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Message 26 - Dave Nash |
Liked the story. I picked up on the name Dave Nash. Please take a look at my site I would love to cover a couple of your songs. I can get the music copied if you allow it and provide me with the full song. I like to do some songs with a story behind them. One of the original mebers of Vanity Fare lives close by me and that propmted me to sing a couple of their songs and to have mike in the audience was a great honour for me. Cheers Dave Nash
27 March 2008 - Forres, Highlands of Scotland

Message 27 - Matt Phillips |
Hi thanks for this interesting site, I came across it by typing in Clegram Road in to google because that's where I currently live, I also attended STRS and compose and play my own music, good to know that Gloucester wasn't always devoid of decent music!
28 February 2008 - Gloucester UK

Message 28 - Brian Awford |
excellent reading and a good picture of my cousin pete
10 December 2007 - originally Newent ,now Kent

Message 29 - Craig Newton |
Hi Robb,

I think it's fantastic that you have shared your memories from the 60's. It's also great that you remember them in such detail as well, what a superb read, keep it coming!

I don't know if you own a copy or not, but I believe I have a copy of the track "Baby Baby I Got Eyes For You" that you recorded at Joe Meek's. Please let me know if you have this recording or not. I have always had this track listed as unknown artist until I read your webiste.

Best wishes

11 December 2007 - Nottinghamshire, England

Message 30 - Piet Schoone |
I just want to tell you that the song telstar is still played before the Football team Stormvogels-Telstar starts to play ( second division in the netherlands) I know its a long name but its because 2 clubs came together ( Stormvogels and Telstar) Maybe you like to know that since 1963 every time they play a homegame the telstar song is played right before the football game starts,
1 December 2007 - the netherlands

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