'Shivers down the backbone....'

(This list was compiled a few years back - any corrections email rw.humphreys@googlemail.com)

50's Nostalgia Paul Mason's Great British Nostalgia site - rocknroll and chips
Ace Cafe Motorcycles and Rock'n'Roll!
Jack Baymore & The Bandits Modern Rockabilly artist in the classic style
A&R Booksearch Massive source of music books
Bear Family Records Home of the definitive (and most expensive) box sets
Mike Berry Official website of this British artist
Billboard Incls. an 'Artist Finder' search 
Bim-Bam Records Rocking Instros Catalogue
Blue Suede Rock'n'Roll Club Visitors to Perth, W. Australia are welcome to ring 9245 2416 to find out where the Rock'n'Roll/rockabilly/lindy hop/swing is on in Perth.
Bop Street Radio  Rockin' Radio by Vincent listmaster Bob Hume
Bobbie Britton Singer with Ted Heath's Band
Joe Brown This site takes yer back a bit
Black Cat Rockabilly Excellent Dutch Rockabilly site
CD Prices You can compare prices on-line at this site
Johnny Burnette
Johnny Burnette
Freddy Cannon
Charlie Gracie Fabulous site
The Coasters
Patsy Cline
Eddie Cochran The Eddie Cochran Connection site
Eddie Cochran Chippenham history site
Eddie Cochran Jim Boot's site
Eddie Cochran Article on what is considered Eddie's
very last on stage appearance in the United States
Alma Cogan The girl with a laugh in her voice
Jessi Colter Mrs Eddy and Mrs Jennings!
Peter Cook Appreciation Society All pix courtesy the Walker
steam-driven scanner
Bobby Darin
Bobby Darin
Deke Dickerson
Bo Diddley The Originator - the most detailed and accurate source of information about  BO DIDDLEY on the web
Fats Domino The Fat man
Doowop/Vocal Group Harmony Features a separate page for the
knee-trembling Savannah Churchill, including a sound check of the wonderful "Fat Meat Is Good Meat").
Doowop Society of Southern California  DooWop Society of Southern California
Vince Eager One of the greats of British rock'n'roll
Duane Eddy The Duane Eddy Circle site
Duane Eddy Australian fan's tribute site
Duane Eddy Hall of Fame site
Dave Edmunds Phil & Shaun's site
Chris Evans French Rock'n'roll/sixties music singer.
Doublewide Hayride Show As recommended on Hillbilly list
Dave Edmunds Welsh Rocker's site
Everly Brothers All about Kentucky's Don & Phil
Everly Brothers
Fender Guitars Mainstay of the rock'n'roll guitarist
Frankie Ford  "Ooh-Wee, Baby. . . Ooh-Wee!
 Won't You Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise!!!"
Lefty Frizell Fine tribute site - audio files - both interviews and music.
Bobby Fuller I Fought The Law - and the law won 
Billy Fury A Wondrous place
Gig Guide (UK) Excellent source of info for UK gigs
Goggle Search Engine Best search engine for music related sites
Nat Gonella Lots of 20's, 30's and 40's stuff here too
Jim Grant Duane Eddy discographer and New Kommotion editor
Gretsch Guitars One of the great Rockabilly guitars
Groovetone Americana alt.country, roots rock music.
Hall of Congress - Online Library
Jimmy Harrell He recorded at 706 Union Ave - enough said!
Jet Harris From Tony Crombie and Vipers to Shadows
Dale Hawkins A Discography site by Tapio
Heel Grinder Great collection of fifties links
Hemsby Weekenders Hi di Hi Campers!
Buddy Holly International Home page of the fanzine with some great links like Rollercoaster Records 
Buddy Holly Browse the Globe Gazzette archives
Buddy Holly More on Buddy
Buddy Holly  Discography site
Buddy Holly CDs
Buddy Holly Recordings
Buddy Holly Japanese site
Buddy Holly Looking for that Vigotone boxset, ask here
Buddy Holly Nice page dedicated to our hero, with links to others
Buddy Holly Australian site with many more links
Buddy Holly New site from Bill Griggs
Buddy Holly Clear Lake webcam site
Buddy Holly Site for
Maria's legal attournies 'official' Buddy Holly site
Buddy Holly Lubbock Legends site
Buddy Holly The Globe Gazette in Mason City has a Buddy feature 
Wanda Jackson The Official Site
Wanda Jackson "The Rock and Roll Eruption" !, an
interesting review of the rockabilly period of Wanda:
Waylon Jennings Just a good ol' boy....
Dale Hawkins Dale Hawkins discography page
Johnny & Hurricanes One of the great Instrumental groups 
Jukebox Phil's mate's page
Johnny Kidd Lots of info on Johnny and the band
Buddy Knox Gone but not forgotten
Label Art Anyone interested in record label graphics wiil find a real treat for the eye at Rick A. Jorgensen's LABEL-ART site.  The pages illustrate hundreds of 78 era labels of every variety.
Jerry Lee Lewis Official Killer site
Jerry Lee Lewis Fantastic German based site
Linda Gail Lewis Jerry's little sister
Lyrics - Rockabilly Includes gems like 'Abigail Beecher' and 'A-V8 Boogie'
Lyrics More lyrics than you can shake a Fender at....
Lyrics This site contains the song lyrics for the Billboard Top 100 from 1961 to
John Mars Rockabilly music alive and well in Toronto
Joe Meek Joe Meek Appreciation Society and Thunderbolt - the Joe Meek fanzine
Memphis Rockabilly
Chris Montez Just a little bit about Chris
Ken Nelson Ken Nelson (with great pictures , like Ken with
Buck Owens in Japan)
Willie Nelson's Outlaw TV Glorious colour features guest stars  ranging from old hilbillies to
modern (for that time) country artists.
Nervous Records New and old rock'n'roll/rockabilly
New Kommotion Great 50's r'n'r articles - first copy is free 59 page download
New Musical Express The Archives!
Now Dig This The magazine which delivers 100 percent rock'n'roll
The Michael Ochs Archives Houses perhaps the world's largest collection of music photographs from the 1930's to the present. 
Oldies Radio stations Good listings of what is available
The Rapiers Everyone's favourite Instro band since the 60's
Roy Orbison
Pearman Books Not as big as A&R But cheaper and can order
Red Peters & Her Solid Senders Swinging female plus her group
Norman Petty Buddy's producer
Phil & Shaun's Site Rockabilly Reviews by Welsh correspondents of Rockabilly Hall of Fame
Pipeline The Rock Instrumental Magazine
Prairie Dog Productions Great source of Buddy Holly photos and related info.
Elvis Presley The Train I Ride site
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley This one has a good guitar tab section
Elvis Presley ElvisFind - The world's only Elvis Presley Search engine 
Q Magazine album reviews Worth adding to your 'search sites' if you
can tolerate the odd inane comment re our heroes.
Johnny Ray The missing link 'tween Sinatra and Presley
Reading Rock'n'Roll For Books, Mags and 'zines on all styles of music
Record Collector Great UK published Collectors Mag
Red Hot 'n Rocking On-line zine mainly devoted to British RocknRoll
Refreshments Info about the Edmunds/Refreshments Pile Of Rock live CD and 2000 tour.
Rhino Records Check out their Stan Freburg box set
Marty Robbins
Rockabilly Diary
Rockabilly Kings Rag Dedicated to Grady Martin and Pete Moore
Rockabilly Legends A story of a 1950s/60s rockabilly Legacy, tragedy,
and resurrection.
Rockabilly Hall of Fame The definitive Rockabilly site
Rockhouse Records One of the best on
line sites specialising in rockin' CDs
Rockin' Country Style Discography of country rock & roll & country-derived rock & 
roll, primarily from the years 1951 to 1964.
Rockin' 50;s  Website for the Lubbock based magazine
Rockin' Henri Great Dutch based R'n'R site
Rockin' Woman Some great Real Audio here!
Rocking Good Sites Specalist in music web site design
Rollercoaster Records
Rollin' Rock Reviews Reviews for this rockin'  rockabilly label
Ian Samwell Writer of "Move It"
Santo and Johnny Check out those "Sleepwalk" guys 
Santo and Johnny
Santo and Johnny
Jack Scott
Shakin' Stevens Shaun's site
Shakin' Stevens Fanpages
Shakin' Stevens Fine German site
Del Shannon
Sun Records 706 Union Ave is THE place
Shakin' Fever Great Belgium Rock'n'Roll Fanzine
ShBoom Great Kentucky based r'n'r fanzine
Skiffle Paul Pelletier's site (he writes sleevenotes)
Slim Tim London rockin' DJ
Big Jim Sullivan Early British Rock'n'Roll Guitarist
Vince Taylor Lyrics to Brand New Cadillac
Vince Taylor Lot of crazy pictures by a 
French nice musician "Captain Mercier" 
Tesco Direct Shopping For 10 beers or less!
Tennessee Club Handy from the M25 for one of the best live music venues
Top 40 Shaun's Rocking Top 40
Tornados Tom Hammond's site
Top Singles of the Century Vote for your favourite at Wall of Sound site
TV Memories Potted history of pop and r&r on UK TV in the Shakin' years and
Twangzine On-Line 'Zine
UK Rock Magazine All the news that fits
UK Singles discography
Ritchie Valens La Bamba
Mamie Van Doren Health warning notice:
these pages contain views of Mamie naked
Gene Vincent Discography Derek Henderson's site
Gene Vincent Another site for the Screaming End
Gene Vincent Link  of an interesting interview of Gene Vincent by
Mick Farren from "IT/99" of March 1971 :
Gene Vincent Gene Vincent - Natural Born Bluesman?
Gene Vincent French site from Paul Vidal
Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran Yahoo Club Sign up for the club and read messages on the site
Westside Records
Whispering Bob Harris' search engine Playlist Search -  leads  into the respective programme plays - which
link you to sites for the particular song's complete album title listings/purchase and more importantly, specific artist
Hank Williams Go here before the creeks rise 
Lew Williams His Rockabilly site
Link Wray Lets get ready to RUMBLE..........