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Message 6 - Mike Rawlings (Gloucester) |
Hi Robb, don't know if you remember me from the heady days at Sir Thomas Rich's?, just caught this site browsing the web. I actually took up the guitar for my sins ,played all sorts over a number of years, culminating in a fairly successful country rock band in UK finally hanging up the "axe" in '93. Now retired ,married feet up in a beautiful part of West Wales. Fascinating to read your "biog". All the very best "Mick"
2 July 2011 - West Wales (UK)

Message 7 - Justin Ward |
Hi Robb
Fascinating stuff and a real insight in to the life of a working musician in the sixties and beyond.
Your hard work is appreciated.
18 April 2011 - Glasgow

Message 8 - Todd Severin |

Todd here from Ripple Music. We're a music review site and a record label releasing lost '70's material on CD and Vinyl. Had a killer reissue of Poobah this year and some JPT Scare Band.

We'd love to talk to you about Jericho and the possibility of doing a project with you .

Please contact us at


Todd Severin
Ripple Music

The Ripple Effect
26 December 2010 - USA

Message 9 - Ave Orchover |
Hey Robb!!

How incredible to be in contact with you after nearly 40 years!! -thanks to Meir in Israel
I remember how fantastic the Churchills were - you and Chaim dueting on complex riffs!! I so wanted to be in your band.
I hope we'll stay in touch and trade stories etc!!
way to go buddy! Talk to you soon.

Ave (From Uzi & The Styles)
11 November 2010 - Nanaimo, Vancouver Island BC Canada

Message 10 - David Schiff |
Thanks Robb for the detail that people like me love. The photos and well put together memories conjure up a strong feel for the time. There's so much, I'm gradually working my way through it all.
31 October 2010 - London, England

Webmaster comments   Hi Dave, glad that you are enjoying the stories I have a ton more to write but finding the time is the main thing.


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