'Shivers down the backbone....'

Rockin' Rollin' Diaries 
April '55 - '62 
The charts and 
other important events


Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith - 1 April, 1921 (Clinton, SC)
Jimmie Lloyd (Jimmie Logsdon) - 1 April, 1922 (Panther, KY)  
Amos Milburn - 1 April, 1927 (Houston, TX)
   Died 3 January, 1980, Houston
Rudolph Isley - 1 April, 1939 (Cincinnati, OH)
Warner Mack - 2 April, 1938 (Nashville, TN)
Marvin Gaye - 2 April, 1939 (Washington, D.C.)
   Died 1 April, 1984, Los Angeles, CA
Leon Russell - 2 April, 1941 (Lawton, OK)
Emmylou Harris - 2 April, 1947 (Birmingham, AL)
Doris Day - 3 April, 1924 (Cincinnati, OH)
Don Gibson - 3 April, 1928 (Shelby, NC)
Jeff Barry - 3 April, 1938 (Brooklyn, NYC)
Jan Berry - 3 April, 1941 (Los Angeles, CA)
Tony Orlando - 3 April, 1944 (Manhattan, NYC)
Richard Manuel - 3 April, 1945 (Stratford, Ontario, Canada)
   Died 4 March, 1986, Winter Park, FL
Cecil Gant - 4 April, 1913 (Nashville, TN)
   Died 4 February, 1951, Memphis, TN
Muddy Waters - 4 April, 1915 (Rolling Fork, MS)
   Died 30 April, 1983, Chicago, IL
Major Lance - 4 April, 1941 (Chicago, IL)
   Died 3 September, 1994, Decatur, GA
Kris Jensen - 4 April, 1942 (New Haven, CT)
Tony Williams (Platters) - 5 April, 1928 (Elizabeth, NJ)
   Died 14 August, 1992, Manhattan, NYC
Joe Meek - 5 April, 1929 (Newent, Gloucestershire, England)
   Died 3 February, 1967, London, England
Jack Clement - 5 April, 1931 (Whitehaven, TN)
Billy Bland - 5 April, 1932 (Wilmington, NC)
Wade Ray - 6 April, 1916 (Evansville, IN)
   Died 18 November, 1998 (Sparta, IL)
Merle Haggard - 6 April, 1937 (Oildale, CA)
Billie Holiday - 7 April, 1915 (Philadelphia, PA)
   Died 17 July, 1959, Manhattan, NYC
Bobby Bare - 7 April, 1935 (Ironton, OH)
Don Julian - 7 April, 1937 (Houston, TX)
   Died 6 November, 1998, Los Angeles, CA
Carl Perkins - 9 April, 1932 (Tiptonville, TN)
   Died 19 January, 1998, Jackson, TN
Rockin' Sidney  (Sidney Simien) - 9 April, 1938 (Lebeau, LA)
   Died 25 February, 1998, Lake Charles, LA
Sheb Wooley - 10 April, 1921 (near Erick, OK)
Brian Setzer - 10 April, 1959 (Masapequah, NY)
Richard Berry - 11 April, 1935 (Extension, LA)
   Died 23 January, 1997, Los Angeles, CA
Lionel Hampton - 12 April, 1909 (Louisville, KY)
Billy Vaughn - 12 April, 1919 (Glasgow, KY)
   Died 26 September 1991, Escondido, CA
Ned Miller - 12 April, 1925 (Rains, Utah)
Cosimo Matassa - 13 April, 1926 (New Orleans, LA)
Roy Loney - 13 April, 1946 (San Francisco, CA)
Loretta Lynn - 14 April, 1935 (Butcher Holler, KY) 
Bessie Smith - 15 April, 1894 (Chattanooga, TN)
   Died 26 September, 1937, Clarkedale, MS 
Roy Clark - 15 April, 1933 (Meherrin, VA)
Frank Frost - 15 April, 1936 (Augusta, AK)
   Died 12 November, 1999, Helena, AK
Marty Wilde - 15 April, 1936 (London, England)
Bob Luman - 15 April, 1937 (Nacogdoches, TX)
   Died 27 December, 1978, Nashville, TN
Dave Edmunds - 15 April, 1944 (Cardiff, Wales)
Rudy Pompilli - 16 April, 1924 (Chester, PA)
   Died 5 February, 1976
Roy Hamilton - 16 April, 1929 (Leesburg, GA)
   Died 20 July, 1969, New Rochelle, NY
Bobby Vinton - 16 April, 1935 (Canonsburg, PA)
Johnny Meeks - 16 April, 1937 (Laurens, SC)
Chuck Higgins - 17 April, 1924 (Gary, IN)
   Died 14 September, 1999, Los Angeles, CA
Billy Fury - 17 April, 1940 (Liverpool, England)
   Died 28 January, 1983, London, England
Dickie Goodman - 19 April, 1934 (Hewlett, NY)
   Died 6 November, 1989, Fayetteville, NC
Johnny Fuller - 20 April, 1929 (Edwards, MS)
   Died 18 May, 1985, Oakland, CA
Ray Campi - 20 April, 1934 (Yonkers, NY)
Johnny Tillotson - 20 April, 1939 (Jacksonville, FL)
Ira Louvin - 21 April, 1924 (Rainesville, AL)
   Died 20 June, 1965, Jefferson City, MO
Ernie Maresca - 21 April, 1939 (Bronx, NYC)
Bullmoose Jackson - 22 April, 1919 (Cleveland, OH)
   Died 31 July, 1989, Cleveland
Bob Gallion - 22 April, 1931 (Ashland, KY)
Glen Campbell - 22 April, 1936 (Delight, AK)
Jack Nitzsche - 22 April, 1937 (Chicago, IL)
   Died 25 August, 2000, Los Angeles, CA
Roy Orbison - 23 April, 1936 (Vernon, TX)
   Died 6 December, 1988, Madison, TN
Ray Peterson - 23 April, 1939 (Denton, TX)
George Tomsco - 24 April, 1940 (Raton, NM)
Doug Clifford (CCR) - 24 April, 1945 (Palo Alto, CA)
Earl Bostic - 25 April, 1913 (Tulsa, OK)
   Died 28 October, 1965, Rochester, NY
Cliff Bruner - 25 April, 1915 (Houston, TX)
   Died 25 August, 2000, Houston
Albert King - 25 April, 1923 (Indianola, MS)
   Died 21 December, 1992, Memphis, TN
Jerry Leiber - 25 April, 1933 (Baltimore, MD)
Stu Cook (CCR) - 25 April, 1945 (Oakland, CA)
Ma Rainey (Gertrude Pridgett) - 26 April, 1886 (Columbus, GA)
   Died 22 December, 1939, Columbus, GA
Roy Perkins (Ernie Suarez) - 26 April, 1935 (Lafayette, LA)
Duane Eddy - 26 April, 1938 (Corning, NY)
Maurice Williams - 26 April, 1938 (Lancaster, SC)
Bobby Rydell - 26 April, 1942 (Philadelphia, PA)
Syd Nathan - 27 April, 1904 (Cincinnati, OH)
   Died 5 March, 1968, Miami Beach, FL 
Winifred Atwell - 27 April, 1914 (Tunapuna, Trinidad)
   Died 27 February, 1983, Sydney, Australia
Ann-Margret - 28 April, 1941 (Valsjobyn, Sweden)
Big Jay McNeely - 29 April, 1927 (Watts, CA)
Carl Gardner (Coasters) - 29 April, 1928 (Tyler, TX)
Eddie Noack - 29 April, 1930 (Houston, TX)
   Died 6 February, 1978
Lonnie Donegan - 29 April, 1931 (Glasgow, Scotland)
Otis Rush - 29 April, 1934 (Philadelphia, MS)
April Stevens - 29 April, 1936 (Niagara Falls, NY)
Frankie Lee Sims - 30 April, 1917 (New Orleans, LA)
   Died 10 May, 1970, Dallas, TX
Johnny Horton - 30 April, 1925 (Los Angeles, CA)
   Died 5 November, 1960, Milano, TX
Bill Buchanan - 30 April, 1930
   Died 1 August, 1996, Los Angeles, CA
Bobby Marchan - 30 April, 1930 (Youngstown, OH)
   Died 5 December, 1999, New Orleans, LA
Willie Nelson - 30 April, 1933 (Fort Worth, TX)
Bobby Vee - 30 April, 1943 (Fargo, ND)

April 1955

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Give Me Your Word - Tennessee Ernie Ford 
2. Softly Softly - Ruby Murray 
3. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado
4. A Blossom Fell - Nat King Cole 
5. Prize Of Gold - Joan Regan 
6. Mobile - Ray Burns
8. If Anyone Finds This, I Love You - Ruby Murray
8. Tomorrow - Johnny Brandon
9. Mambo Rock - Bill Haley
10. Let Me Go Lover - Teresa Brewer

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. The Ballad Of Davy Crockett - Bill Hayes
2. Crazy Otto Medley - Johnny Maddox 
3. Sincerely - McGuire Sisters 
4. Tweedle Dee - Georgia Gibbs
5. Melody Of Love - Billy Vaughn
6. Ko Ko Mo - Perry Como
7. The Ballad Of Davy Crockett - Fess Parker
8. How Important Can It Be - Joni James
9. Open Up Your Heart - Cowboy Church Sunday School
10. Earth Angel - Crew Cuts

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Pledging My Love - Johnny Ace
The Wallflower - Etta James & The Peaches
My Babe - Little Walter & His Jukes

US Country chart toppers this month:

In The Jailhouse Now - Webb Pierce

Some UK single releases:

Mambo Rock/Birth Of The Boogie - Bill Haley
Thinking Of You/I Know - Fats Domino
Fujiyama Mama - Anisteen Allen
Everloviní/Boogie At Midnight - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets
Seventeen/Cloudburst - Don Lang
Shtiggy Boom - Nuggets
Cloudburst - Claude Cloud & His Thunderclaps featuring Sam 
(The Man) Taylor
Rock Love/Tweedlee Dee - Teresa Brewer
Rock Love - Dolores Gray
Crazy Otto Medley - Johnny Maddox
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom/Hey! Mr Banjo - Sunnysiders
Melody Of Love - Earl Bostic
Paths Of Paradise - Johnnie Ray
Rock Around The Clock - Deep River Boys
Tweedlee Dee - Billie Anthony
Iíll Waltz With You In My Dreams - Cowboy Copas
Rusty Old Halo - The Carlisles
His Hands/I Am A Pilgrim  - Tennessee Ernie Ford
Wabash 4-7473 - Jimmy Komack
Ko Ko Mo - Louis Armstrong & Gary Crosby
Ko Ko Mo - Andy Griffith
Ko Ko Mo - Ray Ellington Quartet
Ko Ko Mo - Ronnie Aldrich & The Squadronaires
Dance With Me Henry/Butterfingers - Suzi Miller
Pledging My Love - Louis Armstrong
Pledging My Love - Four Lads
Pledging My Love - Tommy Mara
Timberjack - Lancers
Sincerely - Billy Fields
Love Me Tonight - Lorry Raine
Unchained Melody - Al Hibbler
Unchained Melody - Jimmy Young
Unchained Melody - Liberace
There Goes My Heart - Four Aces
Stranger In Paradise - Vic Damone
Stranger In Paradise - Tony Bennett
Stranger In Paradise - Bing Crosby
Stranger In Paradise - Four Aces
Stranger In Paradise - George Shearing
Stranger In Paradise - John Sebastian
Stranger In Paradise - Ronnie Harris
Stranger In Paradise - Mantovani & His Orchestra
Stranger In Paradise - Winifred Atwell
Stranger In Paradise - Doretta Morrow & Richard Kiley
Open Up Your Heart - Washboard Joe & His Scrubbers
And The Moon Grew Brighter And Brighter - Kirk Douglas
Mambo Rock/Tweedlee Dee - Ivor & Basil Kirchin
Where Will The Dimple Be? - Rosemary Clooney
Where Will The Dimple Be? - Lorrae Desmond
Where Did The Chickie Lay The Eggie? - Billy Cotton Band
Iím A Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion Patch - Kitty Kallen

Important events:

Winner of the male vocalist category in the recent NME poll,
Dickie Valentine tops the bill at the London Palladium for two 
weeks this month. 
The last British male singer to headline at this world-famous 
showplace was Donald Peers in 1950.  Dickieís rise to fame has 
been meteoric.  
He left the Ted Heath Orchestra to launch a solo career less than a 
year ago, since when he has flown to New York to appear on Ed 
Sullivanís coast-to-coast television show, has taken part in a 
Royal Variety Performance, and has reached 
the top of the charts with "Finger Of Suspicion". His Palladium 
fortnight comes 
between the appearances of two major American stars, Eddie Fisher 
and Johnnie Ray. 

Possibly more than any other entertainer, Johnnie Ray, the 
fantastic "Cry Guy", has completely captured the imagination of 
Britainís teenage fans.  He flies in this month for a series of 
sold-out shows. His supporters are countless and unashamedly
vocal - so are his detractors.  Whatever his qualities as a 
vocalist, Johnnie has the knack of rousing a theatre crowd to a 
frenzy of shouting, screaming, whistling, clapping and stamping 
appreciation - and it is rare that he can escape from a stage 
door without having at least one item of clothing torn off.  
But Johnnie has nothing but praise for his legion of fans -
never once have they touched his deaf-aid.

Hailed as the most important development since the advent of 
long-playing records,a new type of sound reproducing equipment 
is on show at EMI Studios. Known as stereosonic, the new system 
brings a three-dimensional aural effect into oneís own home.  
Listening to a stereophonic record is like being in the middle 
of an orchestra or a group of singers - yet this uncanny realism 
is accomplished with the use of only two loudspeakers.  
Manufacturers hope to marked the first record 
players and discs towards the end of the year.

After a distinguished career of more than 50 years in the UK 
recording industry, Parlophone manager Oscar Preuss is retiring.  
Succeeding him is George Martin, 
his assistant for the past five years.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Welcome, Johnnie Ray! Ray opens at Glasgow on Monday.

Rosemary Clooney for London Palladium. Rumours confirmed - 
Clooney visits Britain in May.

Four Aces Conquer Glasgow. Review of Aces' debut British performance.

Johnnie Ray Slays 'Em in Glasgow. Reviews Ray's opening at Glasgow Empire.

Welcome to Doris Day!  Impressions of American film and recording 
star, interview.

Dennis Lotis Makes a Great Solo Debut. Review of Lotis' Variety 
debut at the Hippodrome.

Hollywood Film Offer is Reported - Aftermath of David Whitfield's 
U.S. Triumph. British singer Whitfield will film with MGM.

Hello, Friends, I'm Looking Forward to Seeing You Again! 
American singer Billy Eckstine talks about audiences and performing.

Like Father, Like Son. Review of band-leading team Ivor 
and Basil Kirchin.

The Fabulous Billy Eckstine Comes to Town. Review of Eckstine's 
performance at the Empire.

Three U.S. Labels in Big Decca Record Tie-Up. British Decca Company 
acquires British rights to Essex, Bethlehem, and Marquee.

Stranger to Us, Maybe, but He's No Stranger to 'Paradise'. 
The story of American vocalist Tony Bennett.

Other events:

Anthony Eden succeeds Sir Winston Churchill as British Prime Minister

April 21: A strike of 700 newspaper electricians maintenance engineers, 
which stopped production of national daily, Sunday and evening papers, 
ended yesterday.  The strike, which lasted 26 days, is estimated to 
have cost the industry £3 million and lost a total circulation of 
nearly 700 million.

April 18: The death of Albert Einstein is announced at Princeton, 
New Jersey.  He was aged 76.

April 1956

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):
1.  Poor People Of Paris - Winifred Atwell
2. Itís Almost Tomorrow - Dream Weavers 
3. Rock And Roll Waltz - Kay Starr
4. Zambesi - Lou Busch
5. Memories Are Made Of This - Dave King
6. Only You - Hilltoppers
7. Memories Are Made Of This - Dean Martin 
8.  See You Later Alligator - Bill Haley
9.  Chain Gang - Jimmy Young
10.  The Great Pretender - Jimmy Parkinson

US Top Ten (first week of the month):
1. Poor People Of Paris - Les Baxter
2. Lisbon Antigua - Nelson Riddle
3. Rock And Roll Waltz - Kay Starr
4. No, Not Much - Four Lads
5. Hot Diggety/Juke Box Baby - Perry Como
6. Iíll Be Home/Tutti Frutti - Pat Boone
7. Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins
8. Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
9. Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One - Elvis Presley
10. The Great Pretender - Platters 

US R&B chart toppers this month:
Drown In My Own Tears - Ray Charles
Long Tall Sally - Little Richard

US Country chart toppers this month:
Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins

Some UK single 45 releases:
Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins
Blue Suede Shoes - Roy Hall
Blue Suede Shoes - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets
A Tear Fell/I Need You By My Side - Ivory Joe Hunter
Lost John/Stewball - Lonnie Donegan
Timber/Rock Island Line - Bobby Darin
Crazy ĎBout My Baby - Larry Evans
Your Cheatiní Heart/A Teardrop On A Rose - Hank Williams
Folsom Prison Blues - Jimmy Wakely
Bright Lights And Blonde-Haired Women/Thatís All - Tennessee Ernie Ford
Are You Satisfied? - Rusty Draper
Walk Along With Kings - Roy Hamilton
Eddie My Love - Chordettes
Eddie My Love - Fontane Sisters
Ainít Misbehaviní - Johnnie Ray
Tutti Frutti - Art Mooney Orchestra (voc. Ocie Smith)
Juke Box Baby - Perry Como
When She Said "You All" - Jimmy Work
Circle - Bon-Bons
Angels In The Sky - Crew Cuts
Dance On - Alan Dale
Hell Hath No Fury - Frankie Laine with The Four Lads
The Man With The Golden Arm - Billy May Orchestra
The Man With The Golden Arm - Dick Jacobs Chorus
A Man Is As Good As His Word - Lancers
The Bitter With The Sweet - Billy Eckstine
Forever Darling - Ames Brothers
Ivory Tower - Cathy Carr
Zambesi - Eddie Calvert
Blue Moon - Mel Torme
Rock Jangle Boogie - Ken Mackintosh Orchestra
What Is A Freem? - Steve Allen
Marching With Jimmy Shand - Jimmy Shand Band

Important events:
During a concert in Birmingham, Alabama, six men stormed the 
stage and attacked Nat King Cole during his second number.  
The singer was knocked down and dragged into the Auditoreum, 
but serious injury was prevented by the police, who rushed to his rescue.  
Coleís assailants were arrested, but showed no remorse.  
At least one was connected with the White Citzenís Council, a group 
which has been endeavouring to boycott what they call 
"bop and Negro music".  The audience - numbering over 3,000 - 
was all white.  Said Cole:  "I was a guinea-pig for some hoodlums 
who thought they could frighten me, and in that way keep out other 
Negro entertainers from the SouthÖ..but I think the attack will do a 
lot for the cause of integration."  Also sharing the billing with Cole 
was Britainís Ted Heath Orchestra.

Elvis Presley, the hottest new property in the music business, has
signed a film contract with Paramount.  Currently, sales of his records 
are accounting for 50% of RCAís total pop business.  
An estimated 1 in 4 Americans watch Presley on the Milton Berle TV show.

As his "Rock Island Line" leads him directly into the American Top 10, 
Lonnie Donegan has been counting the money he could have made. 
Normally, a recording artist would earn a royalty based on sales - 
which from a universal hit like this could amount to several 
thousand pounds.  But Lonnie was a member of Chris Barberís band 
when he recorded the song, and received a flat session fee of less than 
ten pounds.  Nevertheless, the disc has made him an overnight star on 
both sides of the Atlantic, and should be the foundation for a solid solo 
career.  Under his new contract with Nixa, he will be receiving a 
royalty - which is good news, as his latest release, "Lost John", 
is currently zipping up the British chart.

North American disc jockey Alan Freed - the man who coined 
the phrase "rockíníroll" - is to be featured in a new Radio 
Luxembourg series.  Called "Jamboree", the show will be transmitted 
for two hours every Saturday from Europe to the UK.  If the series 
meets with a big response, Fred plans to bring a complete rockíníroll 
package show to Britain in the autumn.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Kenton Casts His Spell Over London Again [Stan Kenton at the Royal 
Albert Hall concert]

Hollywood's Howard Keel Opens in Style at Glasgow
 [Howard Keel in Glasgow]

Dave, Joan Pack Palladium [Dave King, Joan Regan at the Palladium]

Music and Laughter in Max's First Film [Max Bygraves in 'Charley Moon']

Frank Sinatra Writes [Sinatra writes about trip to London]

Welcome to the Two Billies [Billy Daniels and Billy Eckstine]

"Mr. B" is Greater than Ever [About Billy Eckstine]

Ted Heath Tells You [Ted Heath discusses US musical scene]

Sinatra Directs [Sinatra in "Johnny Concho"]

Other events:

April 18: Mr Macmillan, Chancellor of the Exchequer, introduced his 
"Savings" Budget yesterday: A £1 Premium Bond with prizes of up to 
£1,000; exemption from income tax, but not surtax, on the first £15 of 
Post Office savingsí interest; an increase of 2s a week from 8s to 10s, in 
Family Allowance, for the third and subsequent children; 2d on a packet 
of cigarettes; purchase tax to include shooting-brake type vehicles.

April 25: Segregation of Negro passengers on buses in Montgomery, 
Alabama ended today as a result of yesterdayís Supreme Court decision.  

April 30: Cdr. Lionel Kenneth Philip Crabb, 46, one of the Royal Navyís 
first frogman in the war, is missing, presumed dead, after underwater 
trials in the Portsmouth area.  It is understood that the accident was
 about a week ago.

April 12: The British Transport Commission is recruiting men in the 
West Indies for the railways.  The target is 1,000 men for all grades of 
employment.  A commission staff officer flew to Barbados on April 5 
and is interviewing recruits.

April 19:  Miss Grace Kelly, the American film actress, became her 
Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco in the throne room of the 
Palace in Monte Carlo at 11.30 am today, when she and Prince Ranier 
III were proclaimed man and wife.

April 28: Rocky Marciano, world heavyweight champion, who has 
won all of his 49 professional fights - 43 by knockout - announced 
his retirement in New York today.

April 1957

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Young Love - Tab Hunter 
2. Donít Forbid Me - Pat Boone
3. Long Tall Sally - Little Richard
4. Knee Deep In The Blues - Guy Mitchell
5. Banana Boat Song - Harry Belafonte
6. Cumberland Gap - Lonnie Donegan
7. Donít You Rock Me Daddy-O - Lonnie Donegan
8. Look Homeward Angel - Johnnie Ray
9. Cumberland Gap - Vipers
10. Only You - Platters

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Party Doll - Buddy Knox
2. Round And Round - Perry Como
3. Butterfly -Charlie Gracie
4. Butterfly - Andy Williams
5. Teen-age Crush - Tommy Sands
6. Iím Walkiní Fats Domino
7. Little Darliní -Diamonds
8. Young Love - Tab Hunter
9. Marianne - Terry Gilkyson
10. Why, Baby, Why? - Pat Boone

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Iím Walkiní - Fats Domino
Lucille - Little Richard
School Day - Chuck Berry
All Shook Up - Elvis Presley

US Country chart toppers this month:

Gone - Ferlin Husky

Some UK single 45 releases:

Too Much/Playiní For Keeps - Elvis Presley
Your True Love/Matchbox - Carl Perkins
Iím Walkiní - Fats Domino
Party Doll - Buddy Knox
Party Doll - Roy Brown
Party Doll - Steve Lawrence
Party Doll - Wingy Manone Orchestra
Party Doll - Ricky James
Forty Cups Of Coffee - Bill Haley & His Comets
Teenage Love/Paper Castles - Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
Love Is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia
Love Is Strange - Luther & Little Eva
Love Is Strange - Michael Holliday
Come Go With Me - Dell-Vikings
Iím Stickiní With You - Jimmy Bowen
Banana Boat Song/Tele-vee-shun - Stan Freburg
On My Word Of Honour - Platters
Latch On - Ron Hargrave
Step It Up And Go - Mac Wiseman
Pledge Of Love - Mitchell Torok
Lucky Lips - Ruth Brown
Hucklebuck - Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys
Rock-A-Billy - Guy Mitchell
Rock-A-Billy - Don Lang & His Frantic Five
Evermore - Billy Ward & The Dominoes
Rock Pretty Baby - Jimmy Daley & The Ding A Lings
My Idea Of Love - Johnny Olenn
Sun Tan Sam - Tommy Furtado
Blue Largo - Bill Doggett
Speak To Me - Sonny James
Ninety-Nine Ways - Tab Hunter
So Long- Johnnie Ray
Lonesome For My Baby - Ernie Chaffin
Butterfly - Andy Williams
Butterfly - Tony Brent
Kaw-Liga - Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys
Butterfingers/Cannibal Pot - Tommy Steele
We Will Make Love - Russ Hamilton
London Rock/Brighton Rock - Tony Crombie & His Rockets
Cumberland Gap - Dicky Bishop & The Sidekicks
A Poor Manís Roses/Walkiní After Midnight - Patsy Cline
A Poor Manís Roses - Patti Page
Walkiní After Midnight - Otis Williams & His Charms
Walkiní After Midnight - Jimmy Young
I Leaned On A Man - Tex Ritter
Almost Paradise - Lou Stein
Pots And Pans - Hank Hornsby
Pledge Of Love - Ken Copeland & The Mints
Mama Looka Boo Boo - Harry Belafonte
When I Fall In Love - Nat King Cole
This Younger Generation - Louis Armstrong
Avalon - Earl Bostic Orchestra
My House Is Your House - Matt Monro
Whatís Behind That Strange Door? - Frankie Vaughan
Gone - Slim Whitman
Pretty, Pretty - Billy Eckstine
The Town Crier - Al Hibbler
Whereíll I Be Tomorrow Night - Satisfiers
A Little Loneliness - Kay Starr
Two Hearts - Sunny Gale
The Boy On A Dolphin - Julie London
Please Donít Leave Me - Fontane Sisters
Johnny One Note - Ella Fitzgerald
Why Baby Why - Pat Boone
Ro-Ro-Robinson - Les Paul
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries - Hi-Loís
Calypso Joe - Anna Valentino
There Is No Cure For LíAmour - Eartha Kitt
The Big Beat - Dick Jacobs Orchestra
The Gift - David Seville Orchestra
Mr Wonderful - Yana
The Hippopotamus Song - Ian Wallace
Me Headís In De Barrel - Edna Savage
Robertsonís Rant - Jimmy Shand

Some L.P. releases:

Fats Rockiní & Rolliní - Fats Domino
Carry On Rockiní - Fats Domino
Tommy Steele Stage Show

Important events:

The unprepossessing 2-Iís coffee bar in the heart of Londonís 
Soho district is rapidly becoming Mecca to Britainís would-be 
recording stars. It was here, last autumn, that Tommy Steele was 
first noticed, strumming his guitar, and here also that The Vipers 
took their first steps - steps which have subsequently taken them 
into the charts with "Donít You Rock Me Daddy-O" and "Cumberland Gap".  
The latest discovery to take the eye of owner Paul Lincoln - once the
wrestling champion of New South Wales, Australia - is 18-year-old 
Terry Dene, from South London.  Formerly a packer at HMVís Oxford
Street record shop, Dene has already signed a recording contract with
Decca and is lined up to appear on "Six-Five Special".  
Lincoln rates his chances high enough to become "the next Tommy Steele".

Fats Dominoís latest R&B chart-topper is another of his own 
compositions, "Iím Walkiní" - but he could now face stiff competition
 from the newly-released version by Ricky Nelson, teenage star of the 
long-running American TV series "The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet".

The Everly Brothers are touring Mississippi in tent shows as their 
new single is released.  Manager Wesley Rose has persuaded Archie 
Bleyer at Cadence Records that the Everlys are the act that heís been 
looking for, but Bleyer doesnít think too much of their songs and 
suggests they record one thatís already been rejected by 30 acts - 
"Bye Bye Love" by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant.

The 1933 Young Persons Act, prohibiting any person under 15-years 
of age from broadcasting, prevented Frankie Lymon from appearing 
on the ATV show, "Sunday Night At The London Palladium"

In Chicago, Elvis Presley sings to 12,000 shrieking teenagers in a 
$2,500 gold leaf suit and $100 golden slippers.

The latest film actress to take lessons in pop singing is Joan Collins.

"The majority are nice, decent folks, but a few want to go around 
saying they beat up Elvis Presley.  Iím just like they are, with skin 
on my bones and blood in my veins - so what would be so big about 
beating me up?" - Elvis Presley

Hollywood producer Sam Katzman, whose "Rock Around The Clock" 
has already grossed $4 million, is now on a calypso kick and has just 
completed "Calypso Heat Wave".  Said the sage Katzman, "I want to get 
the picture out in a hurry because this calypso craze wonít last long.  
The kids like it now, but it will blow over.  They like something with a 
beat, something they can dance to - and calypso is not it!"

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

"Johnnie Ray is Now More 'Dignified.'" 

"Focus on Rock 'N' Roll." [Haley, Steele, Crombie, Boone, Presley, Donegan]

"Kapp Label Boss in London."

"End of Entertainment Tax will Benefit Music Fans."

"Good Prospects for British Discs." [Ted Heath, Lita Roza, Eve Boswell]

"Alan Dean - Back from the US - Has No Regrets." 

"Happy Memories of Britain." [Lena Horne]

"Time for Another Record Hit, Miss Clooney." 

"Lonnie Donnegan Skiffles Squeals from US Teenagers." 

"New Max Bygraves Hit Comes from the 'Heart.'" 

"Johnnie Ray is More Restrained - but Still Sets the Fans Alight." 

"Fans Swarm into London's First big Skiffle Show." 

"Fats Domino: He Writes for Others as Well as Himself." 

Other events:

April 24: Dr. Albert Schweitzer today gave a warning that radioactivity 
was a "catastrophe for the human race."  Further nuclear weapon
explosions would increase the danger of radiation to an alarming extent.  
Reports of radioactive rainfall were coming from all parts of the world. 
In several places the water was unfit to drink.  Japan was the only 
country where public opinion was demanding an end to nuclear tests.  
Britain, the United States and Russia had said they wanted to end them, 
but in these countries there was no public opinion asking for it.

April 5: Britain is to make the biggest change in defence policy ever 
undertaken in normal times.  There will be no further call-up after 1960.  
This means that the last National Servicemen will come out of the Forces
at the end of 1962.  The combined male strength of the British Forces is 
to be reduced this year from 690,000 to 625,000.  The aim is to stabilise 
an all-regular footing of 375,000 at the end of 1962.

April 10: Dr John Bodkin Adams, 58, of Eastbourne, was acquitted at 
the Old Bailey yesterday of the murder of Mrs Edith Alice Morrell, 81, 
a rich widow and his former patient.  Sir Reginald Manningham-Buller 
Q.C., Attorney-General, said the Crown would not proceed on a further 
indictment charging him with the murder of Mrs Gertrude Joyce Hullett.

April 9: Verdicts in the first show trial of "counter revolutionaries" in 
the Hungarian uprising were announced yesterday in a closely-guarded 
courtroom in Budapest.  Three of the eleven were sentenced to death.  
They included a woman medical student of 25, Ilona Toth.

April 15: Francoise Sagan, 22, authoress of  "Bonjour Tristesse" and 
"A Certain Smile" was seriously injured in a car accident near 
Fontainbleau this afternoon.  She had been spending the weekend 
at the home of Christian Dior, the fashion designer, who is at present 
in the United States.

April 9: Drapes and scaffolding were removed yesterday from a 
statue which, with its setting, may cause yet another Epstein controversy.  
Since it left a London foundry, Sir Jacob Epsteinís "Majestas", a 16ft 
representation of "Christ in Majesty" has been carefully hidden from 
public sight.  For 10 months it lay in its crate while restoration work 
went on round it in the 12th century cathedral at Llandaff, Glamorgan.  
The cathedral was severely damaged in the war.

April 11 (review): "The Entertainer".  John Osborne is certainly a 
dramatist of great promise.  He has the gift of conveying atmosphere,
 and - an actor himself - he can write parts for actors.   These important
 assets carry his new play "The Entertainer" at the Royal Court Theatre 
to what looks like a success on the scale of his "Look Back In Anger",
for they give Laurence Olivier the chance for a tour de force of 
impersonation and disguise.

April 4: Tom Finney, the Preston North End and England forward, 
was yesterday elected as "Footballer Of The Year" by the Football 
Writersí Association, thus becoming the first player to win this honour 
for the second time.  Duncan Edwards, John Charles, Roger Byrne and 
Stanley Matthews followed him in the order of voting results.

April 1: Against the odds, Cambridge have won the 1957 Boat Race by 
two lengths against a strong Oxford eight.

April 2: The B.B.C. made "April Fools" of many television viewers last 
night by showing a film apparently of spaghetti growing on trees. 
 It was broadcast at the end of the "Panorama" programme with great
 seriousness and a commentary by Richard Dimbleby, who referred to 
the exceptionally mild winter which had resulted in the unusually
 heavy spaghetti crop.  The film depicted women gathering the "crop" 
and laying it in receptacles.  Most viewers who phoned in seeking an 
explanation, took the joke good-humouredly, but there were a minority 
who thought it was childish and irresponsible.

April 1958

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Magic Moments/Catch A Falling Star - Perry Como
2. Donít/ I Beg Of You - Elvis Presley
3. Whole Lotta Woman - Marvin Rainwater
4. Nairobi - Tommy Steele
5. Maybe Baby - Crickets
6. La Dee Dah - Jackie Dennis
7. The Story Of My Life - Michael Holliday
8. Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard
9. Swinginí Shepherd Blues - Ted Heath
10. Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Tequila - Champs
2. Lollipop - Chordettes
3. Sweet Little Sixteen - Chuck Berry
4. Itís Too Soon To Know - Pat Boone
5. Whoís Sorry Now - Connie Francis
6. Donít/ I Beg Of You - Elvis Presley
7. Sail Along Silvery Moon/Raunchy - Billy Vaughn
8. Dinner With Drac - John Zacherle
9. Catch A Falling Star/Magic Moments - Perry Como
10. Sugartime - McGuire Sisters

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Tequila - Champs
Twilight Time - Platters

US Country chart toppers this month:

Ballad Of A Teenage Queen - Johnny Cash
Oh Lonesome Me - Don Gibson

Some UK single 45 releases:

Wear My Ring Around Your Neck/DoníCha Think Itís Time? - Elvis Presley
Breathless/Down The Line - Jerry Lee Lewis
Lend Me Your Comb/Thatís Right - Carl Perkins
Believe What You Say/My Bucketís Got A Hole In It - Ricky Nelson
Well, Well, Well, Well - Johnny Otis Show
Ainít Iím A Dog/Bop-A-Lena - Ronnie Self
Dizzy Miss Lizzy/Slow Down - Larry Williams
Crazy Girl - Charlie Gracie
Click Clack - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets
The Walk - Jimmy McCracklin
Betty And Dupree - Chuck Willis
Donít Let Go/Are You Sincere? - Platters
Oh, Lonesome Me/I Canít Stop Loving You - Don Gibson
Oh, Lonesome Me - Terry Wayne
Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay - Danny & The Juniors
Donít You Just Know It - Titans
Oh, Baby! Look At Me - Terry Noland
Hey, Hey I Love You - Gene Allison
Kathaleen - Sonny James
Bessie Baby - Jerry Reed
I Canít Dance - Faron Young
Now And For Always - George Hamilton IV
Headiní For The Poorhouse/Miss Thing - Silhouettes
Come-A Come-A - Bobbettes
Crazy Love/Let The Bells Keep Ringing - Paul Anka
The Last Drag - Voxpoppers
Take Me To Your Leader - Timmie Rogers
Dinner With Drac - John Zacherle
Tom Hark - Elias & His Zig-Zag Jive Flutes
Drum Village - Earl Palmer & His Ten Piece Rockiní Band
I Fell In Love - Mamie Van Doren
Lonesome Love - Wes Bryan
Wanda Jean - Bob Riley
Little Louie - Blossoms
Waterproof Eyes/You Shocked Me - Tiny Topsy
A Very Precious Love - Bonnie Guitar
A Very Precious Love - Slim Whitman
Little Miss Sunbeam - Eddie Arnold
All That I Want - Tabby West
Strolliní Girl - Johnnie Ray
A Foggy Day - Keely Smith/
The Lip - Keely Smith & Louis Prima
The Place - Johnny Brantleyís All Stars
Small Island - Les Paul & Mary Ford
You Sure Look Good To Me - Hilltoppers
Makiní My Mind Up - Jimmy Dean
Iíve Got Bells On My Heart - Don Rondo
Iíve Got Bells On My Heart - Jane Morgan
These Worldly Wonders - Patti Page
Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Billy Vaughan Orchestra
Lonesome Traveller - Tarriers
Sail Along Silvíry Moon - Five Dallas Boys
Canít Make Up My Mind - Chuck & Gary
Tread Softly Stranger - Jim Dale
Casey Jones - Laurie London
My Dream - Jackie Dennis
Lollipop - Mudlarks
Tequila - Don Lang & His Frantic Five
Tequila - Ted Heath Music
Tequila - Eddie Platt Orchestra
You Need Hands - Max Bygraves
The Pilot Fish And The Whale - Wally Fawkes & The Troglodytes
The Gay Gordons - Jimmy Shand Band

Important events:

When author Wolk Mankowitz returned to London from Africa,
after gathering material for his television series "The Killing Stones", 
he brought back a record which he thought might be suitable for the 
soundtrack.  The disc was "Tom Hark" by Elias & His Zig-Zag Jive Flutes -
a piece so arresting and unusual that ATVís switchboard was besieged 
with enquiries about it.  EMI learned of the commotion, quickly 
obtained the rights, and the outcome is that a bunch of six Africans, 
of Zulu descent, find themselves in the British Top 10.  
New though it is to our ears, this type of music - known locally as 
"Kwela" - has become so popular in South Africa that it has all but
 swept rockíníroll out of the reckoningÖ.and some enthusiasts claim 
that it will do the same thing here.

U.S. rockíníroller Charlie Gracie has returned to Britain for his 
second tour.

April 14: Laurie London, a 13-year-old boy from Londonís East End, 
reaches No. 1 in the U.S. with "Heís Got The Whole World In His Hands".  
Premiered on "Six-Five Special" last October, the song had been a 
moderate hit in the U.K. before, suddenly, it captured the imagination 
of American record-buyers, to whom Laurie is touted as "the English 
Paul Anka".

Pert and provocative Connie Francis - at 19 the youngest female hit 
parader for some time - has been trying to make it in show business 
ever since she was four, when she first appeared on a radio show
 presenting amateur talent.  Born Concetta Franconero, in Newark, 
New Jersey, she recently dubbed Tuesday Weld's singing voice in the 
film "Rock, Rock, Rock".  But after several vain attempts to find the 
pop charts, she was ready to give up music and enrolled at New York 
University.  However, to please her father, she recorded 'Who's Sorry Now' -
an oldie written in 1923 - and her singing career promptly took off, landing
her in the Top Five on both sides of the Atlantic.  Coincidentally, 
her only previous chart appearance was a minor US hit called 'The 
Majesty Of Love', which was a duet with current chart-topper Marvin 

Named after a potent Mexican drink, the rocking 'Tequila' has won 
overnight acclaim for instrumentalists, The Champs.  The number, 
written by sax player Chuck Rio, was only recorded to use up left-over 
time on a session by singer-guitarist Dave Burgess, but the resultant 
track was so instantly appealing that the owners of the Los Angeles 
abel Challenge, decided to release it ... under the name of The Champs.  
As the record began its meteoric rise to the very top of the US best sellers, 
Burgess and Rio roped in three musician friends to replace the session 
men who had played on the disc and took to the road under their new 
name. The founder of the Challenge label? - Gene Autry.  The name 
of Gene Autryís famous horse? - Champion.

"Breathless" - the new chart-stormer from Jerry Lee Lewis  - was 
composed by Otis Blackwell, the man who wrote "Donít Be Cruel" and 
"All Shook Up" for Elvis.

Army enlistment has not harmed Elvis Presleyís record sales: 
"Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" has become his 16th consecutive 
million seller.

April 10: Chuck Willis has died after collapsing with a stomach ulcer.  
He was aged 30.  Willis had recently crossed over into the rockíníroll 
mainstream with great success, scoring heavily with "C.C. Rider" in 
1957 and appearing on the new Dick Clark Show.  The ironically-titled 
"What Am I Living For"/"Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes" is about to 
be released.

A group of boys from the Bronx calling themselves Dion & The Belmonts 
have made their recording debut for the new Laurie label with "I Wonder 

In New York, ABC-Paramount have released a debut single by 16-year-old 
Carole King, "The Right Girl"/"Goiní Wild".  

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Pat Boone Rocked; now emerged as the foremost exponent of ballads and 
sentimental songs in the world in 58

Keith Fordyce: I go for Tommy Steeleís ĎPrincessí; both sides of Steeleís 
newest album are good, "The Duke Wore Jeans" and "Princess"

Jerry Lee Lewis dates for 37-day tour here; starts at Edmontonís Regal 
cinema on May 24th, 1958

Boone, Gracie (and wives) flying together; Pat Boone and Charlie Gracie 
fly to England together for Easter Parade.

Paul Anka phones Frankie first thing on his arrival home; once in NY, 
Anka called Frankie Vaughan to meet the man.

Charlie Gracie likes our Bank Holidays!; on his first visit to England, 
Gracie played on a Bank Holiday at the Hippodrome, now heíll play a 
different holiday at Easter.

Blond haired Shirley Luster aka June Christy gets jazz title "Queen of the 

Marvinís a whole lotta man!; Martin Rainwaterís "Whole Lotta Woman" 
helps land him a tour of Britain. And heís fat!

Slim Whitman is a tender balladeer; Whitman releases "A very precious 

Pat Boone wants to return for a month in later summer; wants a longer 
tour than the "lightning fast" Easter tour.

Four-page "Six-Five Special" Film Supplement; Lonnie Donegan, 
Dickie Valentine, Petula Clark, Jim Dale, Joan Regan, Russ Hamilton. Notes on the film how it was made and interviews.

Elvis liking Army food!; Heís a good old American Boy, no music for Elvis

Marriage for soldier Presley?; Elvis and Natalie Wood just "pals?" 

Mr. Magic Momentís sex appeal!; Perry Como can make the girls crazy, 
even though heís middle aged.

Paul Ankaís slow beat is real gone!; Symphonic rock is his new style in 
"Crazy Love"

Guy Mitchell plans return next month; variety shows and TV for 
Mitchellís next visit to Britain.

Ted Heath Ďswingsí up to No.3; "Swinginí Shepherd Blues" and 
"Tequila" are big hits in his 12 years of fame

Pat Boone talk about his fervent British fans!; he likes Britain.

Frankie Laine is back again!; "My Gal And A Prayer" is his best effort 
for a while.

No Truth the "6.5 Special" will be withdrawn  -OFFICIAL; Rumour was 
wrong says BBC

Elvis too busy for shows; Elvis gets basic training in the Army.

Keith Goodwin writes about two vocal groups who are new to the charts; 
the Chordettes and the Champs.

Other events:

April 5: Britainís anti-H-bomb protestors began their 50-mile march 
from London to the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at 
Aldermaston, Berkshire.  It had the air of an Easter carnival, although 
one of its leaders, Michael Foot, described it as "a crusade".  From 
Trafalgar Square to the first halt, the Albert Memorial, marchers were 
supposed to remain silent.  But they laughed, talked and "skiffled" their 
way along.  At the memorial, a group of bowler-hatted young men, with 
some girls, jived to the tune of the "Red Flag" which was played on a mouth 

April 30: Egypt, under an agreement initialled in Rome today, will pay
 shareholders of the Suez Canal Co. about 29 million pounds in seven 
instalments over six years as compensation for the nationalisation of 
the Canal.

April 23: Speaking with quiet dignity, Princess Margaret to-day 
inaugurated the first Federal Legislature of the West Indies in a 
ceremony in Port Of Spain, Trinidad, which she described as 
"a great political occasion." 

April 18: Declaring open the Brussels International Exhibition today, 
King Baudouin of the Belgians said its aim was to "revive the atmosphere 
of collaboration and peace".  Fifty-three countries and international 
organisations are represented.

April 7: Cambridge won the 104th Boat Race on Saturday, the official 
verdict being 3 Ĺ lengths.  Their time 18min 15 sec, has only twice been 

April 1959

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Side Saddle - Russ Conway
2. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Platters 
3. It Doesnít Matter Any More - Buddy Holly
4. My Happiness - Connie Francis
5. As I Love You - Shirley Bassey
6. Petite Fleur - Chris Barber
7. Stagger Lee - Lloyd Price 
8. Pub With No Beer - Slim Dusty
9. Little Drummer Boy - Beverly Sisters
10.Gigi - Billy Eckstine

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Venus - Frankie Avalon
2. Come Softly To Me - Fleetwoods
3. Charlie Brown - Coasters
4. Itís Just A Matter Of Time - Brook Benton
5. Tragedy - Thomas Wayne
6. Alvinís Harmonica - Chipmunks
7. Never Be Anyone Else But You - Ricky Nelson
8. Pink Shoelaces - Dodie Stevens
9. Iíve Had It - Bell Notes
10. Itís Late - Ricky Nelson

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Itís Just A Matter Of Time - Brook Benton

US Country chart toppers this month:

When Itís Springtime In Alaska - Johnny Horton
White Lightning - George Jones

Some UK single 45 releases:

A Fool Such As I/I Need Your Love Tonight - Elvis Presley
Loviní Up A Storm/Big Bloní Baby - Jerry Lee Lewis
Almost Grown/Little Queenie - Chuck Berry
Margo, Donít Go/Donít Knock Upon My Door - Billy Fury
She Said "Yeah"/Bad Boy - Larry Williams
Sea Cruise/Roberta - Frankie Ford
Luther Played The Boogie/Thanks A Lot - Johnny Cash
Loveís Made A Fool Of You - Crickets
This Should Go On Forever - Rod Bernard
I Never Felt Like This - Jack Scott
Thatís Why - Jackie Wilson
Mean Streak/Never Mind - Cliff Richard
Please Donít Touch - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) - Impalas
So Much/Oh Yeah - Little Anthony & The Imperials
Bonaparteís Retreat - Billy Grammar
Tragedy - Thomas Wayne
White Lightening - George Jones
I Ainít Gettiní Rid Of You - Tommy Sands
Yea-Yea - Dale Hawkins
I Ainít Giviní Up Nothiní - Ben Hewitt
Break The Chain - Tommy Zang
(Iím Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over - Clyde McPhatter
Baby, Wonít You Please Come Home - Big Maybelle
Crystal/Teach Me - Monograms
You - Johnny Otis Show & Mel Williams
Turvy Parts 1 & 2 - Cozy Cole
Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha - Sam Cooke
Be Mine - Ernestine Anderson
The Happy Organ - Dave "Baby" Cortez
Come Softly To Me - Fleetwoods
Come Softly To Me - Richard Barrett & The Chantels
Come Softly To Me - Craig Douglas
Come Softly To Me - Ronnie Height
Iíve Waited So Long/Satíday Night Rock-A-Boogie - Anthony Newley
Mister Dee-Jay - Cinderellas
Little Joe - Doubles
Star Love/The Thing-A-Ma-Jig - Playmates
Guitar Boogie Shuffle - Bert Weedon
Love For Sale - Shirley Bassey
If I Didnít Care - Connie Francis
I Miss You So - Paul Anka
Turn Me Loose - Fabian
Blackeyed Susie - Tennessee Ernie Ford
Tell Him No - Travis & Bob
Tell Him No - Jackson Brothers
Everlasting Love - Buck Owens
Anybodyís Girl - Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys
Weíre Talking It Over - Faron Young
The Tijuana Jail - Kingston Trio
Does Your Heart Beat For Me? - Betty Johnson
Straight As An Arrow - Art & Dottie Todd
To Love And Be Loved - Frank Sinatra
Boom Shot - Glenn Miller
Fascinating Rhythm - Frank DíRone
Crush Me/Mary Lou - Jerry Angelo
Pink Shoelaces - Alma Cogan
Time Flies - Mudlarks
Ding Ding - Bachelors

L.P. Release:

Sands Storm - Tommy Sands

Important events:

Recorded only weeks before his death, 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore' has vaulted 
the late Buddy Holly to No. 1, emphasising what a truly great artist we have lost.  
Holly's performance of the Paul Anka song, set in a lush string arrangement, 
obviously heralded a new chapter in the singer's development.  A tribute disc, 
dedicated to the stars who died in the tragic plane crash, has appeared in the US 
Top 20.  In 'Three Stars', Tommy Dee discusses all three individually - concluding 
'Gee, we're going to miss you; everybody sends their love'.  Meanwhile, The Crickets 
from whom Holly split last year have regrouped.  Drummer Jerry Allison and bassist J
oe Mauldin have been joined by guitarist Sonny Curtis and vocalist Earl Sinks.  
Their first release, 'Love's Made A Fool Of You' - written by Holly - is currently 
climbing the NME Top 30.

The BBC have cancelled their series, "Dig This", and are hoping for better results with a 
new teenage programme, "Drumbeat", featuring the latest singing star, Adam Faith.

"When I play variety dates, a lot of the older people in the audience are very disturbed 
by the continual noise of the kids.  I sometimes wish that I could do a show that wasn't 
swamped with screaming . . . but I do admit, I'd certainly miss it." - Cliff Richard

In the States, Chuck Berry has acquired a solid reputation as the chronicler of the 
rock'n'roll generation, with his colourful songs about the inconvenience of school, 
the vexation of parents, the magic of rock music, the excitement of fast cars, 
the anxieties of dating, and other teen topics.  A consistent US seller, he's been 
absent from British charts for a year - but his new release, 'Almost Grown', should 
restore his popularity.

"Come Softly To Me" has brought international recognition to vocal trio, 
The Fleetwoods - in which handsome Gary Troxell is ably supported by 
two slim and pretty blue-eyed blondes, Gretchen Christopher and 
Barbara Ellis.  All are senior students at Olympia High School in 
Washington State.  A mutual interest in songwriting brought them 
together and they pooled their ideas to create 'Come Softly To Me' - 
a dreamy, intricately woven ballad which immediately won them a 
contract with the independent Dolphin label.  The song also fired the 
imagination of America's vast record-buying public, who took it to 
their hearts, sending it to No. 1.  Having savoured the sweet smell of 
success in the States, The Fleetwoods are now keeping a watchful eye 
on Britain, where they are already in the Top 10.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Jack Good says, Harry Robinson and I are good Friends. "Oh Boy" 
producer is buddies with Robinson even after the "Lord Rockingham" 

British stars have given the Americans a good run for disc supremacy. 
Lots of happy Brits on the charts.

Dickieís Done it!; after 66 weeks off the charts "Venus" brings Valentine back.

Russ Conway, Marty Wilde, Lita Roza, Billy Fury summer plans 
revealed - coastal resort tours for all!

"Is that what I look like when Iím singing?" asks Marty Wilde; 
sees pictures of himself recording "Donna" 

Pet Clark to wax albums in Hollywood; Petula Clark goes to US.

The Coastersí "Charlie Brown" - BBC bans it then un-bans it.

Shirley Bassey says no more; Doesnít want another record in the hit parade.

Frankie Vaughan in 100,000 pound 4-year Las Vegas deal; money 
money money in the desert.

Conway Twitty flying over here for "Oh Boy" appearances. 

Elvis confesses. The girl I canít forget. His high school sweet-heart and 
what he expects when he comes to Britain.

Lonnie Donegan signs to star in major film. "The Hellion" stars Donegan 
as a musician in a band.

Keith Goodwin. How I remember Buddy. The late Buddy Holly is 
everyoneís hero

Other events:

April 8: Mr Heathcote Amory, Chancellor of the Exchequer, introducing
 his second Budget in the House of Commons yesterday, proposed tax 
reliefs totalling 295 million pounds this year and 360 million pounds 
in a full year.  Chief changes were: Income tax: standard rate reduced 
by 9d to 7s9d in the pounds; Purchase tax: 60% rate cut to 50%, 30%

 to 25%, 15% to 12.5%; Beer: duty down by 2d a pint.

April 22: Dame Margot Fonteyn, 39, the ballerina, was today being 
held incommunicado in a gaol in Panama City.  Her husband, Dr 
Roberto Arias, 40, former Panamanian Ambassador in London, is 
being hunted by National Guards in the hills around his country 
estate near Santa Clara, 75 miles from Panama City.

April 3: The Dalai Lama has crossed safely into India and will be granted 
asylum by the Indian Government, it was announced in diplomatic 
quarters here tonight.  It was believed that Mr Nehru, Indian Prime
Minister, felt bound to give at least temporary refuge to the Tibetan leader.

April 4: Survey work on the Channel Tunnel project, restarted in 1958, 
is being carried one stage further.  The idea of effortless non-stop 
journeys to the Continent was mooted nearly a century ago.  
But it has still to be established whether an under-water tunnel is a 
practical engineering proposition.

April 10: Frank Lloyd Wright, who has died at the age of 89, was a 
pioneer of modern architecture, whose name was familiar throughout 
the world.  An American of Welsh Nonconformist parentage, he had for 
many years exerted a powerful influence on design.

April 12: England 1 (Charlton, 61 minutes) Scotland 0.  
England: Hopkinson (Bolton); Howe (WBA), Shaw (Sheff Utd); Clayton 
(Blackburn), Wright (Wolves), Flowers (Wolves); Douglas (Blackburn), 
Broadbent (Wolves), Charlton (Man Utd), Haynes (Fulham), Holden (Bolton).  
Scotland: Brown (Dundee); McKay (Celtic), Caldow (Rangers); 
Docherty (Arsenal), Evans (Celtic), Mackay (Spurs); Leggat (Fulham), 
Collins (Everton), Herd (Arsenal), Dick (West Ham), Ormond (Hibernian).

April 1960

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. My Old Manís A Dustman - Lonnie Donegan
2. Running Bear - Johnny Preston 
3. Fall In Love With You - Cliff Richard
4. Theme from "A Summer Place" - Percy Faith
5. Delaware - Perry Como
6. What In The Worldís Come Over You - Jack Scott
7. Fings Ainít What They Used To Be - Max Bygraves
8. Poor Me - Adam Faith
9. Handy Man - Jimmy Jones 
10. Do You Mind? - Anthony Newley

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Theme From "A Summer Place" - Percy Faith
2. Wild One - Bobby Rydell
3. Heíll Have To Go - Jim Reeves
4. Puppy Love - Paul Anka
5. Sweet Nothinís - Brenda Lee
6. Baby (Youíve Got What It Takes) - Brook Benton & Dinah Washington
7. Handy Man - Jimmy Jones 
8. Harbour Lights - Platters
9. Forever - Little Dippers
10. O Dio Mio - Annette

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Baby (Youíve Got What It Takes) - Dinah Washington & Brook Benton
Fannie Mae - Buster Brown
White Silver Sands - Bill Blackís Combo

US Country chart toppers this month:

Heíll Have To Go - Jim Reeves

Some UK single 45 releases:

Stuck On You/Fame And Fortune - Elvis Presley
Cathyís Clown - Everly Brothers (WB1)
Shazam! - Duane Eddy
Road Runner - Bo Diddley
Money - Barrett Strong
Lonely Weekends - Charlie Rich
Clara/Lonely Hours - Ronnie Hawkins
The Old Payola Roll Blues (Part 1)/ShíBoom - Stan Freburg
Besame Mucho Parts 1 & 2 - Coasters
Just A Little Bit - Rosco Gordon
Dogginí Around - Jackie Wilson
Mashed Potatoes Parts 1 & 2 - Nat Kendrick & The Swans (James Brown)
Let The Little Girl Dance - Billy Bland
Baby, My Heart/More Than I Can Say - Crickets
I Love The Way You Love - Marv Johnson
Bad, Bad Whiskey/One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer - Amos Milburn
Letís Jump The Broomstick - Brenda Lee
Cradle Of Love - Johnny Preston
Cradle Of Love - Pinky & Perky
For Love - Lloyd Price
Mountain Of Love - Harold Dorman
White Silver Sands - Bill Blackís Combo
Just One Time - Don Gibson
Go On Home/Pledging My Love - Sanford Clark
Twelfth Of Never - Johnny Mathis
What Will I Tell My Heart - Phil Phillips
Baby What You Want Me To Do - Jimmy Reed
Candy Kisses/Tamiami - Bill Haley
Sixteen Reasons - Connie Stevens
Sixteen Reasons - Sheila Buxton
Sixteen Reasons - Marion Ryan
Cookie, Cookie (Lend Me Your Comb) - Edd Byrnes & Connie Stevens
Cominí Down With Love - Mel Gadson 
Telegraph - Atmospheres
Foot-Patter - Fireballs
Bongo Boogie - Preston Epps
The Slop Beat - Teen Beats
Sweet Dreams - Dave Sampson & The Hunters
Chick AíRoo - Ricky Wayne & The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers
The Fat Noise - Jack Goodís Fat Noise
Donít Deceive Me - Ruth Brown
Cherry Pie - Skip & Flip
Iím The Little Space Girlís Father - Jesse Lee Turner
Chattanooga Choo Choo - Ernie Fields Orchestra
The Lonely Man Theme - Cliff Adams Orchestra
Seventy-Seven, Sunset Strip - Don Ralke Orchestra
Chicken Thief - Kalin Twins
So Mean - Johnny October
Good Gravy - Tommy Hawke
Above And Beyond - Buck Owens
Dream Talk - Chas McDevitt & Shirley Douglas
Earth Angel - Johnny Tillotson
How Deep Is The Ocean - Miss Toni Fisher
Moon Girl - Anita Carter
Youíre Singing Our Love Song To Somebody Else - Jerry Wallace
Youíre Singing Our Love Song To Somebody Else - Dickie Pride
You Donít Know Me - Lenny Welch
Princess - Little Tony & His Brothers
Made To Be Loved - Johnny Yukon
Got A Girl - Four Preps
Greenfields - Brothers Four
Someone Loves You, Joe - Singing Belles
The Partyís Over - Yank Lawson & The Yankee Clippers
Rosemary - Brian Hyland
Now, Now, Now - Jerry Keller
The Faithful Kind - Frankie Avalon
My Love Doesnít Love Me At All - Jane Morgan
Paper Roses - Anita Bryant
O Dio Mio - Annette
Roll, River, Roll - Slim Whitman
Joey, Joey, Joey - Frank DíRone
Cindy - Teddy Vann
Madison Time - Vernons Girls & Jimmy Saville
Heart Of A Teenage Girl - Craig Douglas
The Happy Birthday Song - The Singing Reindeer

Important events:

April 16/17: Following a concert at the Bristol Hippodrome, Eddie Cochran, 
Gene Vincent, Sharon Sheeley (Cochranís fiancťe) and tour manager Patrick 
Thompkins set off for London in a Ford Consul taxi driven by a local 19-year old 
youth, George Martin.  Cochran was in a hurry, as he was due to fly back to America 
from Heathrow Airport the next afternoon.  Averaging 70 mph, the taxi reached 
Chippenham, Wiltshire at midnight.  However, the driver had lost his sense of 
direction and control of the vehicle.  As he emerged from beneath a railway viaduct, 
the car hit the curb, careering 150-yards before crashing into a concrete lampstand.  
The impact threw Cochran upwards against the car roof and then through the door 
and on to the road.  Gene Vincent suffered a fractured collar-bone and Sheeley back 
and pelvic injuries, while Thompkins and the driver escaped relatively unhurt.  
At 4 p.m. Easter Sunday, 16 hours after the accident, Eddie Cochran died in hospital in 
Bath, Somerset as a result of severe brain lacerations.  He was buried at Forest Lawn 
Cemetery, Glendale, California, on April 25.  Born on October 3, 1938 in Oklahoma 
City, Cochran was a most accomplished singer and guitarist, best remembered for hits 
such as '20 Flight Rock', 'Summertime Blues', 'C'Mon Everybody', 'Somethin' Else' and 
'Hallelujah, I Love Her So'.  He also made guest appearances in such movies as 
"The Girl Can't Help It", "Go Johnny Go" and "Untamed Youth."  A new single, with 
the sadly prophetic title 'Three Steps To Heaven' is being considered for release by
London Records, his British label.
(N.B. - this is a contemporary account adapted from the ĎNew Musical Expressí report 
following the accident.  For a more detailed, measured and moving account and tribute, 
see Phil Daviesí article in our list archive at 

April 23: Direct from Manchester, ABC-TV screened the first edition of celebrated 
producer Jack "Oh Boy!" Good's new weekly rock'n'roll extravaganza, "Wham!". 
The first show featured Billy Fury, Joe Brown, Jess Conrad, Dickie Pride, Little Tony, 
Vince Taylor and Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. Critics' response?  A hit!

April 14: Billy Fury is at Deccaís Studio 3 at West Hampstead, London to record the 
10-inch album "The Sound Of Fury".  Jack Good produces.  Backing musicians are 
Joe Brown (guitar), Reg Guest (piano), Andy White (drums) and bassists Bill Stark 
(acoustic) and Alan Weighell (electric).  To complement their efforts, Billy has chartered, 
at his own expense, a light aircraft to fly some old friends from Liverpool - a vocal group 
named The Four Jays (later to become The Fourmost)

In an effort to frighten off all but legitimately-interested parties, Colonel Tom Parker
has set the non-negotiable price of $150,000 for any future Elvis Presley concert 
performances.  So far, this has proved even more effective than the Colonel 
anticipated: there are no takers!  The Colonel's price tag is understandable, given 
the news that Presley has been named America's best-selling recording artist at the first 
presentation of the NARM Awards - a new annual prize-giving ceremony instigated by the 
National Association of Record Merchants. Connie Francis's manager may follow suit. 
His client was named top-selling female artist.

UK chart newcomer Lance 'Be Mine' Fortune and US singer Jerry 'Here Comes Summer' 
Keller have replaced the late Eddie Cochran on Gene Vincent's current UK tour.	

Elvis Presley has gone back in uniform on Paramount Pictures' Hollywood lot to 
commence filming "G.I. Blues"

Pye Records have released 'This Is Hancock', a collection of U.K. comedian 
Tony Hancock's best radio sketches.		

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

A Visit to Cliff Richardís New Home!

What happened whenÖ Elvis Started Waxing Again

A Big Welcome to the Everly Brothers. Everly Brothers, British tour

Cliff and Tony meet the Duke. Cliff Richard, Anthony Newley, Duke of Edinburgh

Duane Eddy. I Love British Audiences. 

The Everly Brothers are Great Performers. Everly Brothers, concert review

The Hush-Hush Entertainer. Johnny Preston, American success

Cliff and Lonnie. Cliff Richard, Lonnie Donegan, American tour

20-Year-Old to watch this year. Rod Lauren, debut

Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran rave about the same girl! musical partnership, 
interview, biographical

Joan Reganís zippers broke during dance with Mike Wilding. Joan Regan, BBC-TV, 
"Be My Guest"

Boom, Bam, Here Comes Wham(3). ABC-TV, Joe Brown, Jess Conrad, Billy Fury, 
Dickie Pride, Little Tony

Injured Gene Vincent pays tribute to pal  Eddie Cochran

The Cruel Tragedy of Eddie Cochran. Eddie Cochran, auto accident, death

Furious or Fascinated? fans opinions, Darin/Eddy tour

Two Top Guitarists. Duane Eddy, Burt Weedon, interview, biographical

Keith Kelly Wrote Hit in the Tube. Keith Kelly, "Tease Me"

Young Brenda Lee is an atom bombshell of pleasure. 

Connie Returns - In Strange Circumstances. Connie Francis, fourth British tour

Freddy Cannon, Conway Twitty kept travelling. Freddy Cannon, Conway Twitty, British tour

April 1961

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Wooden Heart - Elvis Presley
2. Walk Right Back/Ebony Eyes - Everly Brothers
3. Are You Sure - Allisons
4. Theme For A Dream - Cliff Richard
5. My Kind Of Girl - Matt Monro
6. Lazy River - Bobby Darin
7. Exodus - Ferrante & Teicher
8. And The Heavens Cried - Anthony Newley
9. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - Shirelles 
10. Riders In The Sky - Ramrods

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Blue Moon - Marcels
2. Apache - Jorgen Ingmann
3. Surrender - Elvis Presley
4. Pony Time - Chubby Checker
5. Dedicated To The One I Love - Shirelles
6. Donít Worry - Marty Robbins
7. On The Rebound - Floyd Cramer
8. Walk Right Back - Everly Brothers
9. Runaway - Del Shannon
10. But I Do - Clarence Henry

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Blue Moon - Marcels
One Mint Julep - Ray Charles
Mother-In-Law - Ernie K-Doe

US Country chart toppers this month:

Donít Worry - Marty Robbins

Some UK single 45 releases:

Whatíd I Say/Liviní Loviní Wreck - Jerry Lee Lewis
Shu-Rah/Fell In Love On Monday - Fats Domino
Theme From Dixie - Duane Eddy
Ling-Ting-Tong - Buddy Knox
Letís Go Again (Where We Went Last Night)/Deep Blue Sea - 
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
Halfway To Paradise/Cross My Heart - Billy Fury
That Lucky Old Sun - Velvets
Dedicated To The One I Love - Shirelles
Some Kind Of Wonderful - Drifters
To Be Loved - Pentagons
Mother-In-Law - Ernie K-Doe
But I Do - Clarence "Frogman" Henry
Please Love Me Forever - Cathy Jean & The Roomates
Happy Birthday Blues - Kathy Young with The Innocents
I Love To Love You - Phil Phillips
On The Rebound/Mood Indigo - Floyd Cramer
Come On Over - Strollers
The Continental Walk - Rollers
Look For Me, Iíll Be There - Earl Sinks
Have A Drink On Me/Seven Daffodils - Lonnie Donegan
Top Forty, News, Weather And Sport - Mark Dinning
Girl Machine - Johnny Walsh
Hello Walls - Faron Young
Little Lonely One - Jarmels
Baby Blue - Echoes
At Last - Etta James
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay - Gene McDaniels
Love Or Money - Blackwells
Young In Love - Lancers
High Noon - SaltíníPepper
Happy Ending - Teddy Randazzo
Sweet Little Kathy - Ray Peterson
Cannonball Caboose - Cannonballs
Tonight, My Love, Tonight - Paul Anka
Momma-Poppa - Kalin Twins
Grapevine - Fabian
The Charanga - Merv Griffin
Please Love Me Forever - Sunny Gale
Like Long Hair - Paul Revere & The Raiders
Lonesome Road - Mirriam Johnson
Where Your Arms Used To Be - Billy Strange
Fooliní Around - Kay Starr
Do Whatcha Want - Damita Jo
Little Miss Stuck-Up - Playmates
Bonanza - Al Caiola
Mr Guitar - Bert Weedon
The Misfits - Don Costa Orchestra
My Blue Heaven - Frank Sinatra
Rockiní At The Phil - Scorpions
Easy Going Me - Adam Faith
Easy To Dream - Dave Sampson & The Hunters
Sucu-Sucu - Nina & Frederick
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay - Craig Douglas
Love Or Money - Jimmy Crawford
Three Old Maids - Pete Chester Group
The Ghoul Friend - Ravens Rock Group
When Mexico Gave Up The Rumba - Mudlarks
Roch Lomond - Mus-Twangs
This Pullover - Jess Conrad

Important events:

The major British pop event of the year - the NME Annual Readersí Poll Winners 
Concert at Wembley Pool, London - was held on March 5.  Among those appearing 
were The John Barry Seven, Alma Cogan, Russ Conway, Lonnie Donegan, Adam Faith, 
Emile Ford, Connie Francis, Billy Fury, Ted Heath & His Music, The King Brothers, 
Jerry Lordan, Bob Millerís Millermen, The Mudlarks, Cliff Richard & The Shadows, 
Bert Weedon and Mark Wynter.

The 4,000-seater Bloch Arena, Pearl Harbour, Honolulu, was the location for what 
looks like becoming Elvis Presleyís last concert appearance for some time.  
Staged as a benefit for the USS Arizona Memorial Fund, the concert featured Elvis 
performing "Heartbreak Hotel", "All Shook Up", "A Fool Such As I", "I Got A Woman", 
"Love Me", "Such A Night", "Reconsider Baby", "I Need Your Love Tonight", 
"Thatís All Right", "Donít Be Cruel", "One Night", "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", 
"Itís Now Or Never", "Swing Down Sweet Chariot" and "Hound Dog".  With film work 
seeming to take up all of Presleyís energy and enthusiasm, concert appearances 
and tours seem to be a low priority in the foreseeable future.  Elvis is in Hawaii to 
film "Blue Hawaii"

All-American hot rockiní instrumental combo Johnny & The Hurricanes have
just celebrated their sixth UK Top 20 hit in 14 months with "Ja-Da".  
Firmly established as one of the most consistent transatlantic recording acts, 
The Hurricanes - led by 19-year-old tenorman Johnny Paris - specialise in 
modernising pre-rock era oldies.

"Weíre often asked whether the fact that weíre brothers has ever been a handicap 
in our careers.  The way they figure it is that most brothers quarrel, and in our 
case if thereís no harmony behind the scenes, itís not very likely that thereíll 
be much on stage" : The Everly Brothers

The Allisonís "Are You Sure" was placed second in the "Song For Europe"

Cliff Richard & The Shadows have opened their South African tour in Johannesburg.

March 10 - Jeff Barry, co-writer of "Tell Laura I Love Her", signs a 10-year contract 
with Trinity Music.

March 27 - Rick Nelson cuts "My One Desire" 

Beatlesí manager Alan Williams has secured a three month residency at Hamburgís 
Top Ten Club for the Liverpool group.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Matt Monro Booked for Ed Sullivan TV

Cliff Richard, Shadows for Late Blackpool Season. Cliff Richard, Shadows, David 
Whitfield, Russ Conway, possible shows

Jerry Lordanís Tune No.2 in America. Jerry Lordan, success, "Apache"

Sinatra and Presley Rivals for NARAS Disc Awards. 

Mathis Debut Here: Return of Anka: Kaye London Film

Joan Regan TV Shows may be Shown in U.S.

Do Allisons and Brook Brothers Copy Everlyís?

Composer's Children sealed Buzzís Baby Sittiní Success

Gene Pitney Hails from Rockville. Gene Pitney, TV

Eddie Cochran, posthumous success, LP sales

Lonnie Donegan Becomes Peachy Oak

Is It Sincere or Bad Taste? Craig Douglas, Lyric Controversy

Can Connie Double Sales? Connie Francis, new film

Adam Faith Has Girl Troubles. Adam Faith, lyrics to song

Connie Francis Sings Winner. Connie Francis, Oscar, Best Song

Paul Anka Offered Fortune to Switch Disk Labels. Paul Anka, contract

Freddy Cannon has a Soft Spot for U.K.

Hereís What Became of Jimmie Rodgers! Jimmie Rodgers, news

He Signed Presley for $40,000. Steve Sholes, deals

Temperance 7 turn Life Lines into Laugh Lines. Temperance 7, group profile

Ray Charles Wins 4 Grammys. Ray Charles, grammy winners

Influx of Jazz to Charts may help Della Reese. 

Can Girls Really Rock? Connie Francis, Helen Shapiro, Carla Thomas, roles

The Marcels ĎBlue Mooní has Both Sides Raving. 

Temperance 7 to Invade Palladium TV

Gene is Back. Gene Vincent, back in U.K.

Presleyís Pianist, Floyd Cramer, background

Singer-Guitarist Del Shannon. Del Shannon, break into Show Business

ĎGee Whizí Release made Cliff Richard Angry. Cliff Richard, singleís success

Johnny Burnette is Big Boy Glad Now. Johnny Burnette, news

Connie Francis Great Fun in First Film. Connie Francis, movie

April 1962

UK Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Wonderful Land - Shadows
2. Tell Me What He Said - Helen Shapiro
3. Dream Baby - Roy Orbison
4. Rock-a-Hula Baby/Canít Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley 
5. Wimoweh - Karl Denver 
6. Stranger On The Shore - Acker Bilk
7. Twistiní The Night Away - Sam Cooke
8. Hey Little Girl - Del Shannon
9. Hole In The Ground - Bernard Cribbins
10. Softly As I Leave You - Matt Monro

US Top Ten (first week of the month):

1. Johnny Angel - Shelley Fabares
2. Donít Break The Heart That Loves You - Connie Francis
3. Good Luck Charm - Elvis Presley
4. Slow Twistiní - Chubby Checker
5. Dream Baby - Roy Orbison
6. Hey! Baby - Bruce Channel
7. Midnight In Moscow - Kenny Ball
8. Young World - Rick Nelson
9. Love Letters - Ketty Lester
10. Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp

US R&B chart toppers this month:

Twistiní The Night Away - Sam Cooke
Soul Twist - King Curtis & The Noble Knights
Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp

US Country chart toppers this month:

Sheís Got You - Patsy Cline
Charlieís Shoes - Billy Walker

Some UK single 45 releases:

A Night At Daddy Geeís - Curtis Lee
Lover Please - Clyde McPhatter
Lover Please - Dennis Turner
Whatíd I Say - Bobby Darin
Pop-Eye - Huey "Piano" Smith
Last Night Was Made For Love/A King For Tonight - Billy Fury
Donít Play That Song (You Lied) - Ben E King
If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me - Wanda Jackson
Salvation - Johnny & The Hurricanes
Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp
Twist, Twist Senora - Gary U.S. Bonds
Experiment In Terror - Champs
Somethingís Got A Hold On Me - Etta James
Just Got To Know - Jimmy McCracklin (last Top Rank issue)
Big Man In A Big House - Leroy Van Dyke
Donít Break The Heart That Loves You - Connie Francis
You Made Me Love You - Jo Ann Campbell
Johnny Angel - Shelley Fabares
Do The New Continental - Dovells
Checkered Continental Pants - Tad & The Small Fry
Twistwatch - String-A-Longs
Come Back Silly Girl - Lettermen
Mister Jones - John D Loudermilk
Big Mouth Bill - Phil McLean
The Wild Side Of Life - Hank Thompson
She Canít Find Her Keys - Paul Peterson & Shelley Fabares
Everybodyís Doiní The Twist - Streamliners & Joanne
Hurtiní Inside (Twist) - Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers with The Peppermints
Twist Little Sister - Brian Poole & The Tremeloes
The Mexican - Fentones
As You Like It - Adam Faith
One Good Solid 24-Carat Reason - Jerry Lordan
Cinderella - Jack Ross
Quando, Quando, Quando - Pat Boone
Most People Get Married - Patti Page
Funny Way Of Laughiní - Burl Ives
Come Outside - Mike Sarne & Wendy Richard
Letís Talk About Love - Helen Shapiro
Youíll Never Walk Alone - Shirley Bassey
Cowboy Jock From Skye - Andy Stewart

Important events:

No less than four Twist singles are featured in the US Top 20 as the craze takes a hold.  
Chubby Checkerís "The Twist" is at #5, while Joey Dee and The Starlightersí "Peppermint 
Twist" holds down the #9 slot, Gary US Bonds' "Dear Lady Twist" is at #11 and Billy Joe & 
The Checkmates' "Percolator Twist" is at #27.  Meanwhile, a spot-check of New Yorkís 
Temple of Twist - The Peppermint Lounge on West 45th Street - reveals that the Big 
Appleís most popular Twist albums are: 1. Chubby Checker: "For Twisters Only"; 2.
Chubby Checker: "Letís Twist Again"; 3. Chubby Checker: "Your Twist Party"; 4. Ray 
Charles: "Do The Twist"; 5. Joey Dee: "Doiní The Twist Live At The Peppermint Lounge"; 
and 6. Louis Prima: "Doiní The Twist".

Despite his world-wide success, Chubby Checker is being cautious with his cash.  
Seemingly, his one luxury is a Thunderbird Convertible.  Says Chubby, who wonít
be 21 until October; "My parents are investing my money in real estate just in case, 
but Iím allowed thirty-five dollars a week spending money."

United Artistsí Studios have released "Follow That Dream" with Elvis Presley (Toby 
Kwimper) at the centre of a strictly-for-laughs conflict between shiftless Florida poor 
folks and corrupt local authorities.

The Shadows have become the first British group to headline the prestigious LíOlympia 
Theatre in Paris.

Chicago blues legend Howliní Wolf has been touring the UK with Chris Barberís Jazz Band.

Helen Shapiro has become the first British artist to top the Japanese charts with 
"You Donít Know Me".

The Beatles have made their radio debut on the BBCís "Teenagerís Turn - Here We Go".  
They perform versions of "Dream Baby", "Memphis Tennessee" and "Please Mr Postman"

CBS Records have released a self-titled album by Bob Dylan.

Blues Incorporated, led by guitarist Alexis Korner, have played their first gig at 
Ealing on March 17.

"New Musical Express" headlines this month:

Jimmy Justice is making plans to move back home

Is Presley making too many Films?

Bruce Almost Channel #1 Again. 

Sammy Davis Jr. Does Right by Pal Newley. Sammy Davis Jr., Anthony Newley, 
recording, profile

Karl Denver Never puts on a False Front

The Everlyís have changed! Military service, career interruption

Pet Clark, Emile Ford Package Tour Hits. 

Gene McDaniels, Gary U.S Bonds, rhythm and blues singers, profile

Neil Sedaka Never Misses a Note - But Finds it Hard to Spot a Hit

Hayley Startles me with "My Records are Terrible". Hayley Mills, Tutti Camarata, 
confrontation, disc production

Jerry Lee Lewis is Coming Back to Prove Himself. 

Faith, Sedaka Head Quality Package Show. Adam Faith, Neil Sedaka, package show,

The Shadows are Golden Boys Now. Gold Disc, success, interview

Now Rickyís Name Change is Official. Ricky Nelson, name change to ĎRickí.

Follies Dancer with a Song Hit! Ketty Lester, former Follies dancer, film

Shirley Bassey and Temperance 7 can put New Life into Music Hall. London Palladium, 
variety performances

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