h_birchwood An excellent performer who really cared about the residents. He was lovely with them, keeping them fully involved. A very good selection of songs and he has a lovely voice.

(Birchwood Care Home, 2015)

stuartlow  A great presentation. Very lively and self – deprecating with a good sense of humour. This belies what a splendid performer he is. He kept our members entertained throughout.

(Stuart Low Trust, 2012)

 His in – between songs patter is very funny. Great vocal performance and a good selection of songs. Our members were delighted to see him back.

(Stuart Low Trust, 2013)

Speaking as a professional singer myself, I pride myself on recognising quality in performing. Rob’s way with a melody and the shaping of vocal phrases was excellent. He conveyed the emotions of the songs too. I really enjoyed listening to him.

(Julie Rayne, 1960s recording artiste, Stuart Low Trust, 2013)

colin  He came onstage alone to sing “My Heart Will Go On”. It must have been horribly nerve – wracking on such an emotionally charged day. He pulled it off brilliantly. I was welling up….

(Colin Pryce – Jones – Rapiers leader – Memorial Concert For Wayne Nicholls, 2005)

inherittheearth Robb E Retro succeeds in re-working the classic Houston Wells track “Only The Heartaches” by offering a compelling performance of this song.

(Review of the “Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth Vol.2” CD – W.B.Kimber, 2006)

 A brilliant interpretation and performance of “Only The Heartaches” which is like an impassioned melding of Slim Whitman on speed meets Joe Meek. That says it all really.

(Review of the “Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth Vol.2” CD – unknown Internet, 2006)

jetandbruce  I know that we have become friends. Nothing personal – but if you aren’t good enough, you’re not getting up on stage with me.

(Bruce Welch and Jet Harris – Robb passed the ‘audition’!!)

mlenny  I handed him some really tricky and extremely high backing harmony vocals. I was amazed when he successfully tackled his lines with considerable aplomb.

(Malcolm Lenny – ex – Packabeats, 2011)

westernstar Robb stepped in for Mike Read with just two days’ notice. The way he handled the 600+ audience in the packed theatre – particularly during an unscheduled near – 10 minute technical hiatus was not only extremely professional – it was astonishing. I take my hat off to him.

(Alan Wilson – Sharks and Western Star Records producer – Joe Meek Memorial Concert, 2007)