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Message 36 - tony cresswell |
yo Hank , great to hear you're still about, best wishes, Django.
17 May 2007 - Wales

Message 37 - Alan Prudhoe |
great site Robb.
I would appreciate a reciprocal link to mine.
13 May 2007 - NE England

Message 38 - Robert Webb |
Thanks Robb. Really great that you have taken the time to give us more info on both Joe Meek and the English pop scene in the mid-60s. I have a particular interest as I too had to play Telstar in a later incarnation of the Tornados. It was 1975 and I was the keyboard player on tour with Billy Fury. I never understood it then, but Billy insisted that we were the Tornados as he had the rights to use the name for live work. The John Repsch book about Joe Meek has helped me understand the background to Telstar - a tune and sound which I'm certain influenced many a young man to take to the world of music. We must keep this man's contribution to the musical world alive! Thanks again. (BTW if anyone has more info on how Joe Meek managed to 'hear' the Telstar tune over an accompaniment tape, I'd be please to hear from them. Robert
2 May 2007 - London

Message 39 - Andrew Maldonado |
Are you the Rob Huxley from Jericho/Jericho Jones?
3 April 2007 - Texas

Message 40 - Barry Smith |
Hi Robb,
How's Florida? I tried to go back to Stonor Road, but it's so long ago.
Love from California.
5 March 2007 - U.S.

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