'Shivers down the Backbone....'

Rockin' Rollin' Diaries 
November  '55 - '62
The charts in UK and USA, 
the releases and other 
important events

Sippie Wallace - 1 November, 1898 (Houston, TX)
   Died 1 November, 1986, Detroit, MI
Don Robey - 1 November, 1903 (Houston, TX)
   Died 16 June, 1975, Houston, TX
Earl "Speedo" Carroll - 2 November, 1937 (New York City, NY)
Brian Poole - 2 November, 1941 (Barking, Essex, England)
Bruce Welch - 2 November, 1941 (Bognor Regis, Sussex, England)
Ray Edenton - 3 November, 1926 (Mineral, VA)
John Barry - 3 November, 1933 (York, England)
Delbert McClinton - 4 November, 1940 (Lubbock, TX)
Ike Turner - 5 November, 1931 (Clarksdale, MS)
Benny Joy - 5 November, 1935 (Atlanta, GA)
   Died 28 October, 1988, Tampa, FL
Stonewall Jackson - 6 November, 1932 (Tabor City, NC)
P.J. Proby (James Marcus Smith) - 6 November, 1938 (Houston, TX)
Doug Sahm - 6 November, 1941 (San Antonio, TX)
   Died 18 November, 1999, Taos, NM
Dee Clark - 7 November, 1938 (Blythsville, AR)
   Died 7 December, 1990, Smyrna, GA 
Johnny Rivers - 7 November, 1942 (New York City, NY)
Vernon Taylor - 9 November, 1937 (near Sandy Spring, MD)
Tom Fogerty (CCR) - 9 November, 1941 (Berkeley, CA)
   Died 6 September, 1990, Scottsdale, AZ
Onie Wheeler - 10 November, 1921 (Senath, MO)
   Died 26 May, 1984, Nashville, TN
Tommy "Bubba" Facenda - 10 November, 1939 (Norfolk, VA)
Screaming Lord Sutch - 10 November, 1940 (Harrow, Middlesex, England)
   Died 16 June, 1999, London, England 
Annisteen Allen - 11 November, 1920 (Champaign, IL)
   Died 10 August, 1992, Harlem, NYC
LaVern Baker - 11 November, 1929 (Chicago, IL)
   Died 10 March, 1997, Manhattan, NYC
Hank Garland - 11 November, 1930 (Cowpens, SC)
Narvel Felts - 11 November, 1938 (near Keiser, AK)
Bob Crewe - 12 November, 1936 (Normandy Beach, NJ)
Mort Shuman - 12 November, 1938 (New York City, NY)
   Died 2 November, 1991, London, England 
Brian Hyland - 12 November, 1943 (Queens, NYC) 
Booker T. Jones - 12 November, 1944 (Memphis, TN)
Sonny Fisher - 13 November, 1931 (Tyler, TX)
Cornell Gunter (Coasters) - 14 November, 1938 (Los Angeles, CA)
   Died 26 February, 1990, Las Vegas, NV
Clyde McPhatter - 15 November, 1933 (Durham, NC)
   Died 13 June, 1972, Bronx, NYC
Little Willie John - 15 November, 1937 (Cullendale, AK)
   Died 26 May, 1968, Walla Walla, WA
Jesse Stone - 16 November, 1901 (Atchison, KS)
   Died 2 April, 1999, Altamonte Springs, FL
Felton Jarvis - 16 November, 1934 (Atlanta, GA)
   Died 3 January, 1981, Nashville, TN
Jimmy Harrell (Alton & Jimmy) - 16 November, 1936 (near Forest, MS)
Terry Noland - 17 November, 1938 (Lubbock, TX)
Bob Gaudio - 17 November, 1942 (Bronx, NYC)
Hank Ballard - 18 November, 1936 (Detroit, MI)
Jerry Fuller - 19 November, 1938 (Fort Worth, TX)
Esquerita (Eskew Reeder) - 20 November, 1935 (?), Greenville, SC
   Died 23 October, 1986, Harlem, NYC
Buck Ram - 21 November, 1907 (Chicago, IL)
   Died 1 January, 1991, Las Vegas, NV
Big John Greer - 21 November, 1923 (Hot Springs, AK)
   Died 12 May, 1972, Hot Springs, AK
Jean Shepard - 21 November, 1933 (Pauls Valley, OK)
Dr. John (Mac Rebennack) - 21 November, 1940 (New Orleans, LA)
Terry Stafford - 22 November, 1941 (Hollis, OK)
   Died 17 March, 1996, Amarillo, TX
Scott Joplin - 24 November, 1868 (Texarkana, TX)
   Died 1 April, 1917, New York City, NY 
Donald "Duck" Dunn - 24 November, 1941 (Memphis, TN)
Nesuhi Ertegun - 26 November, 1917 (Istanbul, Turkey)
   Died 15 April, 1989, New York City, NY
Tina Turner - 26 November, 1938 (Brownsville, TN)
Werly Fairburn - 27 November, 1924 (Folsom, LA)
   Died 18 January, 1985, Los Angeles, CA
Al Jackson (Booker T & the MG's) - 27 November, 1935 (Memphis, TN)
   Died 1 October 1975, East Memphis, TN
Berry Gordy - 28 November, 1929 (Detroit, MI)
Bruce Channel - 28 November, 1940 (Jacksonville, TX)
Merle Travis - 29 November, 1917 (Rosewood, KY)
   Died 20 October, 1983, Tahlequah, OK 
Brownie McGhee - 30 November, 1915 (Knoxville, TN)
   Died 16 February, 1996, Oakland, CA
Dick Clark - 30 November, 1929 (Mount Vernon, NY)
Bob Moore - 30 November, 1932 (Nashville, TN)
Jimmy Bowen - 30 November, 1937 (Santa Rita, NM)
Frank Ifield - 30 November, 1937 (Coventry, England)

November 1955

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. The Man From Laramie - Jimmy Young

2. Yellow Rose Of Texas - Mitch Miller

3. Blue Star - Cyril Stapleton

4. Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley & His Comets

5. Hernando's Hideaway - Johnston Brothers

6. Hey, There - Rosemary Clooney

7. Rose Marie - Slim Whitman

8. Cool Water - Frankie Laine

9. Hey, There - Johnnie Ray

10. The Breeze And I - Caterina Valente

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Autumn Leaves - Roger Williams

2. Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing - Four Aces

3. Yellow Rose Of Texas - Mitch Miller

4. Moments To Remember - Four Lads

5. Shifting Whispering Sands - Billy Vaughn

6. Black Denim Trousers - Cheers

7. The Bible Tells Me So - Don Cornell

8. Shifting Whispering Sands - Rusty Draper

9. Only You - Platters

10. He - Al Hibbler

US R&B chart toppers this month:

All By Myself - Fats Domino

US Country chart toppers this month:

That Do Make It Nice - Eddy Arnold

Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford

Some UK single releases:

That Lucky Old Sun - LaVern Baker & The Gliders

As Long As I'm Moving - Ruth Brown & Her Rhythmakers

Riding On A Train - Commodores

Rock Island Line/John Henry - Lonnie Donegan

Forty Five Men In A Telephone Booth - Four Tophatters

Searching - Hilltoppers

Do, Do, Do - Johnny Maddox

Dancin' In My Socks - Bonnie Lou

My Boy Flat Top - Dorothy Collins

Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots - Diamonds

Borrowed Sunshine - The Duke & Duchess with Sir Hubert Pimm

Baby, Baby You - Coney Island Kids

Whose Honey Are You? - Nellie Lutcher

At My Front Door - Modernaires

You Thought I Thought - Jim Edward Brown & Maxine Brown

If You Don't Want My Love - Jaye P. Morgan

Hawk-Eye - Frankie Laine

Pass The Word Around - Billy Eckstine

He - Al Hibbler

He - Dick James

The Shifting Whispering Sands - Billy Vaughn Orchestra

Moments To Remember - Four Lads

Suddenly There's A Valley - Mills Brothers

I Love You Fair Dinkum - Danny Kaye

I Love You Fair Dinkum - Mariners

I Love You Fair Dinkum - Sunnysiders

Important Events:

Having hit the top with the theme from the film 'Unchained', British singer

Jimmy Young has again been reclining at No. 1 with the title song from

James Stewart's wild-west epic, 'The Man From Laramie'. It seems that

records boosted by movies just can't fail - as Bill Haley will confirm -

but film stars are now rushing to make discs themselves. Among those to

have done so recently are Jeff Chandler, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Jose

Ferrer, Errol Flynn, Kirk Douglas, Van Johnson, Marlon Brando, Rhonda

Fleming, Diana Dors, Diane Cilento, Brigitte Bardot and Tony Curtis - the

man who came out top in the recent 'Picturegoer' magazine poll.

The American trade magazine 'Billboard' has announced the results of its

annual disc jockey poll. Doris Day and Frank Sinatra were favourite

vocalists, Pat Boone was the most promising newcomer, and The Four Aces won

the vocal group section. The year's most played records were 'Sincerely'

by the McGuire Sisters, 'Rock Around The Clock' by Bill Haley & His Comets,

and 'Learnin' The Blues' by Frank Sinatra. Most played R & B single:

"Pledging My Love" by Johnny Ace; Most Promising R & B Artist: Chuck Berry;

Favourite R & B Artist: Fats Domino; Most Promising Country & Western

Artist: Elvis Presley.

Also announced were the 'Cash Box' poll winners, voted by the nation's juke

box operators. Perry Como and Jaye P. Morgan were their preferred

vocalists, The Four Aces consolidated their success as top vocal group and

Pat Boone was their most promising newcomer too. In the NME readers' poll,

Dickie Valentine, Ruby Murray and The Stargazers won their respective


If growing attendances at the London Skiffle and Blues Club - which opened

at The Roundhouse, Wardour Street in September - are anything to go by,

'skiffle' could well catch on nationally next year. Sharing this belief,

Decca have issued two singles in the style: 'Take This Hammer' by Ken

Colyer and 'Rock Island Line' by Lonnie Donegan. The latter is culled from

a long-player by Chris Barber's jazz band, of which Donegan is a member.

Rising to meet the challenge of Bill Haley and Pat Boone, RCA Victor have

signed former truck driver-come-rock'n'roller Elvis Presley - known around

his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, as 'The Hillbilly Cat'. Though

virtually unknown outside the southern states, 'the girls down there are

tearing off his clothes', according to his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

The transfer fee from his previous label, Sun, is understood to be in the

region of 40,000 dollars. Twenty year old Presley will make enough from

the deal to realise his big ambition - to buy a Cadillac!

The top selling US R&B single is 'Only You' by The Platters, deposing Chuck

Berry's million-selling debut, 'Maybellene'.

Johnnie Ray and Ruby Murray were among those appearing before the Queen and

Prince Philip at the British Royal Command Performance.

An increase in U.K. purchase tax, plus a general rise in costs, has raised

the price of EMI and Decca singles from five shillings to 5s/7d.

November 20: New York DJ Tommy "Dr. Jive" Smalls hosts a fifteen minute

rock'n'roll segment on the "Ed Sullivan Show". It features LaVern Baker,

The Five Keys, Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson, and Bo Diddley. Bo refuses to

play Merle Travis 'Sixteen Tons' claiming he didn't know it. He plays "Bo

Diddley" instead.

November 22: Steve Sholes signs Elvis Presley to RCA Victor for $40 000

($25 000 paid to Sam Phillips of Sun Records; $15 000 to Hi-Lo Music for

Presley's music publishing). Presley received a $5 000 bonus himself: and

RCA also gains all of Presley's five previously released Sun recordings and

an unknown number of unreleased tracks.

November 23: The Cadillacs' record "Speedoo" enters the US charts. The

song's title is taken from the nickname of the group's lead singer, Earl

"Speedoo" Carroll.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

The Meteoric Rise of the Comets

Same Old Stuff - But Max Does it Better; Max Bygraves

Record Copying - Dickie Valentine, Ray Martin, Frank Lee, Johnny Franz,

Alan Freeman

Guy Mitchell writes a farewell article

Anne Shelton on TV in Hit Making Form

The Boone Boom; Pat Boone


Other events:

November 1: In a personal message from Clarence House, Princess Margaret

announced that she had decided not to marry Group Captain Peter Townsend.

'I have reached this decision entirely alone..'

November 5: Vienna State Opera House is re-opened.

November 28: Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is performed by a British troupe in

Russia: the first occasion since the fall of the Romanovs.

November 17: In his jet-powered Bluebird, Mr Donald Campbell today broke

his own world water speed record by achieving an official average of 216.2

m.p.h. on two runs over a measured kilometre on the waters of Lake Mead,


November 1956

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. A Woman In Love - Frankie Laine

2. Hound Dog - Elvis Presley

3. Just Walking In The Rain - Johnnie Ray

4. Lay Down Your Arms - Anne Shelton

5. Rockin' Through The Rye - Bill Haley

6. My Prayer - Platters

7. Giddy Up A Ding-Dong - Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys

8. More - Jimmy Young

9. When Mexico Gave Up The Rhumba - Mitchell Torok

10. Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley

2. Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley

3. Green Door - Jim Lowe

4. Honky Tonk - Bill Doggett

5. Just Walking In The Rain - Johnnie Ray

6. Canadian Sunset - Hugo Winterhalter

7. Tonight You Belong To Me - Patience & Prudence

8. Whatever Will Be Will Be - Doris Day

9. Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino

10. Friendly Persuasion/Chains Of Love - Pat Boone

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino

US Country chart toppers this month:

Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley

Singing The Blues - Marty Robbins

Some UK single 45 releases:

I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/Blue Moon - Elvis Presley

Rip It Up/Ready Teddy - Little Richard

Rip It Up/Teenager's Mother - Bill Haley & His Comets

Rudy's Rock/Blue Comet Blues - Bill Haley & His Comets

Down Yonder We Go Ballin'/Don't Be That Way - Smiley Lewis

Soldier Of Fortune - Drifters

A Casual Look - Six Teens

Cool It Baby - Dick Lory

Crackerjack - Cues

Ape Call - Nervous Norvus

I'll Be True - Faye Adams

I'm A Fool About Your Love - Werly Fairburn & The Delta Boys

Blue Love (In My Heart) - Hank Williams

I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night - Faron Young

First Born - Tennessee Ernie Ford

Thirteen Black Cats - Bonnie Lake & Her Beaux

In The Middle Of The House - Rusty Draper

In The Middle Of The House - Alma Cogan

In The Middle Of The House - Jimmy Parkinson

Beyond The Blue Horizon - Earl Bostic Orchestra

Cindy, Oh Cindy - Eddie Fisher

Cindy, Oh Cindy - Vince Martin with The Tarriers

Cindy, Oh Cindy - Tony Brent

Pick A Bale Of Cotton - Vipers Skiffle Group

Doomsday Rock/Elevator Rock - Tommy Steele

Sweet Sue - Just You - Don Lang

Friendly Persuasion - Pat Boone

My Sailor Boy - Connie Francis

Silver Bells - Fontane Sisters

True Love/Well Did You Evah? - Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly/Frank Sinatra

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - Frank Sinatra

You're Sensational - Frank Sinatra

I Love You Samantha - Ray Anthony

Ev'rybody Falls In Love With Someone - Matt Monro

Dixieland Band - Johnny Maddox

Nightfall - Al Hibbler

Rockin' And Rollin' Thru The Darktown Strutters' Ball - Ivor & Basil

Kirchin Band

Rock'n'Roll No. 1 Medley - Big Ben Accordion Band

Vulgar Boatman Rock - Three Professors

The Legend Of Wyatt Earp - Eamonn Andrews & The Voices Of The Vernons

Important events:

Since his debut in October, 19-year-old South London rock'n'roll specialist

Tommy Steele has been releasing singles at a rate of one every three weeks.

First came 'Rock With The Caveman', then 'Doomsday Rock', and now he's

taking on Guy Mitchell by covering his US top tenner, 'Singing The Blues'.

Steele has taken off like a rocket, making his mark on the television shows

of both Jack Payne and Jack Jackson before embarking on a nation-wide

variety tour. Squeals, whoops, yells and moans of ecstasy greeted his

opening night at the Sunderland Empire. The mere announcement 'and here he

is - Tommy Steele' brought a crescendo of screams from the girls of the

city's shops and factories. Wearing drain-pipe trousers and checked shirt,

the tousle-haired teenager hip-swivelled around the microphone, strumming

his electric guitar to the accompaniment of a rock'n'roll quartet billed as

The Steelmen.

British fans will finally be able to hear one of America's most explosive

young rock'n'rollers, Little Richard - recently described as 'a man with a

hair-do as high as the rest of his body'! His US label, Specialty, has

entered a deal with Decca's London subsidiary to issue his records here -

beginning with 'Rip It Up', which topped the R&B chart this summer.

Previous Richard discs, 'Tutti Frutti' and 'Long Tall Sally', were covered

by Pat Boone, who stole much of the black singer's thunder - and it looks

as if Bill Haley's version of 'Rip It Up' may also outsell the original in

Britain. However, Little Richard's dynamic, exciting act will soon be on

view in two new films, 'Don't Knock The Rock' and 'The Girl Can't Help It'

- and pundits predict that these will be his keys to world stardom.

November 16: 20th Century Fox release Elvis' debut film "Love Me Tender."

At the New York premiere of the film, a 40-ft likeness of Elvis towered

above the Paramount Theatre in Times Square.

After five British acts rushed to cover Jim Lowe's 'Green Door', a similar

stampede is expected for Joe Valino's US chart entry, 'Garden Of Eden'.

The British skiffle boom is gathering momentum; latest acts to sign

recording contracts - The Chas McDevitt Group and The Vipers.

Recorded as an album track, 'My Prayer' proved so popular that The Platters

issued it as a single which is now in the UK Top Ten after selling two

million copies in America. However, the song is no recent concoction:

Britain's Jimmy Kennedy wrote the lyric and adapted the melody from a

Continental hit, 'Avant de Mourir', as long ago as 1939. But even 'My

Prayer' is not the oldest song in the best-sellers. 'Tonight You Belong To

Me', the debut hit by the youthful Patience And Prudence - 11 and 14-years

old respectively - predates it by 13 years.

November 10: The results for the (US) ninth annual nationwide DJ poll:

Favourite record: "Moonglow and Theme from 'Picnic'" - Morris Stoloff -

conducting the Columbia Pictures Orchestra; Most played record: "Rock &

Roll Waltz" - Kay Starr; Favourite Male Vocalist: Frank Sinatra; Most

Played Male Vocalist: Elvis Presley; Favourite LP: "Songs for Swinging

Lovers" (Frank Sinatra); Most Played C & W Artist: Elvis Presley; Most

Promising C & W Artist: George Jones; Favourite R & B Artist: Fats Domino

Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps' third British chart entry "Blue Jean Bop"

has reached #16 on the British charts. Their first disc "Be Bop A Lula"

reached the same chart position in its three brief chart runs (July-October

1956), and their second, "Race with the Devil" got to #28 in its

single-week run.

November 11: The death of the violinist/arranger/conductor/film composer

Victor Young is announced. He had been born in Chicago on 8 August 1900,

and died in Palm Springs, California.

November 17: DJ Alan Freed announces another rock'n'roll film (in which he

will star), following on from "Don't Knock the Rock" and "Rock Around the

Clock." This flick will be entitled "Rock, Rock, Rock" - with a premiere

date of 5 December in New York. The soundtrack features Chuck Berry, the

Flamingos, Johnny Burnette's Rock& Roll Trio, Frankie Lymon and the

Teenagers, LaVern Baker, and other artists.

November 18: Fats Domino appears on the "Ed Sullivan Show" singing his hit

"Blueberry Hill".

November 26: The death of trombonist/bandleader Tommy Dorsey is announced.

It was on the Dorsey Brothers CBS TV show ("Dorsey Brothers Stage Show")

where Elvis first appeared to a national audience. Dorsey was born in

Shenandoah, Pennsylvania on 19 November 1905, and died at home in

Greenwich, Connecticut.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Ruby Murray Plays Ruby Murray in her first Film.

Farewell from Liberace and Brother George

Little Richard with the Big Hair-Do.

18 Months of Record Hits but the Fans Still Ask for 'More' from Jimmy


World Class Ronnie Makes a Hit - Ronnie Carroll

It was Jazz Only, No Rock 'N' Roll at Hamp's Midnight Show.

The 'Green Door' Opens to Success for Jim Lowe, Frankie Vaughan, Glen


All-Night Queues for Presley Film.

The Fans Didn't Scream, but they Loved Johnnie Ray

I am Not Quitting says Michael Holliday.

Other events:

November 2: An immediate cease-fire in Egypt is called for by the United

Nations General Assembly.

November 4: In 1956, Soviet forces entered Budapest to crush the

anti-communist revolt in Hungary.

November 4: The suggestion (from Canada) that a United Nations

international force for the Middle East be formed is adopted.

November 5: Anglo-French airborne forces land at Port Said, Egypt.

November 6: Seaborne troops land at Port Said, Egypt.

November 6: The Republican incumbent, Dwight David Eisenhower, is

re-elected as US President, but with a Democrat-controlled Congress.

November 6: Anglo- French forces cease fire in Egypt at midnight.

November 7: Egypt accepts a cease-fire on conditions laid down by the

United Nations.

November 15: United Nations International (Emergency) Force leaves Naples,

Italy for Egypt.

November 16: The Suez Canal is blockaded by 49 ships.

November 17: The first Hungarian refugees begin arriving in the UK.

November 22: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh opens the Summer Games of the XVIth

Olympiad in Melbourne, Australia.

November 23: Sir Anthony Eden, the British Prime Minister flies to Jamaica

for a rest cure.

November 24: The United Nations (for a third time) call upon Britain,

France and Israel to withdraw their troops from Egypt.

November 30: Chris Brasher wins the Olympic steeplechase to become the

first British athlete to win an individual Olympic running event since



November 1957

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. That'll Be The Day - Crickets

2. Let's Have A Party - Elvis Presley

3. Tammy - Debbie Reynolds

4. Diana - Paul Anka

5. Remember You're Mine - Pat Boone

6. Man On Fire/Wanderin' Eyes - Frankie Vaughan

7. Be My Girl - Jim Dale

8. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Jerry Lee Lewis

9. Love Letters In The Sand - Pat Boone

10. Wanderin ' Eyes - Charlie Gracie

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Jailhouse Rock/Treat Me Nice - Elvis Presley

2. Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Brothers

3. Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers

4. Tammy - Debbie Reynolds

5. Chances Are - Johnny Mathis

6. Be-Bop Baby/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? - Ricky Nelson

7. Diana - Paul Anka

8. Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby - Tune Weavers

9. Keep A Knockin' - Little Richard

10. That'll Be The Day - Crickets

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Brothers

You Send Me - Sam Cooke

US Country chart toppers this month:

Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Brothers

Some UK single 45 releases:

Peggy Sue/Everyday - Buddy Holly

Keep A Knockin' - Little Richard

Wait And See - Fats Domino

Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me/Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Elvis Presley

Shake It Up - Conway Twitty

Home Of The Blues - Johnny Cash

You Send Me - Sam Cooke

You Send Me - Teresa Brewer

Ma (He's Makin' Eyes At Me) - Johnny Otis Show

Cross Over - Jimmy Bowen

Silhouettes - Rays

Silhouettes - Steve Gibson & The Red Caps

Raunchy - Bill Justis

My Girl - Frankie Lymon

Back To School Again - Timmie Rogers

Deep Purple - Billy Ward & The Dominoes

Peanuts - Little Joe & The Thrillers

Peanuts - Southlanders

The Majesty Of Love - Connie Francis & Marvin Rainwater

Get Along Home, Cindy - Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys

Red Planet Rock - Don Lang & His Frantic Five

Your Driver's Licence, Please - Bobby Please

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby - Tune Weavers

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby - Dottie Ferguson

Zip Zip - Diamonds

Plaything - Chuck Miller

Got A Date With An Angel - Billy Williams

Teenage Pedal Pushers - Lee Lamar & His Orchestra

Party Time - Sal Mineo

Vacation's Over - Faron Young

April Love - Pat Boone

I'm Available - Margie Rayburn

No Flowers By Request - Bertice Reading

Never In A Million Years - Tina Robin

Puh-Leeze! Mister Brown - Shirley Bassey

Please Hurry Home - Sue Raney

The Language Of Love - Cindy & Lindy

Little One - Russ Hamilton

Lucky Lucky Bobby - Terry Dene

Skiffle Party Medley - Vipers Skiffle Group

Skiffling Sing Song (Medley) - Dick James

The Sack Dress - Benny Bell & The Blockbusters

I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - Joey Castell

The Prisoner's Song - Dickie Bishop & The Sidekicks

Party Time - Alma Cogan

Pink Sweater Angel - Johnnie Ray

Bring Back The Thrill - Billy Eckstine

Johnny Tremain - Billy Vaughn Orchestra

Temptation - Earl Bostic Orchestra

Cool For Cats - Ted Heath Music

The Greater Sin - Frankie Laine

Mary's Boy Child - Harry Belafonte

Unchain My Heart - Slim Whitman

Chicago/All The Way - Frank Sinatra

Full Moon And Empty Arms - Frank Sinatra

Uninvited Dreams - Peggy Lee

My Special Angel - Malcolm Vaughan

My Special Angel - Robert Earl

Majesty Of Love - Don Fox

Alone - Shepherd Sisters

Alone - Kaye Sisters

The Pansy - Edmundo Ros Orchestra

One For The Road (Medley) - Freddie Mills

Important events:

A fabulous four-piece from Texas, The Crickets, have shot from obscurity to

top position in the charts in record time with their very first release,

'That'll Be The Day'. The boys hail from the town of Lubbock, but got

their big break when they drove across the state border to Clovis, New

Mexico, where producer Norman Petty has a recording studio. He was

impressed enough to record them, there and then, and the resulting tapes

were issued by the New York label, Coral. When 'That'll Be The Day' began

to climb the US charts, The Crickets were invited to appear on Alan Freed's

famous Brooklyn Paramount Show - and they are now on tour with 'The Biggest

Show Of Stars For 1957', alongside Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, The Everly

Brothers and other top acts. Very excited about their phenomenal success

in Britain, the quartet plan to visit these shores early next year.

Though only 21, Little Richard is giving up a spectacular and lucrative

career to devote his life to evangelism. In future he will make only

spiritual records; he is finished with rock'n'roll. The astonishing

decision was made on his return from Australia, where he is said to have

thrown four diamond rings into Sydney harbour to prove his faith to God.

His latest American Top Tenner, 'Keep A Knockin", is released here later

this month - but his eagerly awaited UK tour, scheduled for next February,

is now obviously off. He plans to enrol at a theological college in

Atlanta, Georgia.

After an absence of over a year, Gene Vincent is back in the US Top Twenty

with 'Lotta Lovin".

At the Royal Variety Show, The Queen was entertained not only by Mario

Lanza and Judy Garland, but also Tommy Steele; she clapped along to

'Singing The Blues'

Frank Sinatra's 17-year old daughter, Nancy, has made her singing debut -

on her father's US television show

Tommy Steele's manager, Larry Parnes, has signed up Tommy's younger

brother, Colin Hicks, who takes to the road for the first time this month.

Sharing the bill on the ten week variety tour will be another Parnes

hopeful, Marty Wilde. Britain seems to be experiencing a proliferation of

would-be rock'n'roll stars. Recent weeks have seen the launch of

16-year-old Terry Wayne, Larry Page (billed as 'The Teenage Rage'), former

tumbler-comedian Jim Dale, The Most Brothers, and another 2-I's coffee bar

discovery, Wee Willie Harris. So legendary has the 2-I's now become that

BBC TV took the place over for a live broadcast of Six-Five Special on

November 16 . . . and the man who started it all, Tommy Steele, has now

become the latest wax-attraction at Madame Tussaud's.

November 3: Jerry Lee Lewis's "Great Balls of Fire" and Danny and the

Juniors' "At the Hop" are released in the U.S.A.

November 11: Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue" is released in the U.S.A.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Special Paris Round-Up. Frankie Laine, The Platters, Harry James

Bob Cort Tells You How to Get Skiffling

They've Made it For The Second Time. Paul Anka, The Everly Brothers

I Always Wanted to Be a Comedian, But I'm a Hit Singer Instead. - Jim Dale

Dickie Valentine's Film Debut in '6.5 Special'

Yul Brynner Defends Presley

Rock on Way Out, Says Ella Fitzgerald

Other events:

November 4: Another earth satellite was successfully launched by Russia

yesterday. This second achievement completely eclipses the first, for the

new satellite, weighing half a ton, is just over six times heavier than the

first, which weighed 184lb, and includes an air-conditioned chamber

containing a live dog.

November 6: Moscow Radio last night poured scorn on British dog-lovers who

had protested against the use of the dog Laika in the second earth-orbiting

satellite. The protests would be drowned in the laughter of millions, said

the broadcast. It referred to deputations to the Russian Embassy in London

and the call for a minute's silence.

November 15: Royal presentation parties for debutantes will end after next

year and instead the Queen will hold additional garden parties so that

larger numbers may be invited to Buckingham Palace.

November 27: Mr Walker-Smith, Minister of Health, announced yesterday that

pocket-money for old age pensioners in homes maintained by local

authorities is to be increased from 7s 6d to 10s 0d a week on January 27


November 1958

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Stupid Cupid/ Carolina Moon - Connie Francis

2. King Creole - Elvis Presley

3. Move It - Cliff Richard

4. Bird Dog - Everly Brothers

5. A Certain Smile - Johnny Mathis

6. Come Prima/Volare - Marino Marini

7. Born Too Late - Poni-Tails

8. Volare - Dean Martin

9. It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards

10. More Than Ever - Malcolm Vaughan

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards

2. It's Only Make Believe - Conway Twitty

3. Topsy II - Cozy Cole

4. Tom Dooley - Kingston Trio

5. Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day

6. Chantilly Lace - Big Bopper

7. Tea For Two Cha-Cha - Tommy Dorsey

8. The End - Earl Grant

9. Tears On My Pillow - Little Anthony & The Imperials

10. Bird Dog/Devoted To You - Everly Brothers

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Topsy II - Cozy Cole

US Country chart toppers this month:

City Lights - Ray Price

Some UK single 45 releases:

Whole Lotta Lovin'/Coquette - Fats Domino

Lonesome Town/My Baby - Ricky Nelson

Heartbeat/Well..All Right - Buddy Holly

It's So Easy/Lonesome Tears - Crickets

Come On, Let's Go - Ritchie Valens

A Lover's Question - Clyde McPhatter

Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson

It Don't Hurt No More - Nappy Brown

This Little Girl's Gone Rockin' - Ruth Brown

This Little Girl's Gone Rockin' - Janice Peters

Whoa Mabel! - Bill Haley & His Comets

High Class Baby/My Feet Hit The Ground - Cliff Richard & The Drifters

That Old Black Magic - Keely Smith & Louis Prima

All Over Again/What Do I Care? - Johnny Cash

Poor Boy - Royaltones

Poor Boy - Cardigans

Gotta Travel On - Billy Grammer

Topsy Parts I & II - Cozy Cole

Topsy - Ted Heath Music

Topsy - Jack Parnell Orchestra

The Secret - Otis Williams & His Charms

Walking Along - Solitaires

Walking Along - Diamonds

Please Believe Me - Elegants

Dance Me To Death - Hi-Liters

No Other Love - Blossoms

Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

Leave Me Alone - Dicky Doo & The Don'ts

I'm So Ashamed/A Drop Of The Hard Stuff - Peter Sellers

You Are My Love - Seph Acre & The Pets

Love Is All We Need - Tommy Edwards

Lov-a Lov-a Love - Andy Rose

Mexican Hat Rock - Applejacks

Ghost Satellite - Bob & Jerry

Philadelphia U.S.A. - Nu Tornados

Nine More Miles - Georgie Young & The Rockin' Bocs

White Bucks And Saddle Shoes - Bobby Pedrick

White Bucks And Saddle Shoes - Vernons Girls

Tom Dooley - Kingston Trio

Tom Dooley - Lonnie Donegan

Tom Dooley - Rikki Price

Things I Didn't Say - Al Alberts

Need You - Donnie Owens

City Lights - Don Rondo

Hideaway - Four Esquires

Hideaway - Paul Andrews

Let Me Be The One To Love You - Sonny James

I Will - Ferlin Husky

While The Record Goes Around - Playmates

After You've Gone - Molly Bee

Call Me - Johnny Mathis

Jealous Heart - Al Morgan

The Day The Rains Came - Jane Morgan

The Day The Rains Came - Jones Boys

I Hear Bells - Barry Sisters

Almost In Your Arms - Johnny Nash

Prisoner Of Love - Billy Eckstine

Gee, But It's Lonely - Pat Boone

Woman From Liberia - Jimmie Rodgers

Dancing Baby - Shepherd Sisters

You're A Sweetheart - Stylemakers

Pretty Little Pearly - Terry Dene

No One Knows - Marty Wilde

Up Above My Head - Laurie London

A Pub With No Beer - Slim Dusty

Little Brother - Terry Wayne

Farrago - John Barry Seven

A Baby Lay Sleeping - Neville Taylor

Daddy's Little Girl - Dick James

Careless Hands - Michael Holliday

Which Witch Doctor - Mudlarks

There! I've Said It Again - Jimmy Young

Light Of Love - Peggy Lee

Mr. Success - Frank Sinatra

Love Makes The World Go Round - Perry Como

Almost In Your Arms - Steve Allen

Son Of Mary - Harry Belafonte

Faces There Are Fairer - Debbie Reynolds

I Taut I Taw A Puddy Cat - Mel Blanc

Important events:

He was first seen last year, singing up a storm in the Jayne Mansfield

movie, 'The Girl Can't Help It' - and you may have caught him again in the

Mamie Van Doren film, 'Untamed Youth' ... but this month marks Eddie

Cochran's chart debut in Britain. His previous releases, 'Twenty Flight

Rock' and 'Sittin' In The Balcony', made little impact sales-wise, but

'Summertime Blues' is a sure-fire rock'n'roll classic - written,

incidentally, by the man himself. Only five weeks out of his teens, Eddie

was born in Oklahoma [incorrect], but moved to Los Angeles as a schoolboy.

A proficient guitarist, he soon attracted the attention of songwriter Jerry

Capehart, who became his writing partner and producer. A contract with

Liberty Records followed, and Eddie was on his way ... even though he still

can't find a cure for those 'Summertime Blues'.

The man who is the personification of the fabulous Lord Rockingham

scratched his head in bewilderment. 'I don't know what all the excitement

is about,' says Harry Robinson. 'This all started as a gigantic joke and

now it's developed into hit-parade proportions!' Put together by musical

director Robinson and TV producer Jack Good, Lord Rockingham's XI was

formed to be the resident backing band on 'Oh Boy!', but so popular is

their recording of 'Hoots Mon' - complete with snatches of exaggerated

Scottish doggerel - that it has zoomed all the way to No. 1! Built around

saxophonist Red Price and organist Cherry Wainer, the band comprises

seasoned session men, but none has seen anything like this before. 'We

always have tremendous fun in the studio,' says Harry. 'In fact, I don't

think I've ever been involved in such hilarious sessions!'

Cliff Richard has been signed to star alongside Anthony Quayle in U.K.

movie 'Serious Charge' - in a part turned down by Tommy Steele.

First release on the new Pye International label is 'Come On, Let's Go' -

the US hit by Californian Ritchie Valens.

Tommy Steele has laid out 2,800 pounds for a silver-grey AC Aceca, capable

of 115 mph.

'Anyone who knocks rock'n'roll either doesn't understand it, or is

prejudiced against it, or is just plain square!' - Ricky Nelson

Tommy Edwards has been presented with a gold record for 'It's All In The

Game' - not surprisingly, since it has topped both the US and UK charts.

Strangely, the song has been mellowing since 1912, when the melody was

written by Charles Gates Dawes - a Vice President of the United States.

Lyrics were added by Carl Sigman in 1951, when it was recorded by Nat King

Cole, Dinah Shore and . . . Tommy Edwards. Convinced the song had sales

potential, Tommy recorded it again this year and his hunch has been proved

right - in no uncertain terms.

November 11: Hank Ballard and the Midnighters recorded the original version

of "The Twist."

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Bobby Day helps rock revival; Day re-instates rock from a recent trend of

cha-cha and hillbillly influenced music

'Summertime Blues' is Eddie Cochran's winter-time hit here; new hit for

Cochran, 20th Century Fox Pictures.

It doesn't seem the same without Max's name; Max Bygraves has been missing

from the charts and the NME polls.

Max Bygraves' film wins raves in US; "A Cry From the Streets."

Doris Day 'Showcase' album is planned; selections based on NME best seller


Tommy and Steelmen to Part; Steele's group to make last stage appearance,

his group not contracted for Steele's films or 'Cinderella' appearance.

Ted Heath tells you all about Tommy Edwards

'Mr. Volare' wants to be top film star; Domenico Modungo declares "My

ambition is to become an internationally known film actor."

Consistent Como keeps his discs going round the world; Perry Como still a

best seller.

Al Jolson leaves hidden treasure in bank vault; an adopted son finds

recordings with Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, and Dinah Shore.

Frankie Vaughan has fourth Royal 'Command'; Vaughan to perform in the

Danish Royal Variety Performance next month.

Their record year was 1955; Names that have left the public eye: Slim

Whitman, Cyril Stapleton, Joan Regan, and Tony Bennett.

Welcome back to Andy Williams; Williams returns to London.

'It pays to advertise'; story of how an ad in the paper brought together

the Marino Marini Quartet.

In 'Tom Dooley' Battle, it's Donegan vs. Kingston Trio; Lonnie Donegan, The

Kingston Trio and Rikki Price all release a version of 'Tom Dooley.'

Dickie Valentine leaves Decca; Valentine leaves his record label, getting

many new offers.

Tommy said 'Conga,' and whole audience danced in aisles; Steele's last

concert until next autumn has fans dancing in the aisles.

Police car saved Cliff Richard from crowds; Richard had to be smuggled out

of theatre after concert.

Lord Rockingham married Ziki Arnot on Monday; Arnot is heiress to million

pound fortune.

Steve Allen: Master of all trades; brief tribute to Steve Allen.

Cliff Richard makes his variety debut; his debut at the Metropolitan

Theatre on Monday, the 17th.

Frankie Vaughan to entertain troops in Germany; Vaughan to play a series of

short concerts in Germany for British troops.

Mudlarks US trip discussed; Mudlarks may perform Cabaret and TV shows,

including a stop in Las Vegas.

Peggy Lee heads 1959 invasion of US stars; other US stars to visit include:

Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Louis Armstrong, and others.

Cliff Richard mobbed again: police to rescue; Once again, Cliff Richard is

mobbed. A girl falls from ladder while trying to enter his dressing room.

Cha-Cha new rival to rock; review of the new cha-cha craze.

Other events:

November 5: In a four-and-a-half-hour ceremony of moving solemnity and

antique splendour, John XXIII, the 263rd legitimate Pope to mount the

Pontifical Throne, was crowned today in the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome.

November 6: Like one of those famous East coast hurricanes which sweep all

before it, the Democratic party has won its biggest majority in the U.S.

Congress since New Deal days in the 1930's, and has increased its control

of State governments.

November 13: The United Federal Party, supporting independence within the

Commonwealth, had won control of the Federal Parliament in Salisbury,

Southern Rhodesia, when counting in yesterday's General Election stopped at


November 14: The governors of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre,

Stratford-on-Avon, will name the new Director in the next ten days. He is

expected to be Peter Hall, 27, the youngest man ever to be appointed to

such a position.

November 17: The death has been announced of American film actor, Tyrone

Power, aged 45.

November 20: Kyriakos Matsis, 32, the most wanted Eoka leader after Colonel

Grivas, was killed by British troops this afternoon in the Kyrenia Range,

Cyprus. Troops threw two hand grenades into his hiding place after he had

shouted, 'You will have to come and get me.'


November 1959

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Travellin' Light - Cliff Richard

2. Mack The Knife - Bobby Darin

3. Sea Of Love - Marty Wilde

4. Red River Rock - Johnny & The Hurricanes

5. 'Til I Kissed You - Everly Brothers

6. Three Bells - Browns

7. Makin' Love - Floyd Robinson

8. Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Paul Anka

9. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? - Emile Ford

10. Broken-Hearted Melody - Sarah Vaughan

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Mack The Knife - Bobby Darin

2. Mr Blue - Fleetwoods

3. Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Paul Anka

4. Don't You Know - Della Reese

5. Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson

6. Lonely Street - Andy Williams

7. Deck Of Cards - Wink Martindale

8. Primrose Lane - Jerry Wallace

9. Just Ask Your Heart - Frankie Avalon

10. Poison Ivy - Coasters

US R&B chart toppers this month:

You Better Know It - Jackie Wilson

So Many Ways - Brook Benton

Don't You Know - Della Reese

US Country chart toppers this month:

The Three Bells - Browns

Country Girl - Faron Young

Some UK single 45 releases:

Little Queenie/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You - Jerry Lee Lewis

Rosaleena - Conway Twitty

Don't Destroy Me - Billy 'Crash' Craddock

Wild, Wild Woman - Steve Wright

Little Blonde Girl - Don French

Oh-Well-A - Charlie Gracie

Wild Streak - Johnny Fallin

Afraid - Sammy Salvo

Come Into My Heart - Lloyd Price

I'm A Man - Mort Shuman

Rockin' In The Jungle - Eternals

Reaching - Wanda Jackson

When You Ask About Love/Deborah - Crickets

You Went Back On Your Word - Clyde McPhatter

There I've Said It Again - Sam Cooke

Oh Carol/One Way Ticket - Neil Sedaka

Dance With Me - Drifters

Shadows - Five Satins

Just To Be With You - Passions

Don't Take The Stars - Mystics

In The Mood - Ernie Field's Orchestra

Boo Boo Stick Beat - Chet Atkins

Mau-Mau - Wailers

The Clouds - Spacemen

The Hunch - Paul Gayten

The Hunch - Bobby Peterson Quintet

Midnight Stroll - Revels

Tootie Flootie - Megatrons

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans - Freddy Cannon

There's A Girl - Jan & Dean

To A Young Lover - Tassels

Sissy Britches - Chuck & Betty

Big Iron - Marty Robbins

My Lucky Day - Bobby Helms

Rawhide - Frankie Laine

Tennessee Waltz - Bobby Comstock & The Counts

Tennessee Waltz - Jerry Fuller

Heartaches By The Number - Guy Mitchell

The Meaning Of The Blues - Kalin Twins

(New In) The Ways Of Love - Tommy Edwards

We Got Love - Bobby Rydell

I Walk The Line - Don Costa Orchestra

Passing Strangers - Sarah Vaughan & Billy Eckstine

Among My Souvenirs - Connie Francis

North By Northwest - Barbara Carroll

Nine Little Reindeer - Gene Autry

Just About This Time Tomorrow - Tony Reese

If I Knew I'd Find You (I'd Climb A Mountain) - Keely Smith

(It's No) Sin - Billy Vaughn Orchestra

The Enchanted Sea - Islanders

Take A Giant Step - Johnny Nash

Happy Anniversary - Jane Morgan

Falling In Love Again - May Britt

If I Had A Girl - Jerry Keller

First Name Initial - Annette & The Afterbeats

Torquay - Fireballs

Nashville Boogie - Bert Weedon

If You Were The Only Girl In The World - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

Bad Boy - Marty Wilde

People Gotta Talk - Joe Brown

San Miguel - Lonnie Donegan

Puttin' On The Smile - Peter Sellers

Don't Look Now But - Vernons Girls

Old Time Religion - Laurie London

What Do You Want? - Adam Faith

We Got Love - Alma Cogan

Snow Coach - Russ Conway

True Love, True Love - Mudlarks

True Love, True Love - Kaye Sisters

Nuttin' For Christmas - Kenny & Corky

Uh! Oh! - Nutty Squirrels

Santa Claus Jnr. - Johnny Brandon

Every Day Is A Wonderful Day - Gerry Dorsey

Scarlet Ribbons - Browns

The Little Drummer Boy - Harry Simeone Chorale

No Well On Earth - Perry Como

Six Boys And Seven Girls - Anita Bryant

Ivy Will Cling - Bernard Bresslaw

Little White Bull - Tommy Steele

18th Century Rock - Alyn Ainsworth & The Rock-A-Fellas

Wee Jean Frae Auld Aberdeen - Sydney Devine & The White Heather Group

Important events:

At the second of America's National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

ceremonies, Bobby Darin's rise to the top echelon of stardom was confirmed

when he was presented with two Grammy awards. The 22-year-old singer was

pronounced Best New Artist of 1959, and his single of 'Mack The Knife' won

the Record of the Year category. Additionally, Ahmet Ertegun, president of

Atlantic Records, received a special award for producing the disc. Said

Darin, who has recently signed with Paramount Pictures: 'Some day I hope to

have an Oscar and an Emmy to go along with these Grammies. I'm anxious to

prove this isn't a one-shot success.' Other winners included Dinah

Washington, whose 'What A Difference A Day Makes' was declared top R&B

Recording; The Kingston Trio, whose 'At Large' album was voted Best Folk

Performance; and Johnny Horton, whose 'Battle Of New Orleans' won top C&W


A quintet from Ohio, Johnny & The Hurricanes have duplicated their US

success and ripped into the British Top Five with their furious revival of

'Red River Valley' - served up as 'Red River Rock'. The group came together

to entertain their friends at high-school hops around Toledo - but now

they've turned professional and race all over the States in their own

minibus. This not only makes it easier to get some rest, but their

instruments can be stored inside with them ... and their name, brightly

painted or the side, is a fine advert too!

In the States, a congressional committee intends to investigate the alleged

'payola' racket, in which disc-jockeys have been accepting money to play

certain recordings. The owners of the radio stations involved could also get

in trouble for having allowed such practices to go on.

'My fondest wish is to visit Britain,' says Eddie Cochran, who is currently

bobbing around the NME Top 30 with his latest scorcher, 'Somethin' Else'. 'I

planned a holiday there last summer, but I was too busy touring. Now it

looks like I might be over in the new year.' Eddie is one of several

American stars that Jack Good has contacted with a view to appearing on 'Boy

Meets Girls'. Others include LaVern Baker, Frankie Avalon, Fabian and Jackie

Wilson. Firm dates have already been fixed for Jerry Keller, Freddy Cannon

and Gene Vincent.

'At Large' has kept The Kingston Trio on top of the US album chart for 15

weeks - and their latest, 'Here We Go Again', looks set to replace it.

Cliff Richard has been presented with a gold disc for 'Living Doll'.

In Washington for National Bible Week, Pat Boone met President Eisenhower,

who told him he'd seen Pat's film, 'April Love', twice.

Other events:

November 20: For the first time a portrait of the monarch's head is to

appear on Bank of England notes. The new one pound note will be issued early

next year, bearing the Queen's portrait.

November 18: Duty-Free bottles of wines and spirits will soon be on sale to

travellers leaving Prestwick and Renfrew Airports for overseas. The drinks

can only be delivered as passengers board their aircraft.

November 1960

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. It's Now Or Never - Elvis Presley

2. Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison

3. As Long As He Needs Me - Shirley Bassey

4. Rocking Goose - Johnny & The Hurricanes

5. Nine Times Out Of Ten - Cliff Richard

6. So Sad/Lucille - Everly Brothers

7. Let's Think About Living - Bob Luman

8. Dreamin' - Johnny Burnette

9. How About That - Adam Faith

10. Walk Don't Run - John Barry Seven

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Save The Last Dance For Me - Drifters

2. I Want To Be Wanted - Brenda Lee

3. My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own - Connie Francis

4. The Twist - Chubby Checker

5. Chain Gang - Sam Cooke

6. You Talk Too Much - Joe Jones

7. Devil Or Angel - Bobby Vee

8. Let's Think About Living - Bob Luman

9. Poetry In Motion - Johnny Tillotson

10. Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters

He Will Break Your Heart - Jerry Butler

US Country chart toppers this month:

Alabam - Cowboy Copas

Wings Of A Dove - Ferlin Husky

Some UK single 45 releases:

Patsy - Jack Scott

Anna-Annabelle - Gene Vincent

Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters

Tonight's The Night - Shirelles

A Fool In Love - Ike & Tina Turner

Lonely Teenager/Little Miss Blue - Dion

New Orleans - U.S. Bonds

To Each His Own - Platters

You're For Me - Clyde McPhatter

Kommotion - Duane Eddy

Perfidia - Ventures

Man Of Mystery - Shadows

Raunchy - Ernie Fields Orchestra

Last Date - Floyd Cramer

Last Date - Lawrence Welk's Orchestra

Bongola - Preston Epps

Hushabye Little Guitar - Paul Evans

You Talk Too Much - Frankie Ford

You Talk Too Much - Joe Jones

Alone At Last - Jackie Wilson

My Dearest Darling - Etta James

Fools Rush In - Brook Benton

Isn't It Amazing? - Crests

Begin The Beguine - Billy Williams

Cruel Love - Lou Smith

Ready For Love - Jimmy Jones

The Hucklebuck - Chubby Checker

Lips - Azie Mortimer

Things I Didn't Say - Jordan Brothers

Sure As You're Born - Billy Storm

Pictures - Danny Valentino

Crazy Little Horn - Craig Alden

Turn The Page - Twisters

The Girl With The Story In Her Eyes - Safaris

Strawberry Blonde (The Bank Rocked On) - Frank D'Rone

Be My Girl - Col Joye with The Joy Boys

Rockin' 'J' Bells - Little Bobby Rey & His Band

Hannah Lee - Shelley Dane

Words Mean Nothing - Lee Hazlewood with Duane Eddy & His Orchestra

Here In My Heart - Keely Smith

Wonderland By Night - Louis Prima

Poetry In Motion - Johnny Tillotson

Poetry In Motion - Richard Allan

I'll Save The Last Dance For You - Damita Jo

Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart - Kalin Twins

Sleep Walkin' - Janie & Jeanne

Sway - Bobby Rydell

Reasons To Live - Jimmy Skinner

Linda Lee - Johnny Rose

Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache) - Nick Noble

As Sure As You're Born - Kenny Rankin

Journey To Love - Teddy Randazzo

In Pursuit Of Happiness - Adam Wade

'D' In Love - Cliff Richard

Chariot - Rhett Stoller

Can't You Hear My Heart - Danny Rivers

Little Girl - Marty Wilde

Time Machine - Don Lang & His Frantic Five

Lively - Lonnie Donegan

Counting Teardrops - Emile Ford

On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Tommy Bruce

Buona Sera - Acker Bilk

Portrait Of My Love - Matt Monro

A Million To One - Danny Williams

Stay In Love - Michael Holliday

Togetherness - Mike Preston

I Wonder - Lance Fortune

Movin' Away - Ricky Valance

Just Driftin' - Eddie Mannion

Lost - Colin Day

Angry Young Man - Rikky Baron

Nobody's Darlin' But Mine - Jay Justin

Lovin' Babe - Bachelors

Strawberry Fair - Anthony Newley

The Angel And The Stranger - Lyn Cornell

Lonely Pup - Adam Faith

Must Be Santa - Tommy Steele

Lonely Christmas - Edd Byrnes

King Of Love - Fabian

Dear John - Pat Boone

Apollo - Connie Stevens

Love Walked In - Dinah Washington

Rum And Coca-Cola - Andrews Sisters

To Be Loved - McGuire Sisters

Unlock Those Chains - Dorothy Collins

The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs - Bob Crosby & His Bobcats

Dracula's Three Daughters - Ray Ellington

Ol' MacDonald - Frank Sinatra

Tweety's Twistmas Twouble - Mel Blanc

Even More Party Pops - Russ Conway

Little Donkey - Nina & Frederick

Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo - Pinky & Perky

Keep Fit With Eileen Fowler (A Stretch In Time) - Eileen Fowler

Important events:

Texas-born country music star, Johnny Horton (33), who enjoyed world-wide

crossover hit success with 'Battle Of New Orleans' and 'North To Alaska',

was killed in an auto smash on November 5 after playing a date at The

Skyline, Austin, Texas - the very same venue where Hank Williams gave his

last-ever performance. This wasn't the only bizarre similarity between the

singers. Horton had been married to Williams' former wife, Billie Jean.

Discussing her most recent ex-husband, Billie Jean Williams Horton reveals:

'Johnny knew he was going to die - he talked about it constantly. It reached

the point where he wouldn't fly any more because he was so certain he'd get

killed in a plane crash.'

Though Roy Orbison recorded for Sam Phillips' Sun label in Memphis at around

the same time as Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash, the

success enjoyed by those stars has rubbed off belatedly on the introverted

Texan. A move to Monument Records in Nashville, and suddenly The Big 'O' has

three tunes on the UK charts: there's his angst-ridden former No.1, 'Only

The Lonely' plus 'Blue Angel' (No. 21) and 'Today's Teardrops'(No. 28).

Pat Boone's second book, 'Betwixt You and Me and the Gatepost' has been

published with 75,000 advance orders.

One-time Devil's Advocate, Elvis Presley has recorded a Gospel LP, 'His Hand

In Mine'.

Silk-suited singers were given short-shrift in the NME's UK Top 30, for the

week of November 4, as instrumental singles account for no fewer than nine

positions. Unlike some people in the music business who are spreading

alarmist talk to the effect that pop singers are becoming a thing of the

past, The Shadows' lead guitarist, Hank B. Marvin gave a realistic personal

overview of the situation: 'It seems to me that we are returning to the

situation of five or six years ago, when there was a considerable vogue for

instrumentals - though of course, in those days it was mostly for big band

material. Despite this, I don't think there's any slackening of interest in


'We're not Grand Ole Opry . . . we're obviously not Perry Como . . . we're

just pop music. But, you could call us an American skiffle group!' - The

Everly Brothers

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Don Wedge: I sit in on an all night D-J show. WNEW New York, The Drifters,

live radio performance

'Operation Elvis'. Elvis Presley, "G.I. Blues", military career.

Bobby Darin's film playmates - La Lollo and Sandra Dee. Bobby Darin,

"Someone To Love", Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee, film

This was the surprise of my life. Frankie Vaughan, This Is Your Life",


New Guitar Ideas by Eddy and Shadows. Duane Eddy, The Shadows, "Man Of

Mystery", "Kommotion"

There Will Be a Rush for this Smash Hit. Elvis Presley, "G.I. Blues", album


He Triumphs as a light Comedian. Elvis Presley, "G.I. Blues", film

Freddy Cannon's Party with Presley. Freddy Cannon, Elvis Presley, Fabian,

Fabulous Four

Is Sinatra doing a Darin now? Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, "Ol' McDonald"

The Drifters 'dance' back into the sellers. The Drifters, "Save The Last

Dance For Me"

New tele-recording system brings clearer Perry Como. Perry Como, BBC-TV,

"Gone Is My Love"

It's Fun to Make Laughter Records. George Martin, biographical

Much too active, Shirley. Shirley Bassey, Ed Sullivan show

Roy Orbison keeps his hits a-coming! Roy Orbison, "Today's Teardrops"

Where Has Last Year's Success Gone? Lloyd Price, Ricky Nelson, Paul Anka,

Marty Wilde, Frankie Vaughan

He Has Great Affection. Tommy Steele, Madam Veara, psychic reading

Big Break for Lyn Cornell, "The Angel And The Stranger"

Tony Newley had all the fun of the 'fair'. Anthony Newley, "Strawberry Fair"

Dickie Valentine conquers South Africa! Dickie Valentine, Durban


Sinatra gave a pre-wedding surprise to his pal Sammy. Sammy Davis, Frank

Sinatra, May Britt

1960's new X-mas discs. Ella Fitzgerald, Joan Regan, Lonnie Donegan, Alma

Cogan, Russ Conway

November 1961

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Walkin' Back To Happiness - Helen Shapiro

2. His Latest Flame/Little Sister - Elvis Presley

3. When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart - Cliff Richard

4. Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

5. Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles

6. Wild Wind - John Leyton

7. Mexicali Rose - Karl Denver

8. Sucu Sucu - Laurie Johnson

9. Take Five - Dave Brubeck

10. Michael - Highwaymen

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Runaround Sue - Dion

2. Bristol Stomp - Dovells

3. Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

4. Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles

5. I Love How You Love Me - Paris Sisters

6. Sad Movies - Sue Thompson

7. Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey

8. Let's Get Together - Hayley Mills

9. The Fly - Chubby Checker

10. This Time - Troy Shondell

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey

Please Mr Postman - Marvelettes

US Country chart toppers this month:

Walk On By - Leroy Van Dyke

Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

Some UK single 45 releases:

Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie/Pocketful Of Hearts - Eddie Cochran

Pretty Girl/Theresa - Eddie Cochran

Unchained Melody/Brand New Beat - Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps

Look At Me/Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues - Buddy Holly

What A Party/Rockin' Bicycle - Fats Domino

Settin' The Woods On Fire - Johnny Burnette

Joy, Joy, Joy (Down In My Heart) - Little Richard

Boogie Woogie Bill - Billy Tucker

Stop Your Crying - Jerry Naylor

Big John - Shirelles

New Baby For Christmas - Johnny Preston

I'd Never Find Another You - Billy Fury

Blue Plate Special - Freddy Cannon

Dance By Yourself - Justin Jones

Crazy - Patsy Cline

So Long Baby - Del Shannon

It's Gonna Work Out Fine - Ike & Tina Turner

Just Out Of Reach - Solomon Burke

Just Out Of Reach - Roy Tierney

Just Out Of Reach - Donald Peers

May The Best Man Win - Ivory Joe Hunter

My Heart Belongs To Only You - Jackie Wilson

Stick Shift - Duals

Morning After - Mar-Keys

Bullseye! - Santo & Johnny

Image - Hank Levine Orchestra

Hang On - Floyd Cramer

God, Country And My Baby - Johnny Burnette

God, Country And My Baby - Chico Holiday

Here Comes The Night - Ben E. King

I'm Coming Home - Bobby Hendricks

Moon River - Jerry Butler

Tower Of Strength - Gene McDaniels

Tower Of Strength - Frankie Vaughan

Tower Of Strength - Paul Raven

The Fly - Chubby Checker

On Bended Knees - Clarence 'Frogman' Henry

You're The Only Good Thing That's Happened To Me - Jim Reeves

Love's Made A Fool Of You - Bobby Vee

Little Susie Parker - Earl Sink

Little Miss U.S.A. - Barry Mann

One More Time - Kalin Twins

Seventeen Come Sunday - Gerry Temple

Teenage Fool - Suzy Cope

Do You Still Love Me? - Pierce Rogers & The Overlanders

Girl Bride - Geoff Goddard

Watch Your Step - John Barry Seven

Stranger On The Shore - Acker Bilk

The World's Loneliest Man - Vince Eager

I Cried For You - Ricky Stevens

Just A Twinkle (In Your Daddy's Eye) - David MacBeth

It's All Because - Linda Scott

China Doll - Bert Weedon

Speakeasy - Judd Proctor

The Door To Paradise - Bobby Rydell

Goodbye Cruel World - James Darren

Goodbye Cruel World - Bill Forbes

A Thousand Feet Below - Terry Tyler

True, True Love - Frankie Avalon

Tonight I Won't Be There - Adam Wade

Johnny Will - Pat Boone

Mina Bird - String-a-Longs

The Gypsy Rover - Highwaymen

Your Time Will Come - Frank Ifield

I'll Get By - Shirley Bassey

Six White Boomers - Rolf Harris

Keep Me In Your Heart - Alma Cogan

Don't Bring Lulu - Dorothy Provine

The Sewers Of The Strand - Spike Milligan

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Pinky & Perky

Important events:

Tamla Records' boss, Berry Gordy Jr, recently inaugurated a second label

which he has called Motown (an abbreviation of Detroit's popular nickname

'The Motor City') with a single by male vocal harmony foursome The

Satintones, called 'My Beloved'. This record was a rush-replacement for The

Satintones scheduled disc debut 'Tomorrow And Always' - an 'answer' record

to The Shirelles' 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow'. At the very last

minute, 'Tomorrow And Always' was hastily withdrawn from distribution when

Gordy was threatened with a hefty lawsuit which claimed copyright

infringement of The Shirelles' original international hit. Undaunted

however, Gordy didn't allow this minor set-back to interfere at all with

celebrations surrounding Tamla Records' first national No. 1 single,

'Please, Mr Postman' by a local all-girl group, The Marvelettes. This more

than compensated for the minor hit status afforded the debut single of

another local girl group, first known as The Primettes when recording for

Lu-Pine, but renamed The Supremes for their Tamla release 'I Want A Guy'.

With albums from The Miracles ('Hi! We're The Miracles') and Marvin Gaye

('The Soulful Moods Of . . .') accounting for healthy sales figures, Berry

Gordy is optimistic of his two labels' success in 1962 and is openly

enthusing about a new artist soon to debut - Steveland Judkins, the

11-year-old blind son of one of Tamla's regular cleaning ladies. Gordy has

renamed the gifted singer and instrumentalist Little Stevie Wonder.

The Everly Brothers have enlisted in the US Marine Corps.

Adam Faith has given a concert for the inmates of Leicester Prison, England.

Tex Ritter, country music legend and hit recorder of 'High Noon', has set

something of a precedent in terms of promotion. He recently recorded more

than 100 different versions of 'Hillbilly Heaven', - his new single for

Capitol Records - with each including the names of different peak-listening

disc jockeys in the lyric. The records were then mailed out with a personal

letter from Tex to the various radio stations concerned.

Webb Pierce has purchased a $20,000 car which has pistol butts for door

handles and gear lever, rifles mounted on the tail-lights and 1000 silver

dollar pieces as interior decor.

'Trying to launch myself on a solo career, after being Elvis Presley's

pianist for so long, placed me in an unenviable position. Some people

thought I was trying to cash in. If I had wanted to cash in on my

association with Elvis, I would have done it five years ago.' - Floyd Cramer

November 3: Jimmie "The Singing Brakeman" Rodgers has been unanimously voted

the first member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

November 9: Brian Epstein first sees the Beatles perform at the Cavern Club

in Liverpool.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Billy Fury discovers that disc hits allow him more freedom on stage

Mathis, Daniels, Greco Return Early Next Year. American bands, tour

New Royal Performers Talk about their Big Night. Acker Bilk, Shirley Bassey

The Time Has Come for Adam Faith to Plan Next Move. Adam Faith, career

John Barry's Delights and Disappointments on his first U.S. Visit. John

Barry, touring

Troy Shondell Waxed his own disc and then was taken over.

British Kindness Knocked me out. Dion, British tour

Shirley Bassey needs no Gimmicks to get by. Shirley Bassey, profile

Nat King Cole joins the Chart Come-Back Parade. Nat King Cole, success

Bobby Vee declares war on fuddy-duddies and bossy girls

November 1962

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Telstar - Tornadoes

2. Let's Dance - Chris Montez

3. The Loco-Motion - Little Eva

4. Venus In Blue Jeans - Mark Wynter

5. Lovesick Blues - Frank Ifield

6. It Might As Well Rain Until September - Carole King

7. Ramblin' Rose - Nat King Cole

8. Swiss Maid - Del Shannon

9. Sheila - Tommy Roe

10. She's Not You - Elvis Presley

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. He's A Rebel - Crystals

2. Only Love Can Break A Heart - Gene Pitney

3. Do You Love Me - Contours

4. Monster Mash - Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt Kickers

5. All Alone Am I - Brenda Lee

6. Big Girls Don't Cry - Four Seasons

7. Gina - Johnny Mathis

8. Limbo Rock - Chubby Checker

9. Next Door To An Angel - Neil Sedaka

10. Return To Sender - Elvis Presley

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Do You Love Me - Contours

Big Girls Don't Cry - Four Seasons

US Country chart toppers this month:

Mama Sang A Song - Bill Anderson

I've Been Everywhere - Hank Snow

Some UK single 45 releases:

Return To Sender - Elvis Presley

Chains - Cookies

Soul Motion - Don & Dewey

Hide And Go Seek Part 1 - Bunker Hill

Hully Gully - Delbert McClinton

Baby Face - Bobby Darin

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee

Up On The Roof - Drifters

I'm Standing By - Ben E. King

Twistin' With Linda - Isley Brothers

Air Travel - Chris Farlowe

Lovers By Night, Strangers By Day - Fleetwoods

I'm Gonna Go Walkin' - Chimmy Gilmour (Jimmy Gilmour)

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby - Little Eva

Next Door To An Angel - Neil Sedaka

She's A Troublemaker - Majors

Pop Pop Pop-Pie - Sherrys

This Land Is Your Land - Ketty Lester

42 In Chicago - Merle Kilgour

Shutters And Boards - Jerry Wallace

Here I Am - Glen Campbell

Here I Am - Chip Taylor

The Bell That Couldn't Jingle - Paul Evans

Ballad Of Billy Budd - Nick Woods

I'm Gonna Change Everything - Jim Reeves

A Tree In The Meadow - Lettermen

Magic Star - Kenny Hollywood

Excerpts From 'Beyond The Fringe' - Peter Cook, Alan Bennett, Jonathan

Miller & Dudley Moore

Tom Hark - Jimmy Powell

I've Been Everywhere - Lucky Starr

I've Been Everywhere - Mudlarks

Sounds Like Locomotion - Sounds Incorporated

Baby Take A Bow - Adam Faith

Just For Kicks - Mike Sarne

Funny All Over - Vernons Girls

Go Away Little Girl - Ray Bennett

The Tinker - Ian McShane

Like I Don't Love You - Anthony Teague

I Got A Girl - Al Saxon

J'Entends Siffler Le Train - Richard Anthony

The Main Attraction - Pat Boone

Too Young To Go Steady - James Darren

A Little More Gauze - Mike Nichols & Elaine May

Little Drummer Boy - Bing Crosby

White Christmas - Nina & Frederik

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? - Tommy Steele

Gossip Calypso - Bernard Cribbins

The Coalman's Lament - Ray Dexter & The Layabouts

Don't Light The Fire 'Til After Santa's Gone - Terry Scott

Important events:

The British National jazz Federation/Marquee Club 'house' publication Jazz

News has printed its first weekly 'Rhythm & Blues Column' noting:

'Alexis Korner and Blues Incorporated have been Thursday residents at famous

Marquee Club in Oxford Street for some months now . . . audiences now reach

almost 700 nearly every session ... an exciting line-up including Dick

Heckstall-Smith, Graham Bond, Peter 'Ginger' Baker, Jack Bruce, and Johnny

Parker guarantees the jazz content ... jiving, twisting, raving, just

listening, that's the Marquee on Thursdays.'

'Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones are touring the local clubs to

appreciative audiences, with a history of appearances at the first R&B club

in London, the Ealing Saturday Club, where Korner used to play.'

When Little Richard agreed to headline a UK tour supported by Sam Cooke and

Jet Harris, it was in the belief that it was in his three-year-old adopted

role of gospel music performer. On the opening night (8 October) at the

Gaumont Theatre, Doncaster, Richard took the stage for the first of two

evening shows dressed in the long robes favoured by gospel preachers and,

with teenage Billy Preston at the Hammond organ, began to sing such familiar

old-time quasi-religious standards as 'Peace In The Valley' and 'I Believe'.

The house-full audience, who had anticipated a full-throttle rock'n'roll

assault from the Georgia Peach, went into shock and the promoter into a

panic. At the second show, Sam Cooke, delayed from making the earlier

performance, whipped the audience into a frenzy prior to intermission time

and left them howling for more. Sensing a serious challenge to his

reputation, Richard abandoned his gospel set to rock out in a rough

impromptu manner and secure his bill-topping status. And that's how it

continued for the remainder of the tour, which culminated in Brian Epstein

booking Richard to headline an all-Merseyside 5 1/2-hour/12 group marathon

at the Tower Ballroom, New Brighton and, two weeks later, to headline at the

Empire Theatre, Liverpool. On both occasions, The Beatles also appeared.

Though he was now singing rock'n'roll, Richard was determined to quash

rumours that he was in fact godless and deceitful.

EMI Parlophone producer George Martin has announced that he's to record The

Beatles 'live' at The Cavern Club.

The Shadows' former bass player and drummer Jet Harris and Tony Meehan have

announced that they've chosen to join forces as an instrumental team and

promise a spectacular debut early in the New Year.

November 1: The Beatles have opened a two-week gig at the Star Club in

Hamburg, West Germany.

New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Cliff slams out at Elvis-snub lies

Was Ball's pay off disc wise? Kenny Ball- new single "Pay off."

Cliff, Shadows, Ifield livened things up. Royal variety show.

We need each other. Phil Everly settling into role as solo artist - Don's


Helen, Acker please U.S. TV audience. Helen Shapiro & Acker Bilk debut on Ed

Sullivan show.

30 minute act by Pat Boone. London's Plaza concert.

Frank Ifield shoots toward second no.1. Frank Ifield, rare achievement.

Jane Asher, Britain's most outspoken teenage record critic, admits - my pop

disc was never released.

Frank Ifield gives some tips on how to do it. How does he yodel.

Craig Douglas gives hit finding credit to manager. Old song- new hit.

Welcome back Johnny Mathis. New 8-day tour.

Acker Bilk picks 'Desert Island Discs'- and talks about other he wanted.

Recordings on 'Desert Island Discs.'

Acker Bilk should add singer Beryl Bryden.

Adam Faith's return from New Zealand & Australia.

Richard Chamberlain scores with Elvis hit. Success with Elvis song.

Chilly Mark Wynter dreams of Tahiti.

Joe Brown on set for "Just for Fun."

'Kid' Elvis looks better than ever. New film 'Kid Galahad.'

Johnny Mathis- The perfectionist. Second British tour.

Ten years of NME Charts. Who has been most consistent for 10 years? #1


Cliff says what a Tonic to pass my poll exam once more. Had flu but was

happy to be top British singer.

Helen: It's fabulous having such friends. Thanks to supporters

Big week for Frank Ifield. Double triumph in NME polls.

Billy Fury reveals his poll concert feelings. Thousands of voters for Billy


Newcomers to poll honours. Joe Brown- #1 vocal personality.

Richard Chamberlain isn't like anyone else. America's most vivid new star.

Other events:

November 2: President Kennedy announced the Soviet missile bases in Cuba

were being dismantled. 

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