'Shivers down the backbone....'


"The Old Girl's" 78's - 
uploaded by BK - her mother's record collection of 78's
I Gotta Have My Baby Back (CO 41790) / 
It Had To Be That Way (CO 41799) 
Floyd Tillman
Columbia 20641
Texarkana Baby (20-2806-A) / Bouquet Of Roses  
Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy and his Guitar
RCA Victor
Cattle Call (46133 A) C-9355 / Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair 
(46133 B) C-9357
Tex Owens
Fascination (From The Motion Picture "Love In The 
(H9-OB-6927)/ Whistling Instrumental - Fascination 
Jane Morgan and The Troubadors / The Troubadors
Kapp K-191
I Wish I Had Never Seen Sunshine [Vocal by Mary Ford] 
(7611-Y) / Josephine [Instrumental] (7612-Z)
Les Paul with Mary Ford
Capitol 1592
The Hokey Pokey (3744) / Paddy Murphy's Wake (3745)
Sun Valley Trio [Larry La Prise  Charles Mason  
Taftt Baker]
4 Star 1505
Headin' Down The Wrong Highway (Vocal by "Idaho" 
with String Band Acc.) 
(H 1210) / Shadow On My Heart (Vocal by "Idaho" 
with String Band Acc.) (H 1211)
Ted Daffan's Texans
OKeh 6744
Come Back Little Pal (Singing by Roy Acuff with 
String Band Acc.)
 (DAL 944) / The Precious Jewel (Singing by Roy 
Acuff with String Band Acc.)
 (DAL 953)
Roy Acuff and his Smoky Mountain Boys
Columbia 37017
Banjo Polka (1510 Y) Vocal Group With Orchestra / 
Pretty Red Lights 
(2240 Z) Vocal By Tex Williams And Trio
Tex Williams And His Western Caravan
Capitol 15101
Dallas Darlin' (3142 Y) Vocal With String Band /
I've Had Enough Of Your Two Timin' (You've Had Enough 
Of My Bankroll)
 (3062 Z) Vocal With String Band
Tex Ritter
Capitol Americana 40090
Cigareetes, Whuskey, And Wild, Wild Women (2723 Y) 
/ Pearly Maude (2342 Z) 
Red Ingle And The Natural Seven (Vocal By Red Ingle and the 
Might And Main Street Choral Society/Red Ingle and The Natural Seven
Capitol 15045
Twelfth Street Rag (3320 Y) / Somebody Else, Not Me (3331 Z)
Pee Wee Hunt And His Orchestra
Capitol 15105
Boogie Woogie Yodel (U-8839) / I Never See Maggie Alone (U-8838)
Kenny Roberts With Nancy Lee And The Hilltoppers 
/ Nancy Lee With The Hilltoppers
London 506
Roundup Polka (1512) / Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) (1799)
Tex Williams And His Western Caravan
Capitol Americana 40001
It's Not For Me To Say ( CO 56630) / Warm And Tender (CO 56632)
Johnny Mathis with Ray Conniff
Columbia 40851
If I Steal A Kiss / What's Wrong With Me?
Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra
RCA Victor 20-3204 (A/B)
Little Angel With The Dirty Face (48-0300-A) /
Why Should I Cry (48-0300-B)
Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy and his Guitar
RCA Victor 21-0300 (A/B)
Welcome To My Dream (CO 35580) / It's Anybody's 
Spring (CO 35581)
Woody Herman and his Orchestra
Columbia 36936
Sabre Dance Boogie / After You've Gone
Freddy Martin and his Orchestra
RCA Victor 20-2721 (A/B)
The Lovebug Itch (48-0382-A) /  A Prison Without 
Walls (48-0382-B)
Eddy Arnold The Tennessee Plowboy and his Guitar
RCA Victor 21-0382 (A/B)
Divorce Me C.O.D. (1190 Y) / Steel Guitar Rag (1604 Z)
Merle Travis
Capitol 15263
Suspicion (2897 Y) / Flo From St. Joe Mo (2819 Z)
Tex Williams And His Western Caravan
Capitol Americana 40109
Singing The Blues (CO 56636) / Crazy With Love 
(CO 56637)
Guy Mitchell with Ray Conniff & his Orch.
Columbia 40769
Pete Kelly's Blues (RHCO 33591) / I Never Knew 
(RHCO 33590)
Pete Kelly's Orchestrion
Columbia 40592
Forgive My Heart (13328) / Someone You Love (13986)
Nat "King" Cole with Orchestra Conducted by Nelson Riddle
Capitol 3234
Land Of Dreams  (YB11434) Vocal by The Ray Charles Singers 
/ Summer Holiday (YB11437) Instrumental
Eddie Heywood And His Orchestra
Mercury 70645
Love Makes The World Go 'Round (DR.16564) / Greensleeves (DR.16565)
Mantovani And His Orchestra
London 1471
Farming (C91-3) (CO 32167) /  Anatole Of Paris (C91-4) (CO 32301)
Danny Kaye 
Columbia 36583
Pagan Love Song / House Of Singing Bamboo
Howard Keel
M-G-M 30288 (A/B)
Scotch Hot (DR.13524) / Two Of Irish (DR.13525)
Billy Whitlock-Xylophone with Harry Bidgood and his Orchestra
London 456
Little Brigit Flynn / County Mayo Fragment (A) / Down In Glasloch (B)
Richard Hayward
Rex 15016
Mecque, Mecque (YB10239) / The Little Shoemaker
The Gaylords
Mercury 70703
Crazy 'Bout Ya Baby (YB 10389) / Angela Mia (YB 10491)
The Crew-Cuts
Mercury 70341
Tonight You Belong To Me (LB-607) / A Smile And A Ribbon (LB-608)
Patience And Prudence / Prudence
Liberty 55022
Heartaches / Piccolo Pete
Ted Weems and his Orchestra
RCA Victor 20-2175 (A/B)
N'Yot N'Yow / Roses Of Picardy
Perry Como
RCA Victor 20-3288 (A/B)
I Won't Cry Anymore (CO 45193) / Because Of You (CO 45194)
Tony Bennett (Orchestra under the direction of Percy Faith)
Columbia 39362
I'd Give A Million Tomorrows (For Just One Yesterday) 
(CO 38447) / Slap 'Er Down, Agin, Paw (CO 38473)
Arthur Godfrey  with The Mariners / Arthur Godfrey with The Too Fat Trio
Columbia 38066
Kate (T-1235) / On The Avenue (T-1237)
Eddy Howard and his Orchestra
Majestic 1160 (A/B)
Bewitched (L 5430) / Where In The World (L 5431) *
Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra And Chorus
Decca Personality Series 24983
Every Little Movement (H9-OB-5507) / Moonlight Love (H9-OB-5521)
Roger Williams
Kapp K-186
I Get Sentimental Over Nothing  (2852) / That Lucky Old Sun (2855)
Frankie Laine 
Mercury 5316
Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!) (74623)
/ One Sunday Afternoon (74624)
Evelyn Knight and The Stardusters
Decca Personality Series 24530 (A/B)
Huggin' And Chalkin' (L-4267) / I May Be Wrong,
 But, I Think You're Wonderful (L 4268)
Hoagy Charmichael with The Chckadees and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra
Decca Personality Series 23675 (A/B)
Jezebel (RHCO 4455) / Rose, Rose, I Love You (RHCO 4458)
Frankie Laine with The Norman Luboff Choir
Columbia 39367
The Big Brass Band From Brazil / I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
Vocal by the Galli Sisters and the Ensemble / Vocal by the Ensemble
Art Mooney And His Orchestra
M-G-M 10119 (A/B)
My Fickle Eye (1116) / A Farmer's Life Is A Very Merry Life (1117)
Jerry Colonna 
Capitol 276
(Yodel Blues) They Talk A Different Language (4321-Y) /
 It's Great To Be Alive (4320-Z)
Jo Stafford and Johnny Mercer
Capitol 793
Isle Of Capri (YB 10237) / Love I You (You I Love) (YB 10240)
The Gaylords
Mercury 70350
Tico Tico (L 3423) / (1) Lero Lero (2) Bem Te Vi Atrevido (L3425)
Ethel Smith and The Bando Carioca
Decca Personality Series 23353 (A/B) 
Espanharlem (SRC 255) / Jealousy (SRC 256)
Ray Bloch and his Orchestra
Signature 15015 (A/B)
They Can't Convince Me ( L 4264) / Ivy (L 4370)
Dick Haymes and Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra
Decca Personality Series 23877 (A/B)
Wave To Me, My Lady / Blueberry Lane
Elton Britt
Victor 20-1789 (A/B)
Underneath The Arches (DR.12190) / Side By Side (DR.12192)
Primo Scala's Banjo And Accordion Orchestra with The Keynotes
London 238
Rye Whiskey (633 Y) / Boll Weevil (627 Z)
Tex Ritter
Capitol Americana 40084
The Sample Song (CO 38541) / Two-Gun Harry From Tucumcari (CO 38542)
Dorothy Shay
Columbia 38140
"The Third Man" Theme (DR.14268) / The Café Mozart Waltz (DR.14269)
Anton Karas - Zither Solo
London 536 (A/B)
To My Sorrow / Easy Rockin' Chair
Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys
RCA Victor 20-2481 (A/B)
Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own (6169-Y) / I'll Never Be Free (6168-Z)
Kay Starr and Tennessee Ernie with Orchestra
Capitol 1124
On The Sunny Side of the Street (A-22) (602) /
 Blue Turning Grey Over You (A-22) (606)
Frankie Laine And Carl Fischer's Swingtet
Mercury 1027
Buttons And Bows (2913 Y) / San Antonio Rose (963 Z)
The Dinning Sisters
Capitol 15184
Cry (CO 46970) / The Little White Cloud That Cried (CO 47102)
Johnnie Ray and The Four Lads
OKeh 6840
Tzena, Tzena, Tzena (76421) / Goodnight Irene (76422) *
Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra And The Weavers
Decca Personality Series 27077
Tennessee Waltz (47-4011-A) / I Haven't Been Home For
 Three Whole Nights (47-4011-B)
Spike Jones and his City Slickers 
RCA Victor 20-4011 (A/B)
Lazy River (69854) / Cielito Lindo (I Yi Yi Yi Amigo) (68973)
Mills Brothers
Decca 25046 (A/B)
Autumn Leaves (F9-OB-3441) / Take Care (F9-OB-0370)
Roger Williams
Kapp K-116
Surprise Party (753-3A) / Camptown Races (485-3A)
Johnny Mercer / Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers
Capitol 217
Blue Bird Of Happiness (DR.12675) / Green-Up Time (DR.12676)
Gracie Fields
London 342
Lost In The Stars (L 3665) * / September Song  (L 3666)
Walter Houston
Decca (Deccalite) DU 40001
Jazz Pizzicatto (DR.12232) / Jazz Legato (DR.12233)
Ambrose And His Orchestra
London R.10012
One Kiss Too Many (74926) / Echo Of Your Footsteps (75023)
Jack Day
Vocalion 55016
Drifting And Dreaming (DR.12425) / The Hymns My Mother Used To Sing (DR.12432)
Vera Lynn
London 274
Io T'Ho Incontrata A Napoli (CB 11439) / Serenella (CB 11448)
Carlo Buti
Columbia D 13256
Write Me Sweetheart (H 813) / I'll Forgive You But I Can't Forget (H 834)
Roy Acoff and his Smoky Mountain Boys
OKeh 6723
Guitar Boogie (MF-13) / Beaty Steel Blues (MF-10)
The Rambler Trio Featuring Arthur Smith-Guitar / 
The Tennessee Ramblers Featuring Cecil Campbell, Guitar
Super Disc 1004 (A/B)
Once In Love With Amy (74761) / Make A Miracle (74760)
Ray Bolger / Ray Bolger and Allyn McLerie
Decca Specialty Series 40065 (A/B)
Those Good Old Days (2724 Y) / You Turned The Tables On Me (2599 Z)
Benny Goodman
Capitol 15044
Sonny Boy (L 4142) / My Mammy (L 4127)
Al Jolson
Decca Personality Series 23614 (A/B)
I've Got The Craziest Feeling (48-0403-A) / One And One Is Two, Baby (48-0403-B)
Rosalie Allen and The Black River Riders
RCA Victor 21-0403 (A/B)
I Hear You Calling Me (DR.12328) / Homing (DR.12331)
Ada Alsop
London R.10016
The Legend Of The Glass Mountain (DR.14277) / Festival (DR.14275)
Mantovani And His Orchestra
London 723 (A/B)
With A Little Bit Of Luck (CO 55842) / The Rain In Spain (CO 55851)
Percy Faith & his Orch.
Columbia 40696
Steal Away (75549) / Just A Closer Walk With Thee (75545)
Red Foley / Red Foley with Jordanaires
Decca Faith Series 14505
Heartaches (DLA 1444) / Oh! Monah (68629) *
Ted Weems And His Orchestra
Decca 25017
Don't Telephone - Don't Telegraph (Tell A Woman) (2239 Y) 
/ Blue As A Heart Ache (1428 Z)
Tex Williams And His Western Caravan
Capitol Americana 40081
Minka / Lassus Trombone
Spike Jones and his Other Orchestra
RCA Victor 20-1983 (A/B)
Penguin At The Waldorf  (CO 37564) / The Glow-Worm (CO 37565)
Frankie Carle and his Orchestra
Columbia 37567)
Cocktails For Two / Holiday For Strings 
Spike Jones and his City Slickers
RCA Victor 20-2092 (A/B)
Hora Staccato (L 4218) / Flight Of The Bumble Bee (L 4217)
Ralph Mendez His Trumpet and His Orchestra
Decca Personality Series 23640 (A/B)
Indian Love Call / Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Live (The Dream Melody)
Jeannette MacDonald-Nelson Eddy
RCA Victor 4323 (A/B)
Pavanne (68222) / The Prima Donna (68218)
Morton Gould
Decca Personality Series 23201 (A/B)
Rain / A Precious Little Thing Called Love
Frank Petty Trio
M-G-M 10669 (A/B)
Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue (3373 Y) / Rambling Rose (3374 Z)
Gordon MacRae And The Starlighters
Capitol 15178
If I Knew Then (759) / Personality (761)
Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers
Capitol 230
It's You-No One But You (47-4020-A) / Galloping Comedians (47-4020-B)
Phil Spitalny and his Hour of Charm All-Girl Orchestra and Choir with Eddie Fisher
RCA Victor 20-4020 (A/B)
Amelia Cordelia McHugh (L 4654) / Beatin', Bangin', 'N Scratchin' (L 4653)
Danny Kaye - Andrews Sisters
Decca Personality Series 24536 (A/B)
Theme From "Picnic" (L 9038) / *Moonglow And **Theme From "Picnic" (L 9039) *
George Duning Conducting the Columbia Pictures Orchestra /
 Morris Stoloff Conducting the Columbia Pictures Orchestra
Decca 29888
Bees In The Bonnet (DR.15549) / Carriage And Pair (DR.15550)
Mantovani And His Orchestra
London 919
My One And Only Highland Fling (4112 Y) / Thank You (4111 Z)
Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae
Capitol 57-566
Prelude Of The Bells (74319) / Tears (74421) *
Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians
Decca / Deccalite 40150
All About Eve (N3) / Banjo And Fiddle (N9)
Alfred Newman Conducts the Hollywood Symphony Orch.
Mercury 5540
Smooth Sailing (H-58) / Whispering (H-56)
Bernie Leighton's Swing Seven 
(Buck Clayton, trumpet; Peanuts Hucko, clarinet; 
Kai Winding, trombone; Bernie Leighton, piano; Sid Weiss, 
bass; Barry Galbraith, guitar; Morey Feld, drums)
Mello-Roll 5004 (A/B)
The Snowy Breasted Pearl (DR.11976) / La Paloma (DR.11977)
Reginald Kell And His Quiet Music
London R.10007
Song Of The Flame (16419) / Looking For A Boy (16430)
Imperial Dance Orchestra
Banner 1698 (A/B)
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue-Part 1 / Slaughter On Tenth Avenue-Part 2
Lennie Hayton And The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
M-G-M 30174 (A/B)
I'm Throwing Rice (At The Girl I Love) (75034) / Slipping Around (75036)
Jimmie Dale
Vocalion 55022
For Me And My Gal (CO 38066) / Too Fat Polka (I Don't Want Her)
 (You Can Have Her) (She's Too Fat For Me) (CO 38067)
Arthur Godfrey
Columbia 37921
Red Roses For A Blue Lady / The Melancholy Minstrel
Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra
RCA Victor 20-3319 (A/B)
Beyond The Stars (DR.20128) / Open Your Heart (DR.20129)
David Whitfield with Mantovani And His Orchestra
London 1551
All Through The Day (HCO 1674) / Two Hearts Are Better Than One (HCO 1676)
Frank Sinatra
Columbia 36962
A Trumpeter's Lullaby (76810) / (1) Jazz Pizzicato (2) Jazz Legato (76813) *
Leroy Anderson And His "Pops" Concert Orchestra
Decca Gold Label Series 16007
Temptation (1758) / (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (I Love You) 
For Seventy Mental Reasons (759)
Red Ingle And The Natural Seven
Capitol 412
Trouble In Mind  (2921 Y) / Baby, Won't You Please Come Home (1054 Z)
Joe Stafford  with Paul Weston And His Orchestra / Jo Stafford  with Nat 
King Cole - Piano
Capitol 15171