehan. Why I left the Shadows.

My Operation Saved Me From A Long Illness. Eden Kane

John Leyton's First Album.. John Leyton, new LP

Strike holds Up Presley Disc. Elvis single, factory strike

After Fury Collapse Leyton to Rescue. John Leyton, concert

Dave Brubeck Brings Modern Jazz to Hit Parade

Other events:

October 1: South Cameroons gained independence as part of Cameroun

October 3: Anthony Armstrong-Jones is today created Earl of Snowdon.

October 4: The Annual Conference of the British Labour Party voted against

Polaris missile bases and German troops in Britain

October 10: The volcano on the Portuguese island of Tristan da Cunha (in

the South Atlantic) erupted today: the entire population was evacuated to


October 21: Despite world-wide outrage, the US put 350 million copper

needles into space to reflect radio signals. Unfortunately, they didn't

disperse into orbit

October 23: The former Zulu chief, Albert Luthuli, is awarded the 1960

Nobel Peace Prize. That for 1961 was posthumously awarded to the late UN

Secretary General, the Swede Dag Hammarskjoeld (who died in an African

plane crash on 18 September).

October 30: The USSR test a 60 megaton nuclear bomb despite world-wide


October 31: Bristish Honduras devastated by a hurricane.

October 31: The body of Stalin is removed from the Lenin Mausoleum in

Moscow's Red Square.

October 31: The Australian Governor-General commissions Australia's new

radio telescope at Parkes, New South Wales.

October 1962

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Telstar - Tornadoes

2. She's Not You - Elvis Presley

3. It'll Be Me - Cliff Richard

4. Sheila - Tommy Roe

5. The Loco-Motion - Little Eva

6. It Might As Well Rain Until September - Carole King

7. Sealed With A Kiss - Brian Hyland

8. I Remember You - Frank Ifield

9. You Don't Know Me - Ray Charles

10. Don't That Beat All - Adam Faith

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Sherry - Four Seasons

2. Monster Mash - Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt Kickers

3. Ramblin' Rose - Nat King Cole

4. Let's Dance - Chris Montez

5. Green Onions - Booker T & The MG's

6. Patches - Dickey Lee

7. Venus In Blue Jeans - Jimmy Clanton

8. I Remember You - Frank Ifield

9. Alley Cat - Bent Fabric

10. You Beat Me To The Punch - Mary Wells

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Sherry - Four Seasons

Do You Love Me - Contours

US Country chart toppers this month:

Devil Woman - Marty Robbins

Mama Sang A Song - Bill Anderson

Some UK single 45 releases:

Workin' For The Man/Leah - Roy Orbison

No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile - Everly Brothers

You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover - Bo Diddley

Do You Love Me? - Contours

Did You Ever See A Dream Walking - Fats Domino

Nothing Can Change This Love - Sam Cooke

Dance With The Guitar Man - Duane Eddy

Let's Go (Pony) - Routers

He's A Rebel - Crystals

You Beat Me To The Punch - Mary Wells

Shout And Shimmy - James Brown & The Famous Flames

Beechwood 4-5789 - Marvelettes

The Swiss Maid - Del Shannon

Heartaches - Patsy Cline

You Belong To Me - Duprees

You Can't Lie To A Liar - Ketty Lester

Minnesota Fats - Johnny & The Hurricanes

And Then There Were Drums - Sandy Nelson

I'll Bring It On Home To You - Carla Thomas

Kilimanjaro - Del Vikings

Patches - Dickey Lee

Pretty Suzy Sunshine - Larry Finnegan

Peepin' 'n' Hidin' - The Count Victors featuring Danny Harrison

Popeye The Hitch Hiker - Chubby Checker

What Kind Of Love Is This - Joey Dee & The Starliters

Maybe Tomorrow (But Not Today) - Danny Peppermint

If I Didn't Have A Dime - Gene Pitney

It Only Took A Minute - Joe Brown

Love Me Do - Beatles

Lonely Johnny - John Leyton

You're Telling Me - Shane Fenton & The Fentones

Ever Since You Said Goodbye - Marty Wilde

My Love And Devotion - Matt Monro

Lovesick Blues - Frank Ifield

Parade Of Broken Hearts - Jimmy Justice

Buttons And Bows - Tommy Bruce

Sioux Serenade - Outlaws

Can-Can '62 - Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers

Feel So Blue - Bobby Shafto

Like I Do - Maureen Evans

Twistin' John - Earl Guest

Young And Evil - Brian Howard & The Silhouettes

This Song Is Just For You - Houston Wells & The Marksmen

Big Big Love - Carol Connors

Casanova Brown - Young Sisters

Reap What You Sow - Billy Stewart

Don't Go Near The Indians - Rex Allen

Sweet Enough - Louis Cordet

Lover - Johnny De Little

Ol' Man River - Johnny Nash

Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love) - Brian Hyland

Love Me Tender - Richard Chamberlain

Big Love - Joe Henderson

Five Hundred Miles - Kingston Trio

Love Me With All Your Heart - Ames Brothers

Ashes Of Roses - Deep River Boys

Mr Lonely - Buddy Greco

Mr Lonely - Gary Miller

Scarlet Ribbons - Harry Belafonte

Lollipops And Roses - Paul Petersen

The Things We Did Last Summer - Shelley Fabares

Passing Strangers - Joanie Sommers

South Of The Border - Bert Weedon

Keep Away From Other Girls - Helen Shapiro

Oh Lonesome Me - Craig Douglas

The Shake - Temperance Seven

Give Us A Kiss For Christmas - Pinky & Perky

Important events:

Motivated by the brisk import trade in American soul singles, Oriole

Records has acquired the UK release rights to Detroit's Tamla-Motown label,

and has celebrated the deal by releasing The Contours' 'Do You Love Me',

Mary Wells' 'You Beat Me To The Punch' and The Marvelettes' 'Beechwood


It's reported that prior to The James Brown Revue commencing yet another

headlining season at New York's world-famous Apollo Theatre, Harlem, Syd

Nathan (the head of King Records) argued vigorously against Brown's wish to

record his complete act. 'You mean,' said Nathan, 'you want to record your

stage show Iive? - you can't keep on recording the same songs over and over

... nobody's going to buy that!' When Brown explained that his hits sounded

infinitely better when performed against a gale-force blast of his

screaming fans, Nathan thought the idea quite crazy and made no commercial

sense. Nathan's final word on the subject was that, if Brown was so

obsessed with the project, he should fund it entirely from out of his own

pocket. King Records, insisted Nathan, wouldn't contribute a cent! The

bottom line for recording is $5,700, so JB laid his money down and recorded

all four of the shows he gave on Wednesday, October 24. It's a time of

historical importance for 'the hardest working man in show business'.

Unsatisfied with the Apollo's financial arrangements, JB has set a

precedent by insisting that he will cancel his shows unless he's allowed to

rent the venue for the duration of his season. In this way, once all the

overhead costs have been covered, JB will earn something nearer his true

box-office worth.

Don Everly flew out of London en route for the States on October 15,

leaving younger brother Phil with the daunting task of completing a

bill-topping Everly Brothers UK tour, solo. The circumstances behind this

bizarre situation took place two days earlier, on Sunday, October 13.

During a rehearsal at London's Prince of Wales Theatre, brother Don broke

down completely during 'Crying In The Rain' and was immediately rushed to

the nearby Charing Cross Hospital before being taken on to the Middlesex

Hospital for treatment not unconnected with medicine he has been taking.

Asked Elvis Presley's going rate for inaugurating the lavish New York

Americana Hotel, Colonel Tom Parker replied: 'The first ten floors'

Parlophone are said to have selected two Lennon & McCartney originals,

'Love Me Do' and 'P.S. I love You' as the debut single from The Beatles.

Bobby 'Boris' Pickett's 'Monster Mash' has been banned by BBC radio and TV

for being 'offensive'.

Cliff Richard, The Shadows and Frank lfield were the token pop acts on

Royal Command Variety Performance.

October 4: Bob Dylan plays a showcase concert at New York's Carnegie Hall,

attracting an audience of 53 people.

October 5: The Beatles' "Love Me Do" is released. The first radio station

to play it - that night - is Radio Luxembourg.

October 11: The Beatles debut on the British music charts with "Love Me


October 12: The Beatles are among the opening acts for Little Richard at

Liverpool's New Brighton Tower.

October 23: 12-year-old Stevie Wonder records "Thank You For Loving Me All

The Way," his first record for Motown.

New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Tommy Roe waxed Sheila before! Roe learns from Buddy Holly.

Revealed: Another Holly Goldmine. Buddy's mother writes to NME about 34

recordings waiting release.

Tornadoes plan a slap-up do! Christmas time celebration.

Gearge Shearing is very happy about Nat Cole's hit. 'Ramblin' Rose' hit

charts last week.

'Swiss maid' should do right by Del Shannon

Tornadoes, Jaywalkers share top honours. Concert at Guilford Odeon.

The Ray Charles 'Genius' bit is overrated. Just how deserving is he.

Everlys glad they are wanted here!

Terrific Shirley. Shirley Bassey at Talk of the Town.

Brenda Lee had non-stop school holiday. Club date, TV date, gambling

casinos, South American tour

Little Richard is amazing! "Thank Your Lucky Stars" TV program, "He Got

What He Wanted"

Joe Brown joins elite. Two albums in NME charts, "Tender Look", "Comes the


Can 'Lonely' be another 'Stranger' for Mr. Bilk? Film version, award, "The

Wonderful World Of Brothers Grimm"

Mark Wynter wants to act. "Venus In Blue Jeans", films

Royal welcome awaits Pat Boone. Third visit to London this year.

Marty Robbins is a true country music producer. Country's pop owed to Marty


Yellow, Red, Black is new label. New independent American label in Britain

- Cameo Parkway.

Other events:

October 3: US astronaut completes a mission including six orbits of the


October 9: The East African nation of Uganda becomes independent.

October 11: The twenty-first Ecumenical Council convened by the catholic

Church, Vatican II (the first Vatican Council being from 1869-1870: and was

stopped in mid-flight by the Franco-Prussian War) opens in St. Peter's

Square. The Council had been announced by Pope John XXIII in January 1959,

and would conclude in December 1965.

October 17: London's Hyde Park Corner has its underpass opened.

October 17: The Dounreay nuclear reactor begins generating electricity for

the national grid.

October 22: President Kennedy announces that Soviet missiles have been

deployed in Cuba and orders a blockade of the island.

October 24: The US begins a naval blockade of Cuba

October 28: Krushchev agrees to the dismantling of missile bases in Cuba.

October 28: Charles de Gaulle wins a referendum on his suggestion for the

direct election of the French President


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